Start A Nice Day with Flash Coffee for Your Busy Working Life

by jiatongma

Jul 29 2022

As a coffee connoisseur, nothing puts the good before my morning like a perfectly brewed cup of coffee and Flash Coffee has been doing this job outstandingly, if I might say so myself. 

After spending a lot of time and money on coffee gadgets, various blends, and coffee shops, I can ultimately say that I have found the best place to get my daily coffee fix. 

The grab-and-go aspect of this coffee chain works well with busy schedules and brief lunch breaks, and I will tell you why. Firstly, you can place your delicious coffee order using the Flash Coffee app, and it will be waiting for collection at your preferred outlet conveniently located across the island, saving you from standing in long queues.

Their award-winning menu isn’t limited to coffee; you can also indulge in shakes, teas, and snacks. 

About the brand

Flash Coffee arrived in Singapore after its booming success in Thailand and Indonesia. The coffee company uses original Arabica beans for making heavenly coffee, and it has renowned coffee experts on board to ensure perfection with each cup. Apart from the unmatched taste, It is also known for creating Instagram-worthy latte art, one-of-a-kind drinks, and trusted bright yellow storefronts. 

You will be surprised to know that the coffee house has over thirty stores islandwide and plans on expanding to more locations. 

Here are some of their drool-worthy beverages:


Flash Coffee’s trademark latte that contains less milk and foam compared to the traditional drink. 

Flat White

you get a cup of perfectly brewed espresso topped with frothed milk. 

Oat Cappuccino 

Enjoy the unique but delicious combination of smooth Cappuccino and Oat milk foam. 

Nutella Chocolate

Treat yourself to a tall cup of decadent hot chocolate mixed with the house’s special Nutella sauce. 


This one is an indulgent drink made by combining Espresso, frothed milk, and the best cocoa powder. 


This drink that is made by mixing two shots of ristretto with silky steamed milk is bound to satisfy your caffeine cravings. 


If you like your coffee strong, you will love this combination of Arabica beans, Espresso, and hot water. 

Visit Flash Coffee’s website or download the application to browse through their exclusive options.

Why is Flash Coffee worth a try? 

Apart from the fact that it is great to step out of your comfort zone and give new things a try, there are several other reasons that make Flash Coffee worth every dime. 

On-the-go meal

The fact that you can pre-order your favourite coffee via the Flash Coffee app is incredible in itself. Couple that with a scrumptious and healthy food menu, and you can enjoy a filling meal every day without wasting precious minutes. The affordable prices are a cherry on the top. 


Great news for Flash Coffee fans, the ever-growing chain of coffee houses has over thirty stores all across Singapore and they don’t plan on stopping any time soon since the goal is to have a trustee yellow storefront every 500 meters.

Novel drinks

Flash Coffee solely uses Arabica beans to brew cups of deliciousness. Their Latte, Americano, Cappuccino, and other traditional drinks are a treat for the taste buds, but it doesn’t end with that. This coffee house isn’t scared to experiment with its coffee. You will find beverages that boast a unique but addictive flavor profile, such as the Lychee Espresso Soda, Collagen Peach Latte, Avo Latte, Melaka Latte, and many more! 


Getting a cup of coffee every once in a while doesn’t make a significant difference in your finances, but when it is a daily requirement, the expenses skyrocket. Flash Coffee isn’t just a great coffee house but also an affordable one. You can trust it to deliver quality coffee at a fraction of the market prices.

Flash Coffee isn’t just a chain of coffee shops

You must have heard of all the different coffee brewing techniques like the pour-over, French Press, percolate, drip, cold brew, etc. Well, there’s a new method in coffee town that gives you Flash Brewed Coffee, also known as the Japanese-style Iced Coffee. 

The perks of using this method are two-fold, one, it lets you enjoy an aromatic cold brew without ice diluting the taste, and two, there is no waiting time. 

Essentially what you do is brew hot coffee onto ice; this ensures that the coffee retains its freshness. The use of hot water plays a vital role in this method as it extracts optimum flavor from the beans, something cold water cannot do. Another factor that makes this coffee flavorful is not having to wait for it to cool down. 

The best part about this Flash Brewed Coffee is that one can prepare it at home with a basic pour-over or drip coffee set. 

Flash Coffee x Atome 

Great coffee isn’t the only thing that Flash Coffee guarantees. The coffee house’s partnership with Atome offers a terrific payment method that is bound to make your Sunday mornings not just good but great!

When placing your coffee order on the Flash Coffee app, you will see Atome listed as a payment option, and your bank account will thank you for choosing it. This is because Atome splits the total bill into 3 easy payment, 0% interest.

All you have to do is download the Atome app from its official website (get it here), Google Play Store, or App Store. Then in a few steps, create a free account, and you’re all set to order budget-friendly delicious coffee. 

Here’s some more great news for you: Flash Coffee isn’t the only brand where you can pay with Atome. There are over 10,000 local and foreign brands where you can avail yourself of Atome’s services. In addition to this, most partner brands have exclusive ongoing value deals and discounts for users of the buy now, pay later app. You will be eligible for a discount worth $10 on the first Flash Coffee order paid for with Atome. 

  • Select Atome as the payment method. 
  • Sign in to your Atome account. 
  • Review the payment schedule. 
  • Make the first payment and enjoy your coffee. 
  • The app will take care of the remaining two payments by charging them to the linked credit or debit card. 

Nothing gets you up like a strong cup of coffee in the morning. If you are a fellow coffee enthusiast, you will fall in love with Flash Coffee’s taste and quick service. They bring you mouth-watering and affordable beverages in a flash.

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