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by Starry

Dec 07 2021

Haircare is an essential and integral part of grooming and self-care and is reflective of your generalized health and hygiene. When you visit your doctor, one of the first things they inspect and asses upon your arrival is your hair’s state. But haircare is a hassle. As a matter of fact, at any given time, a substantial percentage of people of all ages and sexes are concerned about their hair problems. Some are battling with hair thinning; some are helpless against their hair fall, some have a difficult time coming to terms with their hair loss, while some are worried their hair is turning gray too prematurely.

Haircare is a multifactorial and complicated task that most people find too cumbersome. But many a time, your haircare problems can easily be traced and addressed, owing to poor sleeping habits or eating habits, or simply due to the consumption of a product that isn’t suited for your hair. When searching for the best hair salon in Singapore or the best hair salon near me, your recommended searches would definitely include 1Gravity hair salon.

Identifying hair problems and addressing them

As formerly mentioned, there are multitudes of hair problems causing concern and distress. Over here, we will try to address most, if not all, and also try to guide you about the solutions to the problems.

Alopecia (hair loss)

Alopecia is an unfortunate pathologic condition of the hair, which rapidly manifests as balding, most commonly of the head, but can happen all over the body. While the sporadic forms of alopecia are mostly genetic in nature, some causes are idiopathic. But don’t be surprised when we tell you that it could also be due to reversible causes! Alopecia comes as a consequence of hormonal disbalances, most commonly seen in patients with Cushing’s Syndrome and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. However, there are other endocrine disorders that may also cause this. Apart from the hormonal causes, alopecia also comes as a side effect of many medicines.

If the hair loss is secondary to a drug or a hormonal imbalance, then there are easy interventions to reverse this. Unfortunately, if the hair loss is genetic or idiopathic, then the only solution for this dilemma is hair transplant surgery.

Accelerated hair fall

While most people have this confused with balding (alopecia), this is a completely different and less austere problem. Hair growth and hair fall are dynamic and natural processes of the body. A scant amount of hair is bound to be lost on a daily basis and shouldn’t cause any concern. But when this number increases substantially, then it starts getting alarming. Several factors contribute to this, but most of the time, it is reversible and owes to psychological stress. However, of note is the conundrum that even if the initial reason for stress goes away, the new added stress of hair fall keeps the hair fall going, and this cycle is very difficult to end.

Not getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep is an important antecedent to hair fall. Lack of sleep disrupts the hormonal circadian rhythm leading to excessive cortisol levels and thus thinning and falling of hair.

Nutritional deficiencies play a pivotal role in hair fall. There are certain micronutrients and minerals that are fundamental for hair growth, such as Zinc, Selenium, Iron, Vitamins A, B complex, C, D, and E, and most importantly, protein. Your diet lacking any of these could be contributing to hair fall, and thus the most frequently prescribed solution to people reporting the problem of hair fall is multivitamins and mineral supplements.


Whichever part of the globe you’re in, one thing that is a common sight is the TV commercials about dandruff. Dandruff is a big umbrella term encompassing a diverse range of underlying etiologies. Dandruff is a misnomer for dry skin, and while dryness is one of the reasons behind dandruff, there are other causes such as eczema, fungal infection, seborrheic dermatitis, allergies, or the simple negligence of not Shampooing enough! Only a dermatologist can help diagnose the underlying cause of dandruff, and to your relief, dandruff is a treatable condition.

Greasy hair

Even the most indolent ones among us know that it’s time to hit the shower when our hair starts getting oily, but for some people, greasy/oily hair is a bigger pain in the neck than others. This is a normal phenomenon during pregnancy, puberty, labor, and menopause when the hormones are very high, and these are mostly reversible after these bodily changes are over.

However, there are some other external factors that contribute to oily hair, such as hot and humid environments, using headwear such as helmets and hijab, and overusing oil-based or conditioning products. Stopping these habits usually solves the problem of oily hair. If the problem persists, using products formulated for oily hair, frequent shampooing, and aloe vera usually helps curb this problem.

