Get to Know The Brand Story of Fishtail Cyclery Singapore

by jiatongma

Aug 18 2022

Fishtail cyclery was incepted in 2015, and three months right after the launch of the company, Fishtail cyclery was reputed enough to send a team to the world’s premier fixed gear bicycle race – the Red Hook Criterium, Brooklyn, New York Leg in 2015.

Over the years, Fishtail cyclery expanded its line of products not just to manufacture Fixed Gear Bicycles but also to include Gravel Bikes, Road Bikes, and Mini Velos to be as diverse a company as there is in the field of cycling.

Fishtail Cyclery Singapore’s drive to move onwards and upwards and to continue to strive to be relentless in the pursuit of excellence is validated by the positive feedback from the valuable customers because, ultimately, Fishtail cyclery believes that they’re partners with the customers and share the mutual goal of building the best cycle there is to reach your next destination in life.

Different types of cycles at Fishtail cyclery

Fishtail cyclery offers multiple categories of cycles, offering you the complete liberty to choose the cycle of your choice according to the path you need to tread.

Fixed gear bicycles

Fishtail cyclery is the pioneer of Fixed gear bikes in Singapore. Fixed gear bikes have miscellaneous synonyms, being known as fixed-wheel bikes, fixies, or fixed gear bicycles. They are used for track racing on velodromes. What’s peculiar about them is that they don’t have a freewheel mechanism; thus, whatever you pedal is translated as torque that is used by the bicycle. Fixed gear bicycles are amazing for individuals seeking to lose weight through cycling.

Gravel Bikes

Specialized Gravel bikes have shot to popularity for their dual adaptive nature. Its drop-bar bike design and sporty geometry make it a multi-terrain beast. With its optimal aerodynamic design, it’s no wonder that it is well adapted for roads. But lowering gear ratios and using wider tires endows it greater stability and therefore works just as fine off-roads. Fishtail cyclery offers the best gravel bikes in Singapore.

Road Bikes

It’s a giveaway in its name and really no brainer that specialized road bikes are specially engineered to be best adapted to the good old asphalt roads and paved terrains at high speeds. Some cyclists like to call road bikes ‘Racing bikes’, and it is an irrefutable fact that road bikes are optimized for amazing performance, with up to 24-speed drivetrains and ultra-light carbon fiber frames, drop handlebars, and often very thin tires for sharper turns. 

Mini Velos

A Mini Velo is an adult cycle but with much smaller wheels, measuring less than 20 inches typically in diameter (or less). The rest of the parts of the Mini Velos are standard-sized. Mini Velos are unfoldable, owing to their rigid frames and without hinges and other movements. Mini Velos are a common sight in populous cities where larger bikes are an inconvenience and hard to carry around.

Mountain bikes

Mountain bikes are specially designed for rough terrains, off-roading, and climbing steep slopes. In many ways, it may be confused with a gravel bike, but there are differentiating factors between gravel bikes and mountain bikes that make them both discrete categories of bikes. While Mountain bikes are designed to tread steeper and rougher terrains, they aren’t quite fast. Gravel bikes are designed to cover ground easily and pedal well. Gravel bikes are capable of tackling smaller obstacles and miscellaneous trail features.

Foldable bikes

Foldable bikes are a revolutionary turn point in the history of bikes. They are usually much smaller, lighter, and much handier. They are specifically designed to be as compact as possible so that they can be easily carried on public transport and adapt to the busy city life.

Comparing bikes

Most people are divided on the type of bike to invest in. After all, if you’re spending a mighty amount on a bike, you’d want your bike to be versatile and adaptable. Customers are torn between price tags, features, and contrasting pros and cons of, say, for example, road bike vs. mountain bike or gravel bike vs. a road bike. 

Why do people prefer to assemble their bikes themselves?

There are multiple reasons why people prefer building their own bikes these days. When you assemble/ build your own bike, you have the complete leeway to customize it the way you want. You can choose the type of tires you want; the suspension, seat, frame type, etc., all are within your control. 

Building your own bike builds a bond between you and your bike. You pour in your effort to make it work, and then when it finally does, it is really a great experience. Then you take a great deal of care of your bike, like raising your own child, and this imparts a great deal of discipline in you.

And lastly, building your own bike allows you to really understand the mechanics of your bike. You can easily run a diagnosis of your bike as well, and you can fix it yourself too!

What is the most important part of bicycle assembly?

One of the most important part of the bike is its frame. A poor frame or a deformed frame doesn’t bear well with the rider at all. So, while you shouldn’t be compromising on any component of a bike because you risk a serious injury with a poor component, the frame is the pillar of your bike; you just won’t budge your budget on the frame.

You have different materials to choose from; Stainless steel, alloys, and carbon fiber – in the increasing order of expensiveness and the degree of durability and quality. After that, you have to make multiple measurements so that the height and other dimensions of the frame are to your liking. The material of your frame also dictates your adhesion process; you can’t weld carbon fiber (you use epoxies and other adhesives). As for the stainless steel and alloys, you have to select between conventional welding and acetylene gas welding carefully.

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