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by Starry

Apr 16 2021

Are you living in Singapore and looking for some exotic home décor options to enchant your home interiors. No matter if you want to design your living space or bathroom, epitex has some classic and elegant options that will add the element of divinity within the space. Though Singapore has some prominent stores in the home décor section, epitex Singapore online store has a Danish inspiration that helps you make your home tranquil. Whether you want sheets or rugs or minimalistic centrepieces, they have some worthwhile options.  This article is going to help you get the best deals from epitex to design your space the way you always wanted. Let’s get started! 

What’s Special About epitex? 

Being an eclectic store for home décor, epitex online, Singapore is a stop you must include in your interior shopping journey. This concept indicates the comfort and cosiness among individuals while they share their space with their loved ones and family. People who have their hearts dwindled within their space can find some compassionate décor items that are cosy as well as welcoming.

Danish people always believed in the art of cosiness and here epitex is trying to spread the message within the Australian public. You can buy their products online or visit the stores that are equipped with an extensive range of home décor options. The team at this Scandinavian concept outlet believes that people can attain happiness by living the minimal aspects of life to the fullest. Their collection is certainly adequate to give your life meaning as they adorn those aspects of your life which were left untouched.

The essence of epitex, Singapore online store’s home décor concept allows you to bestow a cosy time spent at your home while either admiring the classic ambience of your living room or making dinner in your perfectly decorated kitchen or simply sitting on your floor cushion reading a book that is equally beautiful and eye-opening. The best thing to do is sit in front of your living room and admire the blowing candle spreading out the perfect essence. Life is short and you need to appreciate every moment no matter how hard it seems. Epitex helps you find reasons to treasure the beauty of your life.  

 What are The Home Decor Options at Epitex Store?

Now, as mentioned they have a wide range of home décor products. Moreover, the options are further classified into styles like Rio, Harriet, Carl, Hepburn and Reo. The products they have are though not extremely vibrant but truly contending to the heart. You can check out the home décor options considering their distinction based on bedroom décor, bathroom décor, living room and dining room décor with some of the most trending options. Further, they have classified their products into,

  1. Sleep: The Singapore online store has this section comprising some of the best bed sheets, furnishings including cushions, coverlet, blanket and throws along with pillows, bolsters, quilts and mattresses.
  2. Bath: The bathroom accessories are highlighted in this section with amazing options including towels, vanity mirrors, soap dispensers, tumbler, soap dish, cotton bud jar, ray, tabletop mirror, laundry basket, toilet brush and holder, bath mat and pedal bin. The style options are available within Carl, Harriet & Rio.
  3. Neat: The  online store, Singapore has brought you a range of stunning storage tools along with organizers to keep your space clean and perfect all the time. There are baskets, boxes, stoppers and much more emblazoned with beauty.
  4. Chill: That’s one of the most classic and sensational sections in the store. Along with candle diffusers, mats, accessories, plush toys, there is a grand range of home décor items like wall arts, sculptures, centre-pieces and a lot more.
  5. Eat: For your dining area, the exclusive collection of online Epitex Store, Singapore has elegant cutlery options along with accessories to enhance the appeal of your dining space.
  6. Glow: This section could be quite exciting as it’s filled with light art along with fairy lights and flameless candles, scented candles, lanterns and other centrepieces and holders.

Some Great Collections To Take A Look At? 

As mentioned in the beginning, this section would help you start your search for home décor items. Let’s begin with something as cosy as a hug.

  1. Bella Silk Quilt: What else you want when you have this peaceful and extremely cosy silk quilt from Epitex online, Singapore. It’s not just a luxurious room décor option but a necessity for those freezing nights.
  2. Harisson Tumbler: Do you want to add some aesthetic to your bathroom space? Here you go with a subtle yet bold tumbler for your floss and other washroom items.
  3. Quinzy Jewelry Box: This is a transparent jewellery box with adequate space to store all your precious stones and jewellery. It has two sections, the upper section has an organiser for your bangles and bracelets while the lower section is an open drawer for all your necklaces and other ornaments.
  4. Princeton Watch Box: This is a lavish watch box for your delicate pieces of accessories. With cushioning inside, you can ensure that your watches are going to stay safe all the time.
  5. Dew Family Plush Toy: The drop plush cushions are one of the best products you will find at the Epitex Singapore Online store. They are available in certain colours and size options.  

All in all, Epitex Singapore online store has some subtle yet incredible home décor products in a quite expansive range. You can even simplify payments using Atome that is a payment solutions provider with amazing features. Buy your home décor from Epitex Singapore online and pay later in 4 easy instalments without paying any additional interest. Not just Epitex, but Atome has various other home décor brands including IUIGA, Houze and among others. Give your home an inspirational transformation with classic home décor items at Epitex.

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