Split ends

If we were to mention the cause of split ends in one simple word, it would be overhandling. Your hair needs to be left alone too, because friction causes damage to your hair, making it dull and frizzy, ultimately, or more often than not, concomitantly, leading to split ends. Overhandling your hair could be due to excessive brushing, perming, heating of hair (through a straightener or a curler), or due to lack of a good conditioner. If you have split ends, you have no other option than to cut them a little short. If you don’t want split ends, don’t overhandle them.

Color damaged hair

People who love experimenting with different color shades are also frequently posed with the problem of color damage. Chemicals in hair color open up the hair shaft, rendering the hair extremely porous and prone to get brittle and breaking. The simple way around is to seek a professional’s help in choosing the dyes with a good moisturizer. Another interesting deterrent for color damage is to get a pre-color trim because the ends of hair absorb excessive color leading to damage.

Gray hair

Most people take gray hair as a badge of honor and take it as a symbol of grace. But prematurely having gray hair is problematic. Unless predetermined genetic factors cause this, premature gray hair is almost always secondary to nutritional deficits and is mostly reversed by supplementing your diet with fortified foods or by taking multivitamins and mineral supplements. However, gray hair due to senescence can only be hidden with hair dyes.

Services at 1Gravity Hair salon

1Gravity hair salon is your go-to location for all your hair care problems. We provide the royalty that your head deserves, and we’re here to help solve your hair care problems under one roof. Whether you need a simple hair trim, a hair wash, or require more complex procedures such as keratin/protein treatment, perming, or straightening, we’ve got you covered! We also offer biotin-minoxidil hair treatment, head massage, waxing, and nail care.

Optimizing your haircare at home

1. While at home, you can inculcate simple habits to keep your hair in pristine condition. This includes: keeping your hair hydrated by oiling it at least twice a week. Avoid washing your hair with hot water since it is jeopardous for your hair.

2. Don’t just pick up any shampoo off the shelf. Try to understand your hair type, whether it’s oily, dry, or normal, and then choose accordingly.

3. It’s best if you wash your hair every three days, not more frequently than that, and definitely not less frequently than that.

4. Remember to condition your hair after you’ve shampooed.

Seeking professional help at salons

1. At a salon such as 1Gravity, professionals provide care and the best quality products. Make trimming the ends mandatory and ask for replenishing services.

Your Hair Needs Care

The basic biology of your hair is keratin and collagen, and it has the basic chemistry that your cuticles have. This means they are very prone to loss of moisture and becoming dry and rough. That is what happens at the tips mostly. The hair follicle is inside the scalp, its dermis, which is thick and has oil glands.

That explains the sebum in your hair after a few unwashed days. Over time, when you do not properly clean your scalp and have dandruff or just build-ups, it can reduce the nutrition provided to the hair throughout the length.

At 1Gravity, the experts will tell you what to do accordingly.  It should be kept in mind that the scalp already has lower vascularity, which means the follicles receive most of their nutrition from the skin and absorb nutrients from the scalp’s skin.

When it is said that your hair needs care, you need to provide what its intrinsic biology requires and make sure you do not strip away the nutrients. This means providing nutrition through your diet and external applications. At 1Gravity, the experts have almost seven years of expertise in hair and scalp.

Haircare is not just shampoo, conditioner, and oiling. It is far more than that any hair expert will make sure to overcome the deficiencies of your hair and scalp, may it be metabolically or externally.

1Gravity Hair Salon

When you hear hair salons, the normal image is relaxing hair massages, hair coloring services, and even hair cutting. But in reality, a good salon such as 1Gravity has professionals that have learned about hair and scalp to tend to every individual according to what they require.

To have a luscious look even with new hair, you need healthy hair, and for that, it is required for the hair therapist to understand how you will achieve that goal.

The 1Gravity hair salon is not just for women but also men. They understand that hair care is important for both men and women at the same level. Another reason for its amazing service is that these therapists have almost seven years of experience with few dermatological courses and workshops.

At 1Gravity hair care does not just mean good blow dry and beautiful hairstyles. It comes to maintaining hair and scalp health and also providing professional advice for at-home hair care.

Trending Hair Salons

There are many hair salons and places you can get your hair cared for well. The best place is trusted by international apps and has good reviews from the customers who visit it.

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The 1Gravity hair salon is like no other salon; it can be proven by their years of experience and credentials. It is better to book a trained professional rather than take risks with your hair.

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