How To Buy Things Online Without A Credit Card

by Starry

Feb 18 2021

Are you wondering how to buy things online without a credit card? Whatever your reasons are, it may well be a good move. There are several reasons why you shouldn’t use your credit card online. When you shop online, you expose your credit card number to fraudsters. Also, you may want to make an online purchase without letting your partner know. Also, the buy and pay later feature of credit cards encouraged people to overspend money.

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However, the online economy is driven by credit cards as you will be required to enter your credit card number. The good news is that there are ways you can buy things online without a credit card. If you are wondering how to use a credit card, read this article.

Debit cards

If you want to shop online with your debit card, you should type in the 16-digit number in addition to the security code, expiration date, and billing address. The required funds for this transaction will be removed from the checking account connected to the debit card. In case you do not have a debit card, you may consult your bank to help you add one.

Prepaid cards

If you are wondering How to buy things online without a credit card still, one other way is through prepaid cards. They are like debit cards only in that the money gets loaded to the account connected to the card instead of a checking account. Ensure the prepaid card has the logo of a major credit card company.

If you don’t want a credit card or a checking account, prepaid cards are the best. You may apply for this card online or offline.

Gift cards

Gift cards from big credit card networks such as MasterCard and Visa may be used on stores that accept payments from such networks. You may also use retail-specific gift cards to do your online shopping. You may get gift cards from the same places you buy your prepaid cards. You may also get retailer-specific gift cards in some of these locations. And you can buy them directly from the retailer.

Amazon cash

One other way to buy things online without a credit card is through Amazon cash. Using it, you can buy things on without debit or credit cards. All you need to do is top up your Amazon balance with cash at any of the participating locations. You may use your mobile phone number to show your account and top it with up to $500 to be used on Amazon.

Through PayPal

One other answer for those wondering How to buy things online without a credit card is to use PayPal. You may link the PayPal account to the checking account and all purchases made using PayPal will be removed directly from the checking account.

Also, if you have a PayPal balance gotten from sales, gifts, and other sources, purchases made will first deduct from the balance before it goes to your checking account. You can find out the list of online retailers that PayPal as a mode of payment.

You could also use the PayPal Cash Card option which can be used wherever MasterCard is accepted globally.

Checking account

Even though this is not common, some online retailers allow you to use routing information and checking your account before buying. Before you make a purchase, check the payment option offered by the retailer to confirm if you can use the checking information. You may also link your checking account with PayPal to get more flexibility with making purchases online.

Use someone else’s card

One other way you can buy things online without a credit card is to use another person’s card. Doing this will ensure you don’t release your personal information. It will also ensure that your purchase history is kept secret.

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If you are still wondering How to buy things online without a credit card by now, it means you didn’t follow the steps outlined above. There is a constant evolution in the way we make purchases online and this has given birth to different payment systems online. Some of these systems do not require the use of a credit card. This is good news for people who do not want to release their card information online or do not want their spouse to discover their transaction history.

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