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by Starry

Dec 29 2021

Three layers of fabrics are quilted or sewn together to make a quilt blanket. The ornamental woven fabric top, the batting (or wadding), and the backing make up a standard quilt. The top layer is traditionally made up of several pieces of cloth sewn together in ornamental patterns.

Materials Used to Make Quilt Blanket

Polyester Batting:

Polyester batting holds its form and thickness well. It’s thicker than cotton batting and warms you up without being too heavy. It’s also mould-resistant, but it’s not breathable.

Cotton Batting:

The batting is light and thin. Keep in mind that cotton batting tends to bunch up, so search for cotton batting quilts with tight quilting lines.

Wool Batting:

Wool is the thickest and fluffiest batting available. It will provide a lot of warmth to your quilt. Some quilts with wool batting, on the other hand, are prone to bearding, which occurs when the batting fibres pass through the top layer of the quilt.

Bamboo Batting

Bamboo batting is gaining popularity, despite the fact that it is the most costly alternative. Quilts made with bamboo batting are extremely soft and drape beautifully. They’re also mould-resistant.

Mixture of Cotton and Polyester

 This batting is typically made up of 80% cotton and 20% polyester fibres. It is thicker than 100 per cent cotton and requires less upkeep.

Choosing the Best Summer Quilt Blanket and Coverings

The warmth provided by a blanket is the most crucial thing to consider while selecting one. Warmth insulation is provided by comforters, duvets, and wool blankets, most suited for cold temperatures. You may pick thicker duvet covers to offer extra warmth to your duvets. Lighter blankets and quilts may need to be layered in colder areas, although they are ideal for mild winters.

Loft and Layering

The weight of the covering and the degree of insulation it will give, i.e. how warm it will be, is determined by the loft or thickness of the batting filling. Quilts, fleece blankets, and dohars are great for newborns and babies because they keep them warm without being overly fluffy or bulky. You may choose from a variety of options depending on your aesthetic preferences and how you want your bed to seem.

A dohar, quilt, or comforter may be used as a beautiful bedspread since they come in a range of colours and designs. A bedsheet can be layered under the covering if desired, although it is not required. Without the use of a bedspread, duvets with covers can be utilised as a final top layer on the bed.

Matching pillowcases are included with duvet coverings and comforters. Blankets are rarely used as bedspreads, and most people prefer a layer of bedsheet between their skin and the blanket.

Size of your Summer Quilt Blanket Matters a Lot

It is advised that youngsters have their own twin-sized covers. Separate covers may be necessary if you or your partner move about a lot while sleeping.

If you’re planning to use it as a bedspread, choose a size that’s one size larger than your bed to allow you to sleep comfortably but not being so enormous that it falls over the edges and onto the floor.


The covering will drape differently depending on the batting material for quilts and the loft, notably for duvets and comforters. While this isn’t the most important factor to consider when selecting a covering, it does have an impact on the overall appearance of the bed.

Bamboo batting, for example, has a soft drape, but 100 percent cotton batting is rigid at first and requires a lot of use to relax out. A bulkier covering, such as a blanket with wool filling, will also lack a gentle drape.

Maintenance is Important Too

Bed linen for youngsters, families with pets, or bed linen for allergy sufferers would need to be washed on a regular basis. Hand or machine wash lightweight dohars and quilts, as well as cotton, polyester, or fleece blankets. Some colours may bleed, so read the maintenance directions carefully.

The harder the covering is to wash, the heavier and thicker it is. Heavier wool blankets and quilts with thicker batting may be more difficult to wash as a result. This is also why most people prefer duvets to comforters since just the duvet cover has to be washed. Vacuuming and a few hours of sunlight should suffice to keep the duvet clean. When washing a comforter in a machine, the stuffing may flatten or become lumpy. You may need to consider having it professionally cleaned in this situation.

Where to buy the best quilt blankets in Singapore?

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