Hair Problems – You Know Who to Call

by Starry

May 24 2021

Hair is a major personality-promoting element of a person. Have you ever had issues with severe hair fall? Or maybe your hair getting thinner faster than you can anticipate? It might cause distress for many where your best feature starts to fall apart; this goes for both men and women—having hair problems? Beijing 101 review is going to help you who to call.

Hair issues can start as a mild hair fall but can lead to severe bald patterns for men, making them look twice their age. While for women, crude, ruined hair is always horror. With the help of the Beijing 101 review, you can make a good decision for the sake of your hair. Such as Ronald Ong, who had an oily scalp and worried for his hair health. But Beijing 101 gave him relief.

Reasons for hair fall

There are plenty of hair fall reasons. Most people start to give their hair attention when the underlying disease or deficiencies appear as hair falls. According to the Beijing 101 review, different reasons were cured by Beijing 101 consultants;

Hereditary inheritance for both men and women; for men, the bald pattern is very common.

  • Age-related
  • Alopecia Areata
  • Pregnancy and childbirth, or any other illness
  • Irresponsible towards hair care
  • Regular hairstyling with gels, heating rods, and even tight hair tying
  • Hormonal imbalance, mainly affecting women
  • Scalp infection

According to Keith Kwan, who had Dandruff issues that lead to hair fall. But with the help of Beijing 101 Consultants, he was able to treat his dandruff and help his hair fall stopped.

Why Beijing 101

Finding a good hair consultant can be troublesome because, ironically, it is adding more stress to what you already have. Now put your mind at ease because the best hair consultants are waiting for you at Beijing 101. According to the very promising Beijing 101 review, the consultants have various medical practices, such as Chinese herbs with professionals having Hair certificates and TCM physicians.

These consultants are highly experienced as this consultancy has 45 years of experience, with the quality of Chinese medicines and the right knowledge for hair care. Many customers highly recommend these consultants; one of the customers, Isabella Chua, claimed she has severe hair thinning which she thought was due to her regular styling. On the Beijing 101 review, Isabella reviewed her satisfaction and recommended it to others as well.

Services provided by Beijing 101

Beijing 101 is a true form of Chinese medicine co-hosted with certified hair professionals and TCM physicians. This means that the herbs they use are well understood by the physicians, which means they can alter doses accordingly. If any patients have trouble or are allergic to a certain ingredient, their medical understanding allows them to provide the best alternatives. According to the Beijing 101 review, these consultants have cured:

  • Hair loss, both mild and severe
  • Hair thinning
  • Oily scalp
  • Dandruff
  • Dry and damaged hair
  • Greying of hair

Prime Hair Growth Enhancer Treatment

Many clients on the Beijing 101 review have shown their satisfaction with their hair growth treatments. The consultants have been known to use Chinese herbs that are:

  1. Ginseng, to promote blood circulation
  2. Lingzhi, Fights the hair loss factors
  3. He Shou Wu, Prevents Greying of hair

The treatment has helped many clients who have happily reviewed their experience and treatments. The same goes for Sarah Low, who has Dandruff issues and had too thin of hair altogether. By having this highly potent concoction of Chinese herbs, Sarah was able to get her confidence back.

Hair Gro Treatment

Here is hair enforcement is a more private approach to hair care and scalp treatments. It only costs $58 for a scalp analysis, a treatment plan, and treatment. According to the Beijing 101 review, this treatment has helped clients who had the severe underlying disease and could not understand it. As a result, the scalp analysis and treatment plan have become a better and preferable treatment for hair health.

A client Shameir had severe dandruff, which led to blepharitis, Shameir could not figure out the cause or how to treat it. With the help of Beijing 101 consultants and their Chinese medicine practice. Shameir was able to overcome his dandruff issue, and it made his hair and scalp healthy.

Off-Peak Promo

A treatment that debrides and regains the hair’s health by their follicles. This treatment is a more personal Hair gro treatment which is available at only $48. It helps cleanse the hair follicles as clogged hair follicles due to sebum may be one of the hair loss reasons.

According to the Beijing 101 review, deep cleansing helped the hair thinning stop, make healthier hair. Many customers have pointed out that this treatment is amazing and one of a kind. Not only has it helped their hair loss, but for many, it helped clean their oily scalp.

Atome providing a platform

Atome is a Singaporian head app that brings together all the fashion brands to one platform. It focuses on fashion and trends and provides customers with personal care, skincare, home care, and much more.

The app provides all that you need and desires brought to your palm. The app is available on Androids and IOS stores. According to the Beijing 101 review, many clients found Beijing 101 hair consultants through Atome.

Atome has been fully functional in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The app has an amazing payment policy that lets the customers buy whatever they want and then pay in easy three installments. It has become one of the popular apps due to its payment plans.

Importance of hair care

Haircare is an important aspect when it comes to health. If your internal health is good and you have no deficiencies, your body will naturally have a youthful glow, beautiful hair, and nails.

For hair, the mechanism is the same, by overcoming the deficiencies that have not been provided by nutrition that is not sufficient. As a result, you can have beautiful hair. Besides that, having your hair and scalp analyzed by a professional can help you guide in a better and healthy way.


Hair has always been an issue for all and due to the increasing stress stimulants. The best hair consultants can encounter hair loss that many clients have suggested on Beijing 101 review. With hair certifications and Chinese medication, these professionals have treated many hair-related issues and helped many with their hair fall.

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