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by jiatongma

Sep 19 2022

A door is a gateway to the premises of the property; therefore, doors make the first impression on everyone who reaches the premises. It can be a bedroom door, a door to your house, workplace, institution, or even to your heart! This makes Doors one of the most fundamentally important parts of a property.

Owing to this, the Door Lab believes that a good door should protect and make you feel safe while also being aesthetically pleasing for the ones who show up to it. Door Lab believes in making the perfect blend of artisanship and commitment to delivering doors with prime protection, and excellent finishing, along with a very affordable price tag for the customers.

Door Lab employs the most gifted artisans so that they craft the most precisely built doors, with the epitome of perfection and stringent quality control. The team of craftsmen at the Door Lab is a combination of expertise, dedication, and a whole lot of experience.

Door Lab Laminate Bedroom doors:

Bedroom doors make the most prominent aspect of interior design. They can be subtle and yet be a very elegant part of your room. For most people, the bedroom is where they spend a considerable amount of time at home. When you have to hit the hay in your bedroom, it is intuitive that your bedroom should be designed to bring you gratification and tranquility. Thus, you shouldn’t compromise on spending on premium quality products for your bedroom since it is a one-time investment. Despite being one of the opulent and premium end doors of the Door Lab, it’s still infinitesimal compared to the prevalent bedroom prices in Singapore.

Doors are the gateway to any room, building, apartment, or other premises. Your bedroom doