Hipvan Mattress Review: Know the Facts!

by Starry

Mar 31 2021

Singapore is the hub of start-ups and is also the headquarter for many new companies. Hipvan is one of the start-ups launched with the motive to serve the best to its customers. Hipvan is offering the best quality and durable mattresses to its customers. It aims to provide high-end comfort and premium positioning products to its customers at unbelievably low prices. Besides, they offer the scheme to return the products as they claim to give a trial period for high-end customer satisfaction.

Scroll about the Hipvan mattress review in this blog below to reveal all the same relevant facts.

What is Hipvan?

Hipvan is online as well as offline store dealing with multiple categories. They offer Sofas, Dining, Beds, Mattresses, Furniture, tables, chairs, storage, outdoor furniture, services, lightings, soft furnishings, décor items, kitchen, lifestyle products, and kid’s items and also other deals. 

It believes to make the customers’ homes inspiring, making them delighted and satisfied. They make home furnishings and designer furniture which anyone can easily afford. They provide stylish and unique designs at reasonable prices, making your home look beautiful and attractive. Hipvan also offers free delivery on orders above $250. Hipvan’s mattresses are thus famous in Singapore and are also ranked as the best in comparisons available over the internet. Continue reading the sections below about the Hipvan mattress review to know more. 

What is Hipvan Mattress?

Hipvan is already a renowned brand in Singapore for affordable and stylish furniture. It also recently launched its mattress range, which are also widely appreciated in Singapore. All its mattresses offer 100 Day Return policy on the same. The website also offers a combo deal where customers can get a 1-bed frame and mattress at 5% OFF. The beds have 12 years warranty, and the price mentioned also includes the GST on the same. 

All its options are available in White and Grey color and are made of the knitted fabric cover. Their mattresses are soft and consist of ultra-breathable fabric at the top and bottom. Anti-bacterial and anti-fungus treatment on the same also enhanced their maintenance and durability. 

What are the benefits of a good mattress?

A good mattress is cardinal to good health. Here’s why you should never compromise on a good mattress;

A good mattress is synonymous with a good night’s sleep. If you have had a night of poor sleep, your cognition and mental alertness will plummet, which would make mundane tasks like driving a very perilous task. You are likely to get into other accidents if you work in a factory or an industry, your reflexes will slow down, and you’re much more predisposed to really hurt yourself. As a student, this also means that you may perform subpar in your tests and exams.

Moreover, bad sleep has a sinister impact on your behavior; you’re likely to be cranky and groggy the entire day. This could translate into you overreacting to minor inconveniences in front of your boss or spouse, which could negatively impact your relationships and strain the ones already in hot waters.

A bad mattress can mean chronic sleep deprivation. This has grave repercussions on your health and wellbeing, from cardiovascular diseases like strokes, and heart failures, to chronically elevated blood pressure. You would incur irreparable damage to your memory and mood, and they will progressively continue to deteriorate. Along with this, your libido, muscular coordination, and balance will begin to plummet, and your immune system will be weakened from the high levels of cortisol resulting from poor sleep.

Apart from avoiding these dangerous health hazards, a good mattress is vital for a good posture. A good mattress can relieve all the pressure points and relax your back muscles so that all the damage you incurred to your back during the daytime can be salvaged during a good night’s sleep. Your spine stays aligned and supported so you can bid your farewell to posture deformities.

A good mattress can also regulate blood flow in your body. This abates many senile medical disorders. In people with disc-slip or sciatica, a good mattress means everything for a good quality of life because they spend the entire day in pain, and their healing is heavily reliant on bed rest.

Moreover, most new mattresses are engineered to be hypoallergenic, so people with allergic asthma or allergic rhinitis can have the perfect slumber of their life, now that they wouldn’t be facing acute exacerbations of their allergies and poor ventilation wouldn’t be waking them up multiple times at night.

A good, firm, non-saggy mattress means less snoring! Snoring is actually associated with obstructed sleep apnea but can be due to a bad quality, sagging mattress. Sleeping on a sagging mattress can mean that your head and neck are poorly supported, and as a result, your airways can get obstructed, resulting in snoring and poor-quality sleep due to airway obstruction.

