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by jiatongma

Oct 13 2022

What’s the first thing you come across when you reach a person’s humble abode? Well, there may be many things for you to notice, such as the nameplate, the paint, and the cars. But the doors to a person’s house can be picturesquely captivating, or they can be loathsomely grotesque. This is why Gate Door Window specializes in making the most alluring aluminum doors.

Importance of Professionally Made High-Quality Doors for Your Home

There are many reasons why you’d need a high-end aluminum door for your house.

It leaves a lasting impression on all those who land at your doorstep

For starters, let’s begin with something trivial and mundane; Impression. As they say, the first impression is the last impression. For a house, it’s the main door. A shabby and mediocre house would leave a poor impression on anyone you invite over to your place. On the contrary, a sleek and bold aluminum door would leave a dominating impression.

Moreover, your house gets an instant facelift if you just change the front door to something sleek yet bold and alluring at the same time.

A good aluminum door reduces energy cost

A good front door plays a bigger part in your energy costs than you imagined. A door is quintessential for maintaining the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). Moreover, if you have an aluminum bifold door or an aluminum sliding door instead of the regular stainless-steel doors, you’ll be on the greener pastures of cost efficiency. This is because aluminum is a very light element; this will mean much lesser electricity will be spent on opening and closing their doors.

Fire-rated doors in Singapore have significantly turned the tables

There are certain premises that have a fire-rated doors requirement. This can be a flammable chemical manufacturing company, a wood chopper or a furniture company, or anything that runs the hazard of a rapidly disseminating fire. Fire-rated doors help abate the fire by an engineering marvel; they contain intumescent strips at the edges, which expand when they are heated to a certain degree. When this happens, the oxygen in the fire-afflicted room starts to deplete until a point arises where the fire douses itself. This method is a much greater way of preventing fires than the futile endeavors of using a fire hydrant.

What is the standard size of doors in Singapore?

The average measurement for the dimensions of the door frame for HDB flats in Singapore is 2.75 ft x 7 ft/ 33 inches x 84 inches/ 838 mm x 2130 mm. There can be a slight degree of variation, depending on how big your house is and which room the door is being installed for.

What is Gate Door Window?

Gate Door Window is a multidisciplinary company curating many different household fittings and sanitary fittings, making interior designing a child’s play since you get everything under one roof. Gate Door Window promises to bring the premium, top-grade, and top-rated merchandise all across Singapore. The furniture, fittings, and fixtures are all customizable, and you have complete leeway to edit the length, breadth, depth, or even the material as you see fit.

Gate Door Window houses a myriad of different Digital Locks, Doors and Gates, HDB Windows and Grilles, Bedroom, Toilet & Kitchen Doors, Kitchen products – such as taps, sinks, faucets and accessories, Toilet products such as sinks, bowls, bidet sprays, hand showers & accessories, and Fans.

Gate Door Window is the supplies the top-grade gates, doors, and windows in Singapore. There are plenty of other reasons to choose Gate Door Wood; for starters, it is very reasonable, and you get complete value for money. Gate Door Window provides the best quality products and services, with an extremely amiable staff that would love to help you out with professional advice. And to put the cherry on top, Gate Door Window is the recipient of the SME 500 Award 2021. Gate Door Window specializes in Aluminum doors and HDB fire-rated doors.

Gate Door Window X Atome

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How to pay for Gate Door Window Aluminum doors offers using Atome?

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