Hair care tips for healthier, shinier hair

by Starry

Jun 03 2020

Do you feel that hair care tips do not need to be understood? Imagine the following picture

“I do my hair toss, check my nails, baby how you feeling?” Honestly, feeling ready to call it a weekend, light some candles and laze around in bed with a face mask on. Even as phase one of post-Circuit Breaker life begins, most of us are still working at home which means we have more time to do and learn new things from the ever-giving internet.

Embrace all the time spent at home and emerge a beauty master with tips and tracks that we’ve learnt. However, skin-care has always been the hot topic for many, so much so that we often neglect our hair.

If you’re looking to improve the condition of your hair with some TLC,  we’ve got the products for you, with some tips below. Click on the links below to start shopping and when you check out, remember to pay with Atome to split your bill into three 0% interest installments. Paying with Atome allows you to enjoy more of the things you love today, and empowers you to achieve financial freedom.

It’s no secret that washing your hair every day isn’t great as it strips your hair of its natural oil which is vital for healthy, shiny hair. For days that you’re not washing your hair, pick up For Beat’s Pure Me Hair Brush. The hair brush has 105 purifying fibre bristles that will help soak up excess oil grease and sweat residue, all while detangling and smoothening hair.

Beauty Emporium: Malin+Goetz Peppermint Shampoo

Beauty Emporium: Malin+Goetz Peppermint Shampoo

Up your shampoo game and shop on Beauty Emporium for their Malin+Goetz’s best-selling hydrating shampoo. Synthesize with natural peppermint extract, it effectively purifies and balances all hair and scalp types. If you have to absolutely wash your hair every day, this formula is gentle enough to be used daily without stripping your hair of its natural oils.

Tip: Start your shower routine with warm water to help remove any reside and dirt from your scalp, but rinse your hair out with cold water to close the cuticles and pores in the scalp, which results in shinier hair!

SuperWomen510: Anti-Sensitive Shampoo

SuperWomen510: Anti-Sensitive Shampoo

If your scalp gets itchy and irritated easily, you might have a sensitive scalp. There are several reasons that may cause this and it ranges from internal factors caused by stress or an imbalance diet, to external factors such as pollution, or even a shampoo with a harsh formula which may cause excess sebum secretion. In order to effectively treat your scalp, choose a shampoo whose purpose is to addresses this issue. Superwomen510’s Anti-Sensitive Shampoo is a specially designed to help comfort and protect the scalp. Cleansing it gently without causing any irritation.

Tip: Use this time at home to take a break from heat styling and hot tools, instead of blow-drying your hair, let your hair air dry and give your scalp a breather.

Number 76: Gift Card


There’s nothing like leaving it to the professionals to take care of your hair – because honestly, there’s no one who know hair better than these experts. With the start of Phase 1, hair salons are opened with all services to be resumed. However, don’t rush down without making an appointment, as most places are fully booked.

We love Number76’s gift card as there’s no expiration date and it’s a perfect gift for someone you know who has been itching to head back to the salon (or even yourself, because you deserve it).

Take extra care of your scalp with Powella’s Herbal Finishing Rinse Concentrate. This leave-in rinse is made with apple cider vinegar and lavender to help reduce inflammation and soothe any scalp irritation. With a touch of chamomile known for its ability to condition the hair to shine!

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