Ginett – Who Can Refuse A French Culinary Treat?

by jiatongma

Apr 17 2023

Ginett is one restaurant you won’t want to miss in Singapore. Even if you aren’t constantly on the hunt for the next great restaurant, there are some places you’re bound to want to try when you hear of them.

Ginett Restaurant and Wine Bar are one of them. It’s been featured in several magazines and for a good reason. The French-style bistro packs a punch, both ambience and flavour-wise.

It’s one of the must-visits of Singapore’s Arts District, and it’s located in a key position, making it easily accessible. Here’s everything you need to know about Ginett Singapore.

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An Introduction to Ginett

Located on Middle Road on the first floor of Hotel G in Singapore’s art district, Bugis Precinct, Ginett is a French-style bistro with Executive Chef Sylvain Royer at the helm. The contemporary restaurant and wine bar has been featured as a must-visit and won 2021’s Travelers’ Choice Award from Tripadvisor.

With dry-age and charcoal-grilled meats and a selection of over 90 wines, it’s your one-stop for trendy French food in Singapore.

What are the Best Dishes at Ginett?

What else can make Ginett a stand-out restaurant apart from the food? No matter how good the environment, the place’s main selling point is how good the food is. And while there’s a wide selection of delicious options, here’re a few of the best dishes on the menu.

  1. La Côte de Bœuf

A major eye-catcher on the Ginett menu, the 1kg dish is a bone-in prime rib served with a classic Béarnaise sauce or pepper and blue cheese sauce. It’s one of the restaurant’s ‘From the Grill’ menu options and comes with two sides of your choice.

It’s a bit up there regarding the price compared to other options, but it’s definitely worth it, as it’s been rated one of their best dishes. You can have a great steak dinner by pairing it with a good wine, which the bistro starts at just $8 per glass.

  1. Le Confit de Canard

A ‘From the Land’ menu option, it’s another dish you won’t want to miss. Le Confit de Canard is a French bistro staple. The crispy duck leg confit is served with sautéed potatoes and a duck jus drizzle. Apart from the flavour, just the textures present are sure to give you a ride.

Duck might not be for everyone, but Ginett’s confit is one you can’t miss if you have a taste for it.

Of course, Ginett restaurant has just as great ‘From the Sea’ options as well, with a Scottish Salmon served with creamy spinach on the menu. The La Saint Jacques, Hokkaido scallops are served with cauliflower and truffle cream.

  1. 1 Meter Board

You’ll have guessed from the name, but the Ginett Restaurant and Wine Bar menu has its fair selection of wines and everything that goes with it. The ‘Cheese and Cold Cuts’ section has options for any wine party with cheese and cold cuts.

There’s the G-Board, which has 3 cheese and 3 cold cuts, and then there’s the famed 1 Meter Board, with a whopping 5 cheese, 5 cold cuts, and one pâté. You can get your friends together for a high-end wine brunch and indulge in the best Ginett offers.

It’s their major selling point because the relatively relaxed atmosphere and great food will surely keep you coming back for more.

  1. Ginette Sundae

What’s any list without dessert? Like any restaurant, the Ginett Singapore menu has a namesake dessert option called the Ginett Sundae. It’s classic vanilla ice cream with mini choux puffs and sweet almond brittle, topped with chocolate and caramel sauce.

It’s the ideal end to any meal, and it’s a great duo with a light main course, especially if you go for the set menu with the main course and dessert option. It’s like a premium sundae and stays true to the French menu with the choux puffs.

It’s not the only good dessert, though; there’s crème brûlée, profiteroles, and chocolate tart on the menu. And there are even pancakes and French toast for perfect brunch options.

Many People Love to Visit the French-Style Restaurant

What makes a restaurant great isn’t just the food, though it’s certainly a major selling point. But Ginett has many good qualities to offer.

  1. Great Food

You might’ve guessed already from the best dishes section, but Ginett is known for quality food. Customers rave about it first, and the menu isn’t small. There’s something for everyone, with pasta options including Bolognese and Carbonara and the sandwiches and burgers section having more casual options.

The best part is that there’s also a vegetarian section with vegetarian and vegan options like Shakshuka and Wild Mushroom Truffle Risotto. There are also soups and salads, each better than the last.

No matter what part of the day you visit, you’ll find delicious options, from breakfast and lunch to dinner.

  1. A Wonderful Ambience

Food might come first, but the ambience comes second. One of the best parts of eating out is the feeling it gives you, and coming to a French bistro should make you feel like you’ve entered a trendy French restaurant. The high ceilings and modern look are a wonderful combination.

Ginett is a contemporary restaurant in a historic art district, and the inside reflects that. Even the food has a modern spin on it, with Sylvain Royer being an admirable executive chef who knows what people like. It’s what keeps people coming back despite the crowd.

  1. Good Service at the Restaurant

A well-trained staff is a must-have, and it’s more than just being polite. Being quick to answer the customer’s needs is crucial, which is another part Ginett Restaurant has covered. Whether it’s happy hour with bottomless mimosas or people who want to order more, customers have only great things to say about the service.

There’s also the extra service, such as free dessert and wine for birthday or anniversary celebrations. The little things make you feel welcomed; Ginett has it down to a T. Though you’ll want to plan if you want to celebrate there because it is challenging to find a seat.

  1. Good Deals and Prices

The prices definitely aren’t low, but there are options on the menu that won’t break the bank. With the wine starting low and going up to $30+ per glass, you’ll find every sort at Ginett. And it’s not bad, since you can enjoy good food and go for a pricier option for a special day.

But there are some great deals, with happy hour providing free glass top-ups and several options for big parties. There’s the full-fledged Parisian breakfast complete with a Ginett Sundae and, of course, the 1 Meter cheese board.

There are also sets with either a starter and main course option or a main course and dessert.

  1. Being Located in a Key Position

While there will always be food lovers who’ll go out of their way to go to an Instagram-worthy restaurant, being in a key position matters, it’s why a Ginett reservation is crucial if you want to visit with a bigger party.

It’s in a key position on Middle Road, meaning working people or casual meet-ups are common at the restaurant. It’s never not busy, and it’s because it’s so accessible.

Ginett has all the makings of a good restaurant, whether it’s the food, aesthetic, prices, or position, and understanding its customers also helps it stay popular.

Ginett- An extraordinary culinary experience

A must-visit for any French food lover, Ginett is a restaurant that has been featured in magazines several times, especially since the famous Chef de Cuisine Sylvain Royer leads it. It’s an ideal location in Singapore’s Arts District so tourists can visit easily.

Ginett has high-quality food and unbeatable flavours, and the restaurant and wine bar offers several options. It’s not just good for dinners and wine; the wine bar is excellent for taste-testing a wide selection of drinks with desserts and cheese.

The bottom line is that you can indulge in high-quality food in an aesthetic setting, and it’s great for a good cap on the perfect day out.

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