Everything You Need to Know about Lego Singapore Promotion

by Starry

Apr 09 2021

Lego is conveying the intention of its organization through its name itself. The guiding philosophy behind Lego is “Play well” and the toys made by Lego legitimize this philosophy quite well. The company was founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Kristiansen and the legacy of this organisation has been passed from one generation to the next since then. With every leadership transition, the organisation has grown even more. Every young mind should be nurtured so that healthy advancement of the brain can be ensured from an early age. All parents desire this for their child, and therefore to actualise the dream of every parent and child, Lego has introduced LEGO Singapore Promotion, presenting exciting offers.

It is an 85 years old brand that got its start as a small carpenter shop. In 2015, it replaced FERRARI as “World’s most powerful brand” and in 2021 the company was ranked at position 366 for its brilliant work. Lego Singapore’s prime product is LEGO brick. This particular product has won the “Toy of the Century” twice. The interlocking brick pattern was introduced in 1958 and since then LEGO Singapore has never looked back.

Lego Singapore Promotion offers

Details of some of the LEGO Singapore promotion deals and offers are provided below for your convenience:

  1. Lego Winnie the Pooh promotion- Winnie the Pooh has melted the hearts of many children with his cuteness and to make you nostalgic, the LEGO Singapore promotion has launched a new series of Winnie the Pooh promotion campaign. It is so popular that all the products are already sold out on many websites. This is why the brand is relaunching the series in April 2021 for Pooh lovers. As part of the promotion, there is a LEGO brick recreation of Pooh Bear’s house under the big oak tree in Hundred Acre Wood. You can enjoy rebuilding it with your family, friends or you can even complete it alone if you want. Some other characters are also present in the block such as Piglet, Tigger, and Rabbit mini-figures, plus an Eeyore LEGO figure. Its price is $159.90 only.
  • LEGO school holidays sale- Lego Singapore promotion has brought you another Gem and that is LEGO school holidays. You will get a 20% discount on your purchase till 4th April. You will also get a FREE Mystery Gift Bundle with just $100 at OG so if you are a LEGO fan then hurry as the offer is available only till the stocks last.
  • LEGO Exclusive early access promotion- Lego has launched its early access promotion from 15th March onwards. You can order via WhatsApp. You can order the Disney Winnie the Pooh rebuilding blocks under this offer for just $159. Now you can have fun with early access to your favourite Disney Character.
  • LEGO gift bundle promotion- Anyone who loves surprises must like this LEGO Singapore promotion offer as it has a $100 worth gift bundle with your LEGO school holidays spree. It is available from 12th to 31st March. If you haven’t bought it yet then you should hurry now.
  • LEGO Mickey and Miney Mouse bundle promotion- Everyone has a soft corner for Mickey and Minnie as these beloved characters have, at one point or another, made everyone smile. LEGO Singapore Promotion would be incomplete without these Disney characters and that is why the brand has launched a Mickey- Minnie series. So let’s bring the sweetest love story to your child’s playing space so that they can learn about the purest form of love by building blocks. The series is available from 4th March. It is priced at $279.
  • LEGO’s new star wars promotion- LEGO is managing to make everyone happy with its creation, as it has launched a new Star Wars set that is selling like hot cakes. The building block comprises scenes from Star Wars movies such as the famous Battle of Hoth from Star Wars. It is available from 2nd March and it is priced at $139.90.
  • LEGO Monkie kids set promotion- It is based on two of the most favourite movies of kids, The Monkey King and The journey to the west. It comprises the world of traditional heroes. This particular set will bring out the creativity of your child and will make him/her more focused. It is available from 1st to 31st March and it is priced at $269.90.
  • Lego Voucher Gifts with purchase promotion- LEGO Singapore promotion has launched a purchase promotion with voucher gifts. It is available from 1st to 31st March. It is one of the most exciting offers from LEGO. So hurry and buy some gifts for your child.


LEGO Singapore promotion has a wide variety of offers to choose from. Playing with these limited-edition sets helps bring out your child’s creativity, while also helping his/her mind to grow. The building blocks help to enhance the thinking ability of kids and that is why this toy from LEGO has managed to reach every household worldwide. Since 1958 LEGO Singapore has been changing children’s lives in a very intelligent way. LEGO launches new and exciting deals every month so that people can afford these building blocks at very reasonable prices. So what are you waiting for, go and get your set from LEGO offers today!

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