How To Take Care Of Your Luxury Bags Singapore?

by Starry

Feb 18 2021

When you purchase one of the best Luxury bags Singapore has to offer, you expect them to last a while. Luxury bags are built to last a while which makes them a good investment. One thing to note about luxury bags is that the amount spent on them doesn’t equate to their lifespan. If you are the type that uses your Singaporean luxury bag regularly, note that it will be subject to wear and tear. Although the high price means you will be getting some measure of quality, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look after the bag.

How can you store your luxury bags?

Make sure you do not carelessly store your luxury bags. You should store your bags stuffed using acid-free tissue inside the original box. Do not use newspapers to fill your handbag because the ink may damage the bag lining. Also, make sure you wrap your chain link straps and place them in the bag so they won’t mark the leather.

Finally, ensure you put it in its dust bag in a standing position to ensure that the bag’s handles do not touch the body.

How can you prevent moisture?

A lot of Luxury bags in Singapore are made with silica gel to absorb unwanted water in the air. In a situation where your bag has become damp, remove it from the dust bag and clean it using a soft and dry cloth while you allow the air to come out of it completely for a day. You may consider getting a humidifier to prevent mold from growing on your clothes and bags.

How can you prevent color transfer?

When you find yourself in a restaurant, there is a chance you may want to place your Singaporean luxury bag on the floor. Except the bag has protective metal feet, you should avoid a situation where that happens. You should instead purchase a portable bag hanger where the bag can be hung. If you are going on a trip, ensure your dust bag is with you when passing through security check because you don’t want it to touch the dirty conveyor belt.

Caring for your bag

You could locate a handbag specialist around you who could help with the general upkeep of the bag. Taking your bag on regular care visits will help extend the lifespan and value of the bag. By ensuring your leather is moisturized, you will be preventing it from cracking and getting damaged.

If you are using roomy the best Luxury bags Singapore has, you should get a purse to insert. Certain lose items such as pens and makeups if left open mistakenly could damage the interior lining. Make sure you use pouches to store the liquid items and do not overload the bag. When you overload your bag, you will distort the shape and damage the leather.

Also, if you notice a water stain on your luxury bag bought in Singapore, leave it to get dried naturally. But if the stains are serious, you should take them to an expert. If you notice minor cracks marks on your suede bag, you should use a white eraser to clean it.

How to use your luxury bags

One way you can extend the life of your bag is by using it the right way. If you are the type that has only a few luxury bags, it won’t be wise to use them daily. You should structure the use based on occasion as this will preserve and extend their life. Also, make sure you do not take the bag out in wet weather as this may expose them to unwanted moisture.

Clean the bag when dusty and always remove sharp objects from the inside. If stained, make sure you consult an expert if the stain is serious. Luxury bags are only as luxurious as their mint condition.

Final note

With an increase in lovers and users of designer bags, maintaining them becomes very important if they are to last longer. Many people leave it till late before they start looking for possible solutions. Advisably, you should keep them far from excess moisture, dust, and heat. Doing these will not only preserve the quality of your Luxury bags in Singapore, it will also extend their lifespan.

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