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by Starry

Aug 23 2021

After a long day at work, nothing is more relaxing than sitting back comfortably, and a massage chair accomplishes that comfort. Yes, we are talking about a massage chair that can be placed conveniently within in your house, waiting for you every day.


Build to incorporate urban living; Urban Reserve started its journey recently in 2020 during the chaos of the pandemic. Being a lifestyle innovation company, all their products have been styled around the urban living concepts. Their products have been anchored around accessibility, innovation, and urban testing. Their motto being, “For Every day, for Everybody,” they have tried to make their products’ accessibility easier by constantly questioning their prices.

The urban Reverse test their products to ensure that they live up to rigorous urban living. Their teams are constantly improving and improvising upon their products to ensure they live up to the test.


Have you been looking out for something like this for your living room? This chair can act as your reclining chair as well as the massage chair you have always coveted.

All of us need to relax. But often, we are not able to do so because of the financial responsibilities we have. This is why ATOME has liaised up with Urban Reserve. Now you can relax without worrying about your finances. Now you just have to decide upon the chair you want from Urban Reserve. At the time of payment, you have to select ATOME as your payment option.

ATOME is a payment option that breaks up the total amount into three easy installments. The first one you have to pay at the time of purchase, the other two are to be paid in the upcoming months. This helps in easing the financial aspects on your monthly budget. This service is not only interest-free but also has no hidden charges!


Before getting into the features of the massage chair, let us first discuss why massages arfe important.


Over the centuries, massage has been used for several reasons, the topmost being for its medical benefits and secondly for relaxing purposes. Medically it has been proven that massage can help relieve a lot of pain and stress. In our body, all our muscles and nerves are interconnected. This is why the ripple effect is experienced by the entire body when we get a spasm or a stiff muscle. When you massage the affected area, it relaxes the muscles and nerves. It eases the blood flow, and you get rid of your cramps and spasms. 

We all face stresses in our daily life. Constant stress increases anxiety levels. Massage helps in easing out stress and hence lowers anxiety levels. This decreases the risk of heart attacks and other heart issues.


Now that we know exactly how beneficial massages are let us discuss the features of the massage chairs available with Urban Reserve.


The first and most attractive feature of their chair is the striking design. The creative team at Urban Reserve has styled the chair such that it looks good where ever it is sitting. It has been designed to be co-used as a reclining chair for your living room so that you can use it for dual purposes. It has one of the smallest footprints with zero wall backspace. You can place it in any corner of the room. They use treated PU Leather for peel resistance to ensure durability. Its looks and functionalities are both suited for long-term use!


The massaging equipment includes patented embedded AcuPoint Palm Massager for your hands, compression massage for the hip and calves, and lumbar heating. Compression massage helps in increasing flexibility and relieves pressures from the muscles. Lumbar heating is especially good for backaches. It is good for healing and muscle relaxing!

It offers the zero-gravity experience, which transports you to a state of weightlessness to lift the tension off your body.

The chairs are equipped with surround sound Bluetooth audio. You can listen to your favorite music or any other relaxing symphonies to assist you in unwinding yourself after your hectic day. 

The functionalities differ from chair to chair, and the chairs are priced accordingly. Urban Reserve believes in letting their customers enjoy their relaxation time and not worry unduly about their finances.


Are you out buying your first massage chair? Then let us guide you. Here are a few points you should be pondering over when you head out to buy it.

Size: This is the most important aspect. Massage chairs are generally huge, and can take up a lot of space in your house. However, there are different options available. Take measurements before you start purchasing. 

Feature: Different features are offered by different chairs. Recognize your needs and buy accordingly.

Price: This is not so important, as ATOME is there to help you out. Make use of the services of ATOME and buy what you like.


We also need to relax. Life is beautiful, and while we work towards our goals, we should also enjoy ourselves. Where we take on others’ responsibilities, we should be indulging ourselves too. We have only one life, and we cannot exclude ourselves from it. So go ahead and pamper yourself. Buy this massage chair in three installments, sit back and relax yourself!

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