And to put a cherry on top of that, a good mattress is a great stress reliever. A bad mattress is equivalent to a night of bad sleep. And a bad sleep means elevated stress hormones, which is quite contrary to why you sleep and renders the entire purpose of sleep futile. So, when you get yourself a good mattress, you’re ensuring that your sleep is actually relieving you of your stress, not adding on to it.

What all are the options available in Hipvan Mattresses?

Hipvan offers four different varieties of mattresses for customer’s comfort and satisfaction. Read the in-depth details below to get clarity about the Hipvan mattress review.

Down Time Mattress

It is one of the best ranges of mattresses provided by Hipvan. These mattresses come with thin slab foam of pocketed springs with firmness rated on 10/10. The mattress price starts from $199 for a single bed and $299 for a queen-sized mattress. 

Sleep Mattress

This range has an additional comfort layer on the foam top. It is 24cm thick and is rated 9/10 on firmness. The price for a Single bed mattress is $399, a Super single is $499, Queen $699, and a King mattress cost $899. 

Dream Mattress

The Dream mattress is thus the upgraded version of Sleep. Its thickness is 24cm and has a foam topper memory to provide a plusher feel. This mattress is ranked 8/10 for firmness. The price for a single bed Dream mattress is $599, Queen Size is $999, and the king-size is offered at $1199.


It is the premium quality mattress provided by Hipvan. It has both layers of Latex and Memory foam for better comfort than the rest. It is ranked 7/10 on firmness. Prices for Single Bed, Queen size, and double bed Levitate mattresses are $799, $1299, and $1499.

Hipvan mattress review

Hipvan is the most liked brand in Singapore due to its massive and beautiful collection of mattresses. They have shared their Hipvan mattress review on the official website. These mattresses are rated 4.83 stars out of 5 and are also appreciated by customers. They have mentioned it to be a great purchase and are highly pleased with the same. It has the right balance for support and comfort, as noted by the users. They have added it to the most comfortable and affordable option available and have recommended others for the same.

Some of the links available for Hipvan mattress review by other websites for comparison have also ended up appreciating and recommending the same out of the available options. They also enjoy its free delivery option and the free trial option for 100 days offered by the brand. There are numerous links available over the internet directing to the Hipvan mattress review. Also, they have mentioned all the relevant details about the policies, explained product details, and all other factors on the webpage to maintain transparency with their customers. 

Which one is bigger; single or super single mattress?

Hipvan mattresses are one of the company’s best products from its diverse plethora of items for sale. Here at Hipvan Mattress, there is a broad range of beds, and each of them boasts excellent Hipvan Mattress reviews written directly by valued clients who have experienced the mattress firsthand.

There are several sizes of beds available, and each one has its own perks and benefits. The sizes include the following:

  • Single: 91cm x 190cm | 36 inches x 75 inches
  • Super Single: 107cm x 190cm | 42 inches x 75 inches
  • Queen: 150cm x 190cm | 60 inches x 75 inches
  • King: 180cm x 190cm | 72 inches x 75 inches
  • Split King: 180cm x 190cm | 72 inches x 75 inches

Now the question is which one of the Hipvan beds from a single or super single bed size is more spacious. The single mattress dimensions are 91 centimeters (36 Inches) in width and 190 centimeters (75 Inches) in length as compared to super single mattress dimensions of 107 centimeters (42 Inches) in width and 190 centimeters (75 Inches) in length.

The above arithmetical measurements clearly reveal that the super single mattress is the same length-wise but possesses 16 centimeters (6 Inch) larger width difference. Thus, concluding that the super single bed frame in Singapore is bigger than an ordinary single bed.

Let us take a look over both:

Single mattress Singapore

The Singapore single bed frame’s compact sizing is ideal for children and single adults. It is the smallest bed size you can find on the market. It’s also splendid for individuals with tightly packed living spaces such as studio apartments.

Super single mattress size Singapore

It’s roughly six inches wider as compared to a single-size mattress. It’s a reliable option for adults who need a little more room but have limited living quarters. The super single bed frame is the most demanded bed size for most apartments.

Can a super single bed fit two people?

