How to Find a Spacious and Trendy Bag with a Crumpler Camera Bag Guide

by Starry

May 10 2021

Have you ever had to just fill your bag to the mouth, and it still won’t be enough? And you thought if you had a more spacious bag? Here you have a chance to get a crumpler camera bag because, let’s face it; you can’t keep your camera in a normal bag because it could get smashed and scratched. When you are looking for a suitable bag, there are plenty of things you need to keep in mind.

Bags, all sorts are actually investments. If you see a bag with durable specs, highly luxurious fabric, and amazing stitching, then it is okay to give up a few bucks. But don’t worry about it here because a crumpler camera bag has collaborated with Atome.

Atome helps

Atome app is a new-made app by a Singaporean website. It has been launched in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, where it has been successfully working. The aim of this app is to bring all the brands together for clothing, accessories, self-care, home care, travel, etc., and let the user have a better decision while choosing a product, a service, or a store. When it comes to bags, there are plenty of stores provided by Atome, such as the crumpler camera bag you can get from the site with a discount as well.

Atome lets users enjoy their desired products on the spot and then pay later when they can in three easy installments. This lets the user feel relieved, and the app is promoted in a healthy way.

Story of stu and Origin of Crumpler

The story of the crumpler camera bag starts with Stu, back in the early ’90s. When Stu wanted a bag to take beer home on his bicycle, he used his grandma’s sewing machine to craft himself a spacious yet compartmented bag to put all his beer and his belongings in it and head home.

One year later, he met a parachute maker who taught him how to sew this bag, and that is how Struart Crumpler made the first Crumpler bag.

Later on, many bikers and travelers started to give Stu ideas on how to enhance the practicality and how he can improve his creating, Stu listened to all those ideas and worked on them. He ended up creating a rather good crumpler bag which was getting popular.

When companies started their delivery, people got these bags; they saw how happy they were with the function and strength of this bag. The first ones to invest with stu were Dave Roper and Wil Miller. LEading the crumpler company to heights, which today can provide us the best crumpler camera bag.

Bags; how to choose

Everyone needs a bag you might never see an individual without some sort of a bag out on the streets. That is because practicality is loved by all, and everyone wants their life to be convenient. Stu was an insightful man, and he made bags that could be used by all and for different purposes. For cameras, we have crumpler camera bags.


Now that you are looking for a bag, you don’t want to go for something very big but something that is just the right size. If you want to buy a bag for travel, by car then having a big bag wouldn’t matter. But if you are taking a road on your bike or a bicycle then better take something that you can wear on your bag and isn’t too big for you.

 If you are taking a road trip, that means you will be sightseeing a lot, that means having a camera is mandatory, for that use a separate crumpler camera bag that will just hang on to your bike or your jeans for when you want to use it.

2- Weight

Now, if you know the size of the bag you want, the next important element of your bag should be how much it weighs. If you bug stuff in an already heavy bag, then there is no point in that bag; it will only add more weight to your back. That is why it is better to get a bag made with light parachute fabric. They are lightweight and also waterproof.

In a crumpler bag, you can add stuff and won’t feel the weight much. That is because the bag doesn’t really have its own weight.

3- Color

Colors do matter. It is an expression of your personality, and it doesn’t hurt to add a little more color to your life. When it comes to camera bags, the crumpler camera bags are cute and colorful. You can choose which color would suit you while you go all packed.

4- Textures

When it comes to texture, it means the load a bag can take outside and from the inside. If a bag has a soft and smooth texture, it will collapse easily. You need a bag that holds its integrity when you keep it somewhere. Also, the texture also adds a little more hue to the color. If it is smooth, it might look matte; a little patterned bag adds a little festive touch, such as the crumpler camera bag.

5- Strength

The most important element in choosing a bag is its durability. How long can you take a bag? Some bags outlive us. While some are destroyed after just one trip. But with crumpler bags, that cannot happen because the fabric used in these bags is of very good quality, and the handles are stitched on it with a certain pattern. Every aspect of this bag adds strength to it.

When you look at the crumpler camera bag, they are tiny but mighty. They have to keep a camera safe. They are shockproof as well.

6- Handy

When it comes to a camera bag, they should be able to be maneuvered easily. Having to hold and work with such sophisticated devices needs precision and focus. If the bag is too big or too heavy, that means a divided focus on the bag as well.

Your crumpler camera bag should be a little compact bag that you can easily carry around. Such as the one found under a crumpler camera bag. They are cute, compact, and highly handy. It makes the user move and works swiftly.


Buying a bag is not an easy decision. It is indeed a long-term investment. Rather than buying a low-quality cheap bag that breaks after a few months, you should consider getting a crumpler camera bag; they might ost a little higher, but nothing should matter when compared to the quality of the bags.

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