ErikG Offers the Best Rice Cooker in Singapore

by Starry

Sep 02 2021

ErikG specializes in products that range from bestselling and affordable kitchen wares to amazing toys. The team always looks forward to how they can let their customers enjoy creativity and fun, with the belief that finding a joyful gadget in the Singaporean market, from smartwatches to solar charges, will brighten up your lifestyle. One of their bestselling products is the small rice cooker in Singapore.  

Established in 2004; ErikG has been working steadily as a leading distributor company, providing high quality and well-designed products. It is in the form of an electronic kitchen helper for you that will help you to make food easily with the best rice cooker in Singapore.

Original classic rice cooker:

Their multi-functional steamer and rice cooker is perfect for making hot and fluffy rice, seafood, steamed vegetables, and other dishes. The heating technology used in this small rice cooker in Singapore provides steam to the entire pot. This makes the dishes tasty and helps you in making the perfect dish for dinner. Furthermore, the cooker has an option “keep warm off/on.” If you switch on this option, it will keep your dish warm even after cooking. In addition to this, other accessories included are a rice spatula, measuring cup, inner pot lid, and steam plate.

It also has a high-quality stainless-steel inner pot. This rice cooker consists of four modes. The braise mode is used when you want to lightly fry the food. The steam mode makes it possible to fill the outer pot with water when you want to cook rice. The fourth mode is the stew mode. It is perfect for preparing various stews and soups.

You can also prepare fish chowder, jambalaya, Moroccan lamb stew and more. Furthermore, it can also work as a crock pot and rice cooker at the same time, saving some space. Therefore, this best rice cooker in Singapore will help you in saving space and preserving the counter.

Stainless steel steaming trays:

Simplify the process of making your meal by using our stainless-steel steaming trays. It is a single set of two layers of stainless steel and one stainless steel lid. This has been designed a double tiers so that it could steam more than one food item at a single time, such as seafood, poultry, vegetables, etc., to save space; the food can also be stored on the same tray. It is made up of durable stainless steel, which is easy to clean, and it maintains its luster over time.

Citric acid outer pot cleaner:

This citric acid outer pot cleaner is used to clean the multi-functional cooker and make it shine. The correct way to use it is to place the citric acid solution on the cooker and provide steam. The duration can vary from 30 minutes to 1 hour. After some time, with the help of this steam, citric acid will wash away all the grease and dirt on the cooker.

Classic USB fan:

This classic USB fan is a mini-fan introduced on the 10th anniversary of the company to facilitate customers with their amazing innovation.

MobiScribe Origin E Ink:

 This product combines comfort and simplicity, which will provide ease in reading and writing digital notes and real paper.

  • E-reader:

Mobiscribe gives you access to complete the library in a single gadget. The document viewer can support pdf files also.

  • Notepad:

This product provides you with the same experience as that of real paper. It will help the community in saving trees and removing waste.

  • Folder Management:

Now you don’t have to worry about finding your lost notes. This product helps you save all the important notes and perfectly organize them with the help of a folder management system.

  • Calendar:

You cannot miss any event or meeting with our MobiScribe. You can get reminders to schedule meetings and view your schedule for the coming week with our product.

  • Handwriting to text:

It has a handwriting text app that will help you note down important points and search for some files.

  • Anti-glare product:

It is an anti-glare product. Therefore, it is not affected by sunlight. Now you can easily take notes by sitting under the sun.

  • Collaborative shared whiteboard:

This product is perfect for business meetings, classrooms, and any family or friends group discussion.

  • Multiple light modes:

According to the lights of the surroundings, you can now adjust the screen brightness from cool to warm so that you can easily view the text or file.

  • Sync in the cloud:

With the help of MobiScribe, you can now easily send emails without effort to anyone.

  • Maximum portability:

Our product is highly portable and allows you to carry your notes, creative thinking, and books with you anywhere you go.

Why buy with ATOME?

ErikG has partnered with ATOME to offer secure and safe payment methods to our customers. This digital payment method has attracted a wide variety of customers. Therefore, by combining innovative, digital, and strategic partnerships, it has managed to provide a flexible and easy payment method for customers. Now you can buy the best rice cooker in Singapore in an easy way from ErikG. ATOME provides a ‘buy now, pay later policy’ for you. It has divided the full payment into three installments. This payment facility will enable you to enjoy products without worrying about the payment.

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