Hipvan Mattress’ primary focus is delivering you comfort for a lifetime at reasonable prices. Super single mattress size Singapore is the second smallest bed available for sale; its size is a bit bigger, right after single bed( where single mattress is the smallest of the range offered). Hipvan Mattress adheres to the international dimensions of a bed, so every client understands the surface area of their favorite mattress before the order is placed.

A super single mattress is six inches larger in width when set side by side with a single mattress. The intended usage is for one person to sleep or rest on the mattress with additional room to keep a laptop, mobile phones, hand-carried personal belongings, or any type of bedtime essentials of the customer. The answer to the question is that the super single bed frame cannot accommodate two people at a time. Instead, it would comfortably host one person with enough space to stretch legs and have a relaxing siesta.

Hipvan Mattress markets the super single mattress to teenagers and single adults who need a bit more space to sleep and move around rather than be uncomfortably contained in a single bed. There are various categories of Hipvan Mattress available on their website and in Singapore, stores to choose from. Hipvan offers useful guidelines and navigates customers through the deal to assist them in making the right decisions according to their needs and wishes.

Is a Super single mattress the same as a full mattress?

The dimensions of the super single mattress are 107 centimeters (42 Inches) in width and 190 centimeters (75 Inches) in length. Meanwhile, the dimensions of a full bed are approximately 137 centimeters (54 Inches) in width and 190 centimeters (75 Inches) in length. Thus, concluding that super single mattress Singapore is 12 Inches shorter in width than a Full.

Full mattress

Simply put, a Full mattress is the perfect middle-ground between a queen mattress and a super single mattress. It is ideal for solo sleepers who prefer more space. A full-size mattress is suitable for confined apartments or guest rooms. It is recommended for children who have outgrown their single beds or adults looking for a bit more mattress surface area but still a limited bed frame.

Hipvan Mattress Store in Singapore

Hipvan’s Store details are mentioned below for easy reachability:

-Hipvan Showroom Pop Up,

19, Kallang Ave, #01-155, Singapore, 339410

-Hipvan Pte. Ltd

Nineteen, Kallang Ave, #02-151

339410- Singapore

Phone Number: +65 6291 1725

You can visit the Hipvan showroom!

Hipvan Singapore (Hipvan SG) has its showroom/ physical store, called Hipvan Experience Store, located in Suntec City Mall, Tower 3 East Wing, #02-728/729/730 3 Temasek Blvd, S (038983). The contact number for the Hipvan Experience store is (+65) 6291 1725. Its operating hours are between 11 am to 9 pm. This is the most diverse showroom, encompassing all the products of Hipvan under one roof. There are different categories of products; outdoor sets, Prism+ Display, Living Room, Dining Room, Lounge Chairs, Sofa Beds, Sofas, Dining Tables, Leather Sofas, and Bed Frames.

You get to see all the furniture sets in person and experience the texture, fabric, and quality of products. Moreover, you get the real feel of all the Hipvan mattresses and Hipvan bedframes, so you’re open to all the options available and get to choose what’s best for you. You can visit Hipvan’s online store, scroll through the mattresses, bed frames, couches, etc., read about the Hipvan reviews, and then when you’ve made your mind, you can come to the Hipvan Experience store and make a final verdict about purchasing it or not.

A Few Policies Of Hipvan Singapore

There are a few policies of Hipvan Singapore that you must know before ordering your mattresses. It would help if you went through the section below to learn more.

  • Shipping Details: The website is currently only shipping to Singapore addresses and are offering free shipping charges on orders above $250. 
  • Return Policy: The website provides a 100-Day Return policy to its customers, guaranteeing customer satisfaction. 
  • Bulk Order Discounts: The website offers an additional discount in Bulk Orders on bills amounting to $56,000 or more. 
  • Referral Code: The website helps you enjoy extra rewards, which you can claim on your purchases on forwarding referral links to others.

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Hipvan is a Singapore-based brand, and if you are based in Singapore, you must try out its product for the best prices and premium quality. This blog is an initiative to inform you about the existence and details of one of the renowned brands of Singapore, Hipvan. They have been dealing with furniture and other home items for eight years and recently launched their mattresses range. We have mentioned all the details about the Hipvan mattress review in the blog to inform you about the most beloved brand for mattresses. 

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