Dyson Digital Slim: The Best Vacuum Cleaner for any Space and Mess

by Starry

Nov 22 2021

It can be quite confusing to buy a new vacuum cleaner because of so many brands, models, and styles out there, and all of these claims to be the best. These vacuum cleaners come in different price ranges, and when you choose the best one for your home, you will think about how easy it is to maneuver, the number of tools coming with it, and how much suction it has. Dyson is a British technology company that is famous for designing and manufacturing different household appliances like vacuum cleaners, heaters, hairdryers, lights, and air purifiers. Out of all its products, its vacuum cleaners are considered to be the best innovation because of the power, lightweight, and engineering.

Dyson Digital Slim Review

Vacuuming is one of the biggest household chores, and many people think of the long hours required to drag around a large vacuum cleaner, but there is also the cord that has to be long enough to do the job right. With Dyson Digital slim vacuum cleaner, you can get rid of all these issues and will make the household chores to be less of a burden for you.

  • Very light and compact

Weight and size are among the biggest takeaways of the Dyson Digital Slim. Its only 1.9 kg in weight as compared to its predecessors that weighed 2.7 kg. Therefore, if you have any plans to upgrade from the older models, you will undoubtedly feel the difference when carrying the Dyson Digital Slim.

  • Great design

Usually, the vacuum cleaners don’t look that appealing to the eyes, but when you look at the Dyson Digital Slim, you will consider it a prop from a sci-fi movie. It indeed comes with a futuristic design, while the gun-like grip comes with extra grooves so that it can quickly be wrapped around your fingers. Even the Dyson digital slim fluffy extra comes with a superb design, and the only difference between the two is the presence of the direct-drive motorhead.

  • Suitable for homes of any size

When you look at the weight and size during the Dyson Digital Slim review, you can easily say that it is a superb addition to any household, no matter big or small. It can do everything in a rapid time and is capable of doing three different jobs at a time because of its tool heads and extensions that come with it.

  • High RPM suction power

The introduction of power into handheld devices is something that Dyson is very good at. Even the Dyson Digital Slim fluffy extra is a powerful vacuum cleaner with a Hyperdymium motor spinning at 120,000 rpm and generates 100W suction when turned on. Therefore, you can be sure of doing more in less time, and you are capable of cleaning the entire house with time to spare.

Dyson Digital Slim vs V11

  • Dyson Digital Slim uses a high-performing technology that has also been used by its predecessor, V11, but Digital Slim is around 30% lighter and 20% smaller in weight.
  • As compared to the Dyson V11 series, the Digital Slim wand is around 15% much shorter and thinner, and it is a cord-free vacuum cleaner in one piece. This vacuum cleaner also has a better grip because of the small handle, which provides comfort and ease when you use it.
  • When we talk about Dyson Digital Slim vs V11, Digital Slim has a cleaner head, and its airflow path is re-engineered. Its sharp corners have been smoothed out a direct and an exact route for the flow of the air from the floor to the neck of the cleaner.
  • The maintenance of Dyson Digital Slim is a lot easier as compared to the V11, as it has been engineered for a smoother and easier dirt ejection. All of its tools like the brush bar, motor filter, and clear bin are washable, and this new product can easily enhance the dirt ejection process. You will just be required to pull the lever up, and the lid will be opened for the ejection of dirt and dust.

Buy the best Vacuum cleaners from Dyson with Atome

Dyson is famous for its top-quality home appliances and is among the most well-known brands in Singapore. Their vacuums come in a number of shapes and sizes, which include the uprights, canister, cordless and handheld models. The Dyson Digital Slim is their best vacuum cleaner that represents cutting-edge technology, powerful to pick up dust and allergens, and is the perfect balance of weight and power. Atome has partnered with Dyson to offer its customers seamless and flexible installment payment options.

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