DUO Collection by Elemis- The Beauty Revival Brand

by Starry

Sep 09 2021

Elemis was founded in 1998 by Sean C. Harrington, Oriel Frank, and Noella Gabriel. The skincare brand was established initially for UK, and today its body and skincare products are available worldwide.

Each product by Elemis is manufactured with rare and high-quality ingredients that nourish the skin. It guarantees effective and best skincare products within a reasonable prices range.  

It is best known for its duo collection and spa products. In addition, it has won over 200 awards for best quality beauty and spa products.

What is unique about Elemis?

Elemis manufactures the most outstanding products for skin health care to hit the market. The beauty-conscious and fan-favourite brand was established decades ago. The reality of the luxurious products by Elemis is that it uses natural ingredients to provide the best solutions for damaged skin. Unlike other brands, it does not include chemicals that react to the skin for prompt results of glow and skin whitening.

With natural ingredients, Elemis guarantees genuine and swoon-worthy products such as the best body moisturizer, body lotion, and shampoo worldwide, including in Singapore. Elemis is devoted to offering skin care and body nourishing products that help the dead skin regain nutrients and enhance beauty.

Elemis also provides derma planning in Singapore too.

Why choose Elemis?

As beauty lovers, how do we know if a product is the best pick for our skin? For that purpose, we always choose products that contain natural ingredients. Elemis is a trusted brand that uses natural ingredients for skin repair and beauty enhancement. The brand is always devoted to the wellness of skin and launches new products to provide the best duo products.

In essence, the real thing about Elemis is its holistic approach to skincare. The devotion to skin wellness makes products by elemis admirable. Elemis chooses the ingredients that are wholly beneficial for the maintenance of healthy skin. Not only do the formulas enhance skin, but they also provide remedies to damaged skin.

All the formulas are tested clinically to offer the best results to the customers. The quality can be trusted as the skincare items are manufactured in London based hub of Elemis. Moreover, compared to other brands that only focus on vanity, Elemis provides a whole beauty outlook with natural ingredients. These products include the best body moisturizer, body lotion, face wash, face oil, and shampoo.

Delivering authentic results

With a firm belief in delivering practical results, Elemis plays its role in creating the most effective solutions for skin repair and treatments. Elemis is committed to producing quality skincare products that enhance skin nourishment.

Skin health

The foremost thing is healthy skin. Elemis manufactures products that fight the aggressors of skin and maintains unique microflora. The unique products by elemis used in routine help to maximize skin health.

Skin wellness

Elemis has its top priority for skin wellness. The first mission of the brand is to deliver excellence and truth hidden in beauty. With the help of proven results and active naturals combined in sublime textures, Elemis has set out to offer pro skincare goals. With genuinely solid and practical materials, the brand introduces a unique concept of skincare.

A newfound awareness has helped consumers to understand the uniqueness of natural ingredients. This concept is one of the fundamentals for the progress of Elemis in the beauty field.

Proven Results

To provide guaranteed products, one of the aims of Elemis is to test the items first and show the proofs of genuineness and uniqueness of materials used. To ensure efficiency and build trust, all-new formulas are tested to provide clinical approval. Elemis is committed to delivering results that customers can see and feel.


The brand focuses on manufacturing products that feel physically healthy. All the products are created with sublime textures and natural fragrances, as Elemis has its foundation in aromatherapy. The concept of aroma is to engage the smelling sensors in skin health treatment. Moreover, all the products for quality assurance are produced in the London hub of Elemis.

Besides these, Elemis also provides its services for derma planning to offer its customers the best skin health.

Best skincare products by Elemis

All of these best products by Elemis are clinically proven and are guaranteed to give practical results.

  • Facial oil: Created with nine food oils, including rosehip, Broccoli, and, Flaxseed nourishes the skin from inside. Highly concentrated elemis facial oil is easily absorbable and non-greasy. For glowing skin, oils are necessary.
  • Skin Nourishing body cream: It replenishes the dead skin with its softening ingredients. The milk protein formula nourishes and softens dry skin. Moreover, starflower and camellia tea seed oil are the main ingredients of elemis body cream. They rehydrate the skin to provide softness and prevents itching. Oat extracts in it make the skin extremely supple.
  • Skin nourishing milk bath: As the name shows, the main ingredient is milk in this product. The milk enriches moisturizer leaves the skin satin soft and reconditions dead and dry skin. Moreover, the starflower and Japanese camellia oil give an attractive aroma as well as a creamy texture. Amino acid is one of the main ingredients that help in skin cell development.
  • Targeted Toning moisturizer: With the power of Jania Rubens and nigari salt, this body moisturizer promotes even and smooth skin. This best body moisturizer is clinically proven and reduces 64% of cellulite appearance on the skin. Furthermore, plankton extract enhances the sensitive areas.
  • Dynamic resurfacing face wash: It helps to renew skin and clear away dirt and pollutants with the help of enzyme gel. The tri enzyme formula reveals a brighter look. In addition, antioxidant effectively helps to keep natural microflora.

Atome and Elemis

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