Hot Fashion Style | How to rock a colour-blocked outfit

by jiatongma

Nov 23 2022

Fashion style changes every season, and a new trend dominates the internet every few months, if not weeks. But colour-blocking is one style we’ve seen making a comeback over and over again. The last time it showed up on runways was back in the summer 2019 collections, and it’s all the rage again.

And there’s no secret why. Colour-blocking looks like it’s not for everyone, but it’s so popular because it gives people a chance to showcase their individuality, and the sky’s the limit. The entire colour spectrum is open, whether it’s bright neons, light pastels, or muted neutrals.

But it’s like a science. An outfit isn’t going to look good just because you shopped from the top fashion brands. You have to make sure there’s a sense of cohesiveness, even if it’s not clear from the get-go. Of course, you could visit a fashion shop and get a personal stylist to help you, but it’s actually easy if you keep some things in mind.

This article will reveal how to rock a colour-blocked outfit in your daily life.

Fashion Style: Mix and Match Contrasting Colours

The biggest defining component of colour-blocking is creating an outfit using wide blocks of colour using those on opposite ends of the colour wheel. If you’re unsure how to work with it, you could even use a colour picker on the internet.

Matching Bright Colours

Any colour wheel on the internet will let you explore some of the best colour combinations. There’s orange against blue or yellow against purple. They might seem like a weird colour match, but you’ll be surprised by how well they work together as long as you wear them right.

One rule is that you should use two or a maximum of three colours in your outfit while colour-blocking, or it’ll get messy. There need to be clear blocks that attract attention rather than a random mix of colours.

Mixing in Pastels

Colour-blocking started with bright and neon colours, but it’s come a long way. Now, people mix in pastels for a different look. One idea is to keep one piece of clothing, either the lower or upper garment, as a bright colour and make the other a pastel.

Mixing in Neutrals

Neutrals usually took a backseat in this fashion style and were used to define the lines between the colours. But now, people mix them with a bright colour for a more muted look. Mixing one bright colour, pastel shades, and neutral tones makes for a great outfit.

Playing with Textures and Fabrics

Colours aren’t the only way to elevate your look. If your skirt is tight, go with a feathery or silk blouse; if you have a patterned dress, go for a long leather coat. Mixing textures and patterns add personality to your outfit.

The same applies to fabrics: velvet, silk, chiffon, or faux fur. Each makes a statement, so all you need to do is find what works for you. If the rest of your outfit is bright, you could also soften the look with a pastel outer garment.

Accessorizing with a Pop of Colour

When in doubt, accessorize. Of course, there are classic gold and silver options, but that’s not what colour-blocking is about. If the rest of your outfit is relatively simple, you can apply the fashion style using your accessories.

Remember that it’s all about the colour scheme. You want around two bright colours, so you could go for a bright skirt but muted blouse, then play it up with a loud necklace or big earrings. Don’t overdo it, and one statement piece is enough.

Three nice colour combinations are purple with yellow, red with green, and orange with blue. But that’s just the start, you can change the shades, and there are endless possibilities once you get the hang of it. All you need is a bigger colour wheel. You can draw a triangle at three points to figure out the best matches.

Remember that there’s no end to what you can do. If you have a bright dress, make your accessories another colour. Mix up fabrics, and add texture. Colour-blocking is a great way to showcase your individuality in a classy manner, and it’s all in science.

As long as you pick and choose your colours right, you won’t go wrong with this. But remember to have fun with your clothes, because they’re a big part of you.

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