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by Starry

Jun 02 2021

At Dr Lash Review, you are getting yourself a five star insight of lash and temple craftsmanship, security, a nervousness free space and a definitive extravagance of heavenly client care.

The leading eyelash salon in Singapore

It’s intriguing to feel that the minuscule hairs that end up outgrowing our eyelids have such an effect in our appearance, certainty and therefore, our day by day life. We love the possibility of ‘I Woke Up Like This’, where you awaken feeling excellent! This made us start Dr Lash Review – The best eyelash salon in Singapore where we center around semi-lasting make-up, like eyelash expansions and eyebrow weaving.

The one-stop brow and lash service

Our administrations are planned in view of our clients as we generally endeavor to give you the best, dependable and lightest lash augmentations. Every one of our administrations are modified to your inclination and you’ll see the distinction regarding looks and life span of our lashes.

Elevated requirement service

Our elevated requirements and consumer loyalty will change your insight about improving characteristic excellence. We have heard numerous shocking tales about eyelash augmentations, which is the reason we endeavor to accomplish clinical norms with regards to cleanliness at Dr Lash Review.

Dr Lash Review- Lash Process


Our advisors would begin with a 3-venture purifying spa to eliminate every single soil, bacterium and cosmetics.


An eye cover will be utilized while we tap down your lower lashes perfectly. Groundwork would be utilized to twofold purge your lashes and eliminate any overabundance oil.


Each lash is confined and independently fanned with exactness and exertion.


Our lash expansions won’t be stuck straightforwardly to our eyelids. All things considered, it is painstakingly expanded 0.1mm away from the base of each lash. Adhering excessively close to our tops may cause uneasiness and could hurt our common lashes.


Appropriate lash planning will be led once lash measurements and styles have been picked during discussion.

What They Love About Dr Lash Review?

My #1 lash style as of now is the KOURTNEY K in the AVANT GARDE variety! I’ve done it twice since the KarLASHians’ dispatch and am snared in light of the fact that it is so extra yet so wispy!

My most loved lashstyle is SCARLETT, I love the manner in which it makes my eyes look. The eyeliner impact is the best coz when I do my cosmetics it’s such a ton quicker. I don’t need to draw eyeliner!

I could abandon lipstick however not my lashes. Dr Lash Review is really the best lash place I’ve at any point visited administration is phenomenal and my lashes are longer and more grounded than at any other time despite the fact that I haven’t taken a break in longer than a year. Sincerely have no clue about how my lashes are figuring out how to become so well even with lashes on each and every month!

I’ve done my own lash expansions for quite a long time and attempted different salons. However, Dr Lash Review work is past me. Most salons prompt not to wet my augmentations but rather Dr Lash Review sets last such a great deal longer regardless of whether I use cleanser. Strands are likewise gentler and stuck conveniently without a lot paste, and they don’t pull on normal lashes.

My unsurpassed most loved will be KIM K!! It lights up my eyes in a flash. It’s not “over the top” on the eye yet in addition enough to have the option to see the strand of lashes from a far distance for the mascara impact!

Every Now And Again Asked Questions?

Would I be able to put mascara on my lashes?

We ordinarily don’t suggest it, yet in the event that you do, if it’s not too much trouble, be careful when you’re eliminating your make up. Do decide on sans oil removers rather as oil separates the paste joined to your eyelash augmentations, which might be hurtful to your lashes!

What amount of time will every meeting require?

Our specialists work deftly and quickly. Every meeting doesn’t extend past 2 hours – a speedy force rest before you awaken changed.

How long can lash expansions last?

Our normal lashes have a day to day existence pattern of 25 to 29 days, and our responsibility is to drag out the lifetime of your eyelash expansions guaranteeing that they are sound and solid. Our devoted specialists will likewise teach you on the best post-treatment tips to really focus on your lashes for the most extreme takeaways. On the off chance that your lashes are all around cared for, each set can last up to 1.5 months, however the outcomes can differ from every person.

Step By Step Instructions To Shop On Dr Lash Review With Atome (Buy Now, Pay Later)

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Select Atome as your installment strategy during the web checkout

If you have an Atome account, kindly enter your login data and continue with installment. If you are new to Atome, you will be approached to apply for an Atome account before checkout with Dr Lash Review. The interaction is quick and straightforward, and you will get an endorsement in practically no time.

Pay 1/3 of the complete bill first. After your online checkout, orders boat and you will get the things and pay the other two installments later with zero interest, 30 days separated.

Zero interest or covered up expenses by Dr Lash Review

Atome doesn’t charge any interest or any secret assistance expenses. In the event that you miss a booked installment, your record will be suspended until the extraordinary sum is paid. An organization cost of $20 is charged to re-enact your record. Effectively track your month to month shopping costs and installment notices through Atome’s portable application. For more data, if it’s not too much trouble, allude to the Terms of Service.


With a five-venture lash measure, Dr Lash Review is the main eyelash salon in Singapore. The salon centers around semi-perpetual make-up like eyelash expansions and eyebrow weaving. Dr Lash Review sercies are planned considering their customrs, meaning to give them the best, longest-enduring and lightest lash augmentations. Their exclusive expectations lead to flawless client satisfication, with their administrations being modified to the inclinations of their clients.

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