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by jiatongma

Apr 13 2023

Vacations are a lot of fun, but they can get frustrating quickly if you don’t plan ahead. Easybook is the largest online ticket booking platform in Southeast Asia that lets you pre-book your tickets so you can enjoy a hassle-free trip.

You can book your tickets with Easybook using Atome’s flexible payment service. It means you can benefit from a super convenient booking experience while paying for your tickets in three parts. We will discuss more about Atome and how it works later in the article. For now, let’s find out ways you can plan for your trip and have a relaxing time.

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How to plan a trip

Some people love adventures and spontaneity on vacations, while others prefer to have everything planned before leaving the house. That being said, it’s always safer to plan ahead so you can worry less and enjoy more on your trip, especially when you’re travelling with family.

Here are some handy tips to help you plan a trip worth the wait.

  1. Select your destination

Usually, tourists pick a travel destination on the recommendation of their friends or family. Or they may have seen beautiful pictures of the place’s attractions on the TV. Regardless of the motivation behind your selection, there are a few things you should always keep in mind before finalizing your tickets.

  • Visiting sandy beaches or adventurous mountain treks is undoubtedly exciting, but if you pick the wrong time of the year, you might not be able to enjoy it fully.
  • Check out the best time to visit your destination and then plan accordingly. If it’s the beaches you want to enjoy, visit when the weather is sunny and warm.
  • Some places are more expensive to visit during peak holiday seasons, and you should consider your budget before deciding what time is ideal for travel. For example, you can get luxury accommodation at discounted rates if you visit the place before or after the official ‘busy season.’
  • You should check how accessible the destination is. Popular spots usually have the infrastructure to support tourist influx, whereas remote locations will have limited facilities, including daily flights, trains, hotels, etc.
  1. Finalize the duration of your trip

Some people like to visit different places in a single trip, while others choose to stay in one location and appreciate the subtle nuances of the places they visit. Deciding the duration of your journey helps you manage your itinerary and budget smartly. Here are a few things you should think about when finalizing the trip’s duration.

  • You should know how many days you can afford to spend on the trip. This is especially important if you have to return to work responsibilities immediately.
  • A road trip requires more time compared to one planned with flight tickets.
  • Urban destinations usually have more places for sightseeing, so you will need more days to explore them fully. On the other hand, tropical beach towns have less to offer in terms of tourist spots so you can plan a shorter trip.
  • It’s always wise to give yourself a one-day buffer in case of flight/ train delays, weather trouble, etc.
  1. Book flights or bus tickets and accommodation

Once you’ve decided on your destination and duration, you can buy flight, train, or bus tickets. Since tickets depend on availability, pre-booking helps you enjoy a hassle-free trip. Another factor to consider is the price of tickets which can rise over time. So, getting the tickets in advance enables you to avoid additional travel costs.

  • Cheaper tickets are mostly non-refundable; therefore, you should only book such tickets if your plan is confirmed.
  • Booking tickets during the peak holiday season will cost you more compared to off-season tickets. It would be best if you kept a close watch on prices as they fluctuate a lot.
  • You can even benefit from rewards and cash-backs if you use a credit card to pay for your bookings.
  1. Plan your activities

Spontaneous adventures are fun but can quickly go south if you have nothing planned out. So, before embarking on your trip, plan your activities to make the most of your time and money. Find out which places are worth visiting, and the things tourists enjoy the most.

  • Decide how many activities fit your budget and plan your trip accordingly.
  • If you want to visit a few places during your trip, travel between destinations so you have plenty of time for sightseeing in the morning.
  • Some sports, like safari and boat rides, can cost more during a particular season. So, if all the activities don’t fit your budget, you can maybe visit the same place at another time to get a better price.
  1. Pack diligently

The packing is often overlooked due to excitement for the trip, but in truth, this mistake can cost you much more than you initially anticipated. Always pack diligently and make sure you have all the necessary items for your vacation. You should take the right clothes and shoes for the season and also pack according to the activities you have planned for the trip.

  • Essentials like sunscreen, mosquito repellant, etc. prove handy during trips.
  • An extra shirt, sweater, and pair of jeans don’t sound necessary, but they can save you in case of emergencies.

Easybook – An all-inclusive booking platform

Easybook.com was founded in 2006 as a one-stop platform for bus ticket bookings in Malaysia and Singapore. The company has expanded by leaps and bounds, becoming Southeast Asia’s largest online booking platform.

The company is focused on providing top-class service so its customers can enjoy hassle-free trips. Easybook has over 700 bus operators that drive on more than 20,000 routes across Southeast Asia. Therefore, if you’re planning a trip within the area, Easybook is your best bet for safe and convenient travel.

Easybook has 13 years of experience in the transportation industry, enabling it to deliver quality services that you can trust. The company strongly believes in fair pricing; therefore, you will not find any hidden fees or price inflation when it comes to booking your tickets online. In addition, Easybook offers promotions and discounts frequently so you can enjoy lower prices without compromising quality.

To reward its users, Easybook also offers EasiPoints, a customer loyalty program where you earn points every time you purchase a ticket. You can later redeem these points to earn a price cut on your next purchase.

Easybook allows you to book tickets online for bus, ferry, train, charter, and cruises within Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos. You can also make bookings for hotel accommodation as well as car rentals for a seamless trip. If you’re unsure about tourist attractions within the city, there is no need to worry, as Easybook helps you find the best tourist activities.

How to book your ticket with Easybook.com

Booking your trips with Easybook is relatively simple, and here’s how you can reserve a seat for yourself.

  1. Choose your origin, destination, date, time, operator and seat.
  2. Insert your personal details and pay the price of your ticket.
  3. You will receive an Order Summary via email containing your tickets’ details. You can also check the Summary on the Payment Page or Booking History.
  4. It’s recommended to check the status of your previous booking before purchasing another one.
  5. For a bus ticket, you must check in 30 minutes before departure with a copy of the Order Summary.
  6. The check-in time for ferry tickets is 90 minutes before departure.

Easybook is Atome’s partner merchant

The ability to pre-book your bus and train tickets is a sure way to enjoy your trip. Luckily, Easybook has partnered with the BNPL, Atome, to offer its users flexible payment options. So, if you are stressed about the total cost of bookings for your trip, you can count on Atome to lessen your worries.

Let’s find out how Atome can help you plan your trip within a budget.

How does Atome work?

Headquartered in Singapore with over 15,000 partnered brands, Atome offers its users the choice and convenience of flexible payment options for a variety of products and services. The app allows shoppers to split their purchases across flexible interest-free monthly payments by scanning a partner brand’s in-store QR code or upon website checkout. By splitting their payments, Atome users will be able to better manage their budgets while making quality products and services more reachable.

You can use Atome’s flexible payment plans, too, if you download the app (Get the app) and register an account. Once your account is verified, you can start shopping instantly.

If you download the app now, you get a welcome voucher of $10 that can be used on your first purchase.

How to pay at Easybook with Atome

  1. Choose Atome as your preferred payment method at the time of checkout.
  2. You will be asked to enter your account details to proceed with the payment.
  3. You must create an account to complete the transaction if you’re new.
  4. Pay the first part of your bill and pay the other two payments later with zero interest, 30 days apart.

Plan your trip smartly with Atome

Atome allows you to plan your trip effortlessly with Easybook. Get the best rates and reliable services all under a single roof. Choose Easybook for your next trip, pay with Atome and enjoy monthly payments.

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