Everything You Need to Know about the Best Tote Bags in Singapore

by Starry

Sep 29 2021

Tote bags have become quite a helpful accessory in recent times, and this is because of their ease of use and versatility. People can easily personalize the tote bags to represent themselves or buy from the designers in order to make a fashionable statement while being mindful of things around them. Although it depends on the event, one can dress up or down with the tote bag. It is possible to quickly find a tote bag Singapore because there is a wide range of sizes in a wearable material, and the best thing about such a bag is that it can serve you on a number of occasions.

What is a Tote Bag?

A tote bag can be explained as a large bag that is able to carry a lot of stuff with a large opening on its top. This particular bag lacks any fasteners other than the parallel handles on each side to hold it. The main idea is serving as an effortless carry-all, especially during busy shopping times or running errands.

Singapore is also a big market for tote bags, and there is a good variety of tote bag Singapore out there. Mostly, the tote bags are made of canvas, which is a durable fabric material woven out of linen or cotton.

Tote bag categories

  • Casual

People use the casual tote bag or the drawstring bag when they are on casual events, as this bag can fit anywhere. The design of a casual tote bag Singapore varies with the colors and illustrations. A casual tote bag is convenient, and you never want to miss out on such a bag for sure.

  • Beach

Compared to the casual tote bag, a beach tote bag is more spacious and can withstand heat and sand, which is why it is suitable for a beach. Usually, a beach tote bag has a simple design, but various color options have bright-hued patterns. It is possible to bring sunglasses, toiletries, and towels when you go to the beach with a beach tote.

  • Luxury

Usually, the luxury tote bags are made of leather and are different from the usual tote bags because they are more luxurious with their buckles, tassels, embellishments, and various other compartments. These bags are suitable to be used in formal events, as these are not the standard canvas bags that can be taken anywhere or used for shopping.

The best tote bags that can be used on all occasions

In recent years, the tote bag has been able to rise in popularity, as it is known to be an environmental-friendly alternative to plastic shopping bags. The tote bag Singapore is quite famous among women and comes in a number of designs that everybody would like to sport, be it the office or a café.

  • Muji Tote Bag

Muji is famous for its simple tote bags that are precisely cut in order to reduce fabric waste. It is possible to fasten and fold up the Muji tote bag just with a button clasp for a portable and convenient carry. Besides being stylish, the tote bags by Muji are made of water-repellent fabric, and that is why these bags are valued among the customers.

  • Nike Tote Bag

A Nike tote bag can be a sleeker alternative for those women who don’t like lugging around huge and bulky bags. A Nike tote bag is made by durable polyester, which is the brand’s trademark, features a whimsical design but still remains functional as well as sporty. This bag also comes with a small matching pouch that is attached to its external compartment.

  • Herschel Tote Bag

The Herschel tote bag makes a great work and travel bag because of its oversized design and a zippered top. Having a zip-top means that you will not be worried about your stuff getting stolen or falling out, whereas its zippered-out pocket makes it possible for you to access any essentials like your phone or wallet. Typically, the Herschel tote bags feature a ballistic weave fabric that can withstand any scrapes and impact from drops.

  • Adidas Tote Bag

Adidas is undoubtedly one of the top sports brands, and it strives to help people perform at their best. The brand offers a wide range of accessories, and the Adidas tote bag is among these. This tote bag Singapore has a main compartment as well as an inner pocket, whereas it offers zip fastening at the top. It is considered excellent for training as well as casual use.

  • Fila Tote Bag

Fila offers spacious canvas tote bags that are a staple carry-all and have a stand-out style. There is a bold Fila logo lettering, whereas the size is also great to put any essentials in it. Those who work can use the fila tote bag for laptops and work papers when traveling, while others can use it for baby wipes and emergency snacks. This all-purpose tote bag by Fila is stylish and of the correct size.

Why are tote bags still the top choice for women?

Tote bag is a lot more than just a sturdy big bag. It is an eco-replacement of a plastic shopping bag and is big enough in size so that you are able to carry everything you may need. A tote bag is also fashionable, and it is possible to personalize it according to your tastes and requirements. That is why tote bag Singapore has become so much famous not only among Singaporean women, but women from all parts of the world have started to consider it a necessity. Tote bags can be seen everywhere, and they will not be out of fashion any time soon.

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