Get Perfect Rice Every day with Song Cho Rice Cooker at Krisshop

by Starry

Nov 10 2021

Rice is undoubtedly an undeniable staple in almost every Asian household. Although cooking rice can look like a brainless routine, especially when it is done every day, as we need to pop in the rice and water and then press the ‘Cook’ button, but when we would like to have to whip up, fluffy and perfect rice, then the right rice cooker can make things a lot easier for us. Krisshop is the flagship retailer of Singapore Airlines and offers a great selection of products that range between fragrances and cosmetics to electronics and many co-branded items. Krisshop is the ideal place to shop for the best rice cooker Singapore as it aims to deliver you an omnichannel shopping experience. Krisshop has worked very closely with its partners to enhance the shopping experience of the travelers by offering them Song Cho rice cooker and many other top-quality cookers that are considered to be the best in the market.

List of the best rice cookers at Krisshop

Families that have minor children are mostly mindful about the silent lurkers, like different chemicals and bacteria that can enter a child’s meal; therefore, safe cooking is a priority for them. The Song Cho rice cooker will keep you relaxed as its inner pot comes with stainless steel that doesn’t have any chemical coating.

This rice cooker is equipped with an intelligent cooking system and functions through induction heating which offers a great response to temperature change. Therefore, with the Song Cho rice cooker, you can be sure of even distributed heating during cooking so that you can have a consistent texture with your rice.

  • Tefal rice cooker

This one is a highly regarded mini rice cooker that can be found in the market. The Tefal rice cooker can work brilliantly to bring you convenient, tasty, and versatile meals. There is an induction heating technology used in this cooker to give a much better cooking performance.

The spherical shape of this mini rice cooker results in some excellent heating circulation as well as superb cooking performance. With the help of its Fuzzy Logic Technology, you can easily make adjustments to time and temperature; therefore, you don’t need to worry about any unexpected results.

  • Toshiba rice cooker

Toshiba brings its customers with 140 years of innovation, and at present, it is known to be a leader in the market of rice cookers. The Toshiba rice cooker comes with a leading 3D cooking technology and a brilliant cooking process.

The inner nonstick pot and the steam valve are able to preserve the heat and steam to give you the perfect fluffy rice that you wish for. This professional rice cooker offers you seven pre-programmed settings to cook rice, and the quick rice feature enables you to cook everything within half an hour, which makes it a great time-saving option.

  • Xiaomi rice cooker

Many people think that the Xiaomi rice cooker has a minimalist design as it comes with only three buttons on the exterior, but people get pretty surprised when they see the full potential of this rice cooker. This Xiaomi rice cooker can be controlled from anywhere because of its Mijia app, as you have the option of checking the state of rice in real-time.

Aside from all the intelligent features, this best rice cooker Singapore does a perfect primary job of cooking delicious rice with its micro-pressure heating and advanced electromagnetic technology to make sure that your rice gets evenly heated.

  • Hitachi rice cooker

Hitachi offers you a perfect rice cooker that comes with a rapid cooking mode to reduce the time that may be needed for rice to be cooked entirely. This feature of the Hitachi rice cooker is considered necessary, especially if you are looking to prepare the meal in a quick manner.

With a convention method, the Hitachi rice cooker makes sure that your rice gets cooked in a perfect and tasty way. This cooker also comes with a system that caters to long-grain rice cooking, and there is also a steam basket to help you prepare the meal simultaneously.

Use Atome to buy your favorite rice cooker at Krisshop

Krisshop is a duty-free retailer that sells a number of items from the top brands of the world. Because of its immense popularity, Krisshop offers its services to the ones who are not flying and provides them with everything at home. Their best rice cookers are becoming very popular, and out of these, the Song Cho rice cooker is the best-selling product. If you are planning to buy the best rice cooker for yourself, then you can use Atome at the Krisshop outlets.

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