Summer Is Coming! It’s Time to Get Fit with Fitmonkie

by jiatongma

Aug 15 2022

Fitmonkie brings a vibrant and bold collection of Activewear to support you in your journey of living a healthier and more fulfilling life in the most affordable price range.

We’ve all been at that stage where we are just about to start changing our everyday routine to incorporate a healthier lifestyle, but you just need that final push to move you into making the decision. At Fitmonkie, you’ll find all the motivation you need to make these necessary changes!

Their comfortable and efficient apparel and equipment line incorporates all the elements needed to give you the complete toolkit that will allow a productive exercise session. 

If you’re wondering how to burn belly fat in a healthy and quick way, this article will give you all the information you need to achieve your goal.

How to burn fat?

High fiber diet

One of the first things you can do to cut down on belly fat is to increase your daily intake of fiber. Soluble fiber helps you absorb fewer calories from the food you eat and increases satiety. They also actively reduce belly fat to lead you into a heavier lifestyle. Foods with a high proportion of soluble fibers include legumes, avocado, and flax seeds.

Trans fats

A plethora of research shows how consuming trans fats increase belly fat. Not only that, but trans fats also increase the incidence of insulin and cardiovascular diseases. To decrease your consumption of harmful types of fat, use omega, and unsaturated fats instead. 


Increasing your intake of proteins will help you maintain your muscle mass when you incorporate healthy fat-burning exercises into your workout routine. Proteins also benefit you by decreasing abdominal fat, so make sure to eat those eggs and beans!

Managing your stress

It’s well known that a high level of stress increases the amount of cortisol in your blood. Cortisol is also known as the stress hormone, and among other effects of cortisol, it also results in an increase in appetite and truncal obesity, so make sure you’re de-stressing throughout the day by doing activities that you love. 

Exercises to burn belly fat

Wondering about workouts to burn belly fat? We have an entire list for you. Let’s get into it!


Engage your core, chest, triceps, and quadriceps in this dynamic exercise. To successfully pull off a burpee, you need to stand with your feet wide apart, lower yourself into a squat, then quickly get into a plank position, finally pushing your body back up quickly into a standing position.


It might surprise you, but simply walking every day can help you burn body fat. Start at a comfortable pace and aim for getting at least 30 minutes worth of steps at least 4 times a week, and you can slowly increase that as you build up your stamina.


In terms of what exercises burn belly fat, cycling is on top of the list. Not only does cycling cut down fat, but it also increases overall health, maintains a beneficial effect of fat burning on heart rate, and puts much less stress on the joints than other weight-bearing exercises. 

The Russian Twist

A very useful exercise to engage your core is the Russian twist. This is done while sitting down, with your knees bent and legs up in the air. A medicine ball or a plate is held in the hands, and in each movement, you rotate your upper body from side to side. That means you bring the medicine ball all the way to the right by rotating your torso and then all the way to the left. After each rotation to the side, make sure you’re really pressing down on your oblique muscles.

Rowing machine

This is the perfect way to work the muscles in your legs, back, and shoulders. With each powerful stroke on the machine, you will feel yourself burning that fat in real-time. Practice by starting with 20 seconds of rowing and 10 seconds of rest 8 times in one sitting. Follow that with a 500-meter rowing session and time your progress. Slowly increase this number every day until you’re a pro at the rowing machine.

Owning the right wardrobe

A proper workout needs a proper combination of tops and bottoms. Whether it’s a sports bra, Fitmonkie has everything you will need to commit yourself to optimize your weight. 

Fitmonkie and Atome

Explore Fitmonkie products on their online store, but before you do that, wait just a minute, we have a bonus for all you readers. The brand is now a partnered brand with Atome, a shopping partner that will remove all the hurdles between you and that tank top and leggings you want. They make their products in a range of sizes, so you’ll never be disappointed.

More about Atome

Atome is a rapidly expanding shopping brand headquartered in Singapore. Currently, we have partner brands that are selling their merchandise across 8 markets in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and mainland China. Atome has over 15,000 stores, both offline and online, partnering with the brand. Our creative and original app lets you make an account without any hidden charges or interest fees!

Atome lets you split your bill into 3 affordable parts, and not just that, our app users will also be able to avail of an offer that will surely send them to the moon. For Atome SG first users: First order up to $10 off!

How to get the most at Fitmonkie with Atome

Atome’s distinguished services allow shoppers anywhere in the world to purchase their chosen item at an affordable price! To use our app for your purchases at Fitmonkie, all you need to do is follow these three simple steps:

  • Use Atome as your payment method at checkout when buying from Fitmonkie online store, or simply scan the in-store QR code.
  • Make your brand new Atome account or log in to your existing Atome account.
  • Choose to pay in three payments, with part of the bill due right away.

Final words

We’ve always heard that famous saying, ‘your body is your temple,’ but we rarely choose to treat it that way. Fitmonkieis here to change that. With its unparalleled services and collection, you’ll be motivated to start your workouts every day without fail! 

Join us on the journey of living a more healthy lifestyle today. With Atome as your shopping partner, you have nothing to worry about except which pair of workout clothes you will buy.

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