Get Toilet Doors to Make Your Washroom Unique and Stylish

by Starry

Sep 29 2021

Door lab is a Singaporean company that plays a role in securing and protecting your home. Our team makes sure that the high-quality products we manufacture fulfill the needs of your home security. We provide a great range of doors for you, i.e., bedroom, main, toilet, etc. You can also customize your door as we have a separate team for making customized products.

The slide and swing toilet doors provided by the door lab have a conventional operating method. They look like PD doors. These toilet doors are spacious and are somewhat different from regular slide and swing toilet doors. It maximizes the living space and is easy to operate. You can open these doors from different angles. We provide various slide and swing toilet doors from which you can choose the one you like.

Door lab also provides variety in color tones for toilet door Singapore. The lock mechanism has a thumb-turn latch. The team also offers free installation services for our customers. In addition to this, they also provide a dismantling service for the disposal of existing doors.

If you want to have washrooms of modern design, then our swing and slide toilet door Singapore is the perfect choice for you. If you still haven’t tried the sliding toilet door, then this is the right time to convert your washroom into something stylish and unique.

Slide and swing toilet doors are easy to operate as they can slide at any point. They use minimum space, and the magnet locking system is quite efficient. They are water-resistant and can be easily cleaned. You can design your toilet door that suits your toilet interior. Door lab provides frames in white, grey, and black colors to match and mix your design.

You can rely on the most trustworthy door suppliers operating in Singapore. The team is passionate about their work and provides innovative and best door design services. These toilet door prices are low so that everyone can make their washroom stylish at a budget-friendly rate.

Door lab also manufactures and supplies bi-fold toilet doors. The door lab team uses high-quality materials for manufacturing bi-fold doors. If you have a small apartment or HBD flat, these bi-fold toilet doors will save your space. They do not need much floor space as is required by a standard swing door. These toilet doors are mainly used as toilet door replacement in a resale flat as they are comparatively more water-resistant than wooden doors. Their doors can also be used for the kitchen entrance, laundry area, etc. you can also customize the doors according to the color and design of your house décor.

Bare aluminum bi-fold door:

These aluminum bi-fold toilet doors have two sections that turn into V-shape as we pull or push these doors. It will automatically be folded into two sections as we slide it open.


 The toilet doors we provide will save your space and will enable 100% opening.


They are made up of solid acrylic panels and aluminum. These two materials are famous for their lightweight and water resistance.


These toilet doors are highly recommended for small apartments, HDB flats, Condominiums, etc.

Teflon Roller:

Our toilet door offers a clip-on Teflon roller. This roller is placed on the bottom side as a guide or support.

Bottom track:

Customers are highly concerned regarding stepping or tripping on the bottom track of doors. Our toilet doors do not have sharp edges, which can trouble them or cause any hazard.

Push-up lock system:

Our toilet doors have a push-up lock system which we have installed at the center of the door. They are a perfect choice for flats with link toilets.

Push-pull handle:

Door Lab provides an aluminum profile that will help you in pulling the door from the front.

Therefore, we deal with a wide range of products, including V fold toilet doors, bi-fold toilet doors, slide ad swing toilet doors, etc. These modern toilet doors won’t rust in a wet environment and are easy to maintain.

 Hence, these toilet doors are cheap, easy to use, and available in several colors.

Why buy at ATOME?

Door Lab provides you with the best toilet doors that will make your washroom stylish and unique. It will give a new look to it. Door lab uses high-quality items to make its products. The team also provides an opportunity to customize your toilet doors in design and color, with your color scheme and home décor.

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