What Problems Should We Pay Attention to During Postpartum Rehabilitation?

by jiatongma

Sep 23 2022

If you look at postpartum meaning, it defines the period starting immediately after giving birth and passing all the products of conception (including placenta and lochia). A woman is said to be postpartum up to six to eight weeks after the process of childbirth. The process can be agonizing, fortunately for you, Envy her Singapore is there to cater to all your related needs and more.

Impact of childbirth on women

Labour is excruciatingly painful

Though it is commonly known that Labour is a painful process, we often undermine the multifaceted ordeal that it is. We can’t truly fathom or assimilate the pain that women go through during child birth. And even though the statistics have significantly improved over the years, there are still instances of mothers dying on the table while giving birth. This goes on to show the insurmountable pain that women endure during the birth process. However, pain itself isn’t the only contributing factor for death; there are other causes, such as skyrocketing blood pressure resulting in rupture of blood vessels and excessive bleeding resulting in death due to exsanguination.

How to recover quickly from the postpartum state?

Some processes take their time to return to normal; some can be ameliorated faster than usual following some interventions, and some changes that are permanent and are there to stay. The most important thing to always remember is to have a proper and restful sleep. This may be particularly difficult with the baby, but don’t let your baby control your sleep pattern, timely change diapers and feed on time so that you need not wake up in the middle of the night. Slumber is the best healer of all, so do make sure you hit the hay for at least 8 hours.

The next best intervention is exercise! You must start a cardio exercise to help burn the excess fat that your body built up to support the nutrition during pregnancy. Cardio exercises are also extremely important because it helps eliminate the fluid overload state that develops during pregnancy. The other very important exercise that every pregnant woman should practice is Kegel. To restore the normal anatomy of your external genitalia as well as to increase the vigor of the vagina, Kegel is imperative.

Women should also take great care of their nutrition. Supporting an extra life really wrings the nutrients from the stores. Your bones are depleted of calcium, you can get severely anemic, and most other minerals are also lost during gestation. Therefore, it is quintessential to replenish these stores during the postpartum period.

What is Postpartum Belly & Hip Shaper Recovery Binder, and why do postpartum women need it?

Postpartum binders/ postpartum belly bands/ postpartum shapewear/ postpartum belly wraps are made up of flexible elastic materials that cover the torso from the ribs as far below as the hips. They’re meant to be worn around the waist to help mothers support their bodies after childbirth. There are innumerable reasons why every postpartum woman should be wearing postpartum binders:

For starters, the postpartum binders help soothe and relieve pain. They aid with movement and locomotion. Postpartum binders can also help in increasing blood flow. This is how postpartum binders help heal muscles and incision marks. Moreover, postpartum binders help with improving the posture that had deteriorated throughout the pregnancy while decreasing swelling from the surgery.

Envy Her Singapore – one of the few companies that understand mothers

Envy her Singapore is one of the pioneers in terms of bringing the spotlight to postpartum issues so that the knowledge, assessment, and practices of the general population improve in this regard. The brand was launched by mothers who knew about the struggles and challenges that new mothers face. While they couldn’t individually help each and every one of those issues, they tried to cross aesthetic issues off that list. Envy her Singapore specializes in postpartum clothes and takes great pride in housing the best postpartum binders and postpartum underwear. Envy her Singapore has categories for simple bralettes, pregnancy bralettes, nursing bralettes, and of course, postpartum binders.

What’s best about Envy her Singapore is that it goes an extra mile in helping you find your perfect size in postpartum lingerie through their “Find My Size” option, where you can even find a virtual fitting room. The Wink Shapewear has categories of clothes for women who have undergone miscellaneous surgical procedures such as liposuction, abdominal surgery, cesarean section, etc.

Envy Her and Atome

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How to pay for Envy her Singapore using Atome?

It’s no big deal:

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Envy Her Singapore is a revolutionary thought that houses all the lingerie, underwear, and postpartum binders for postpartum women and those who have undergone miscellaneous surgeries, catering to all the special needs of these women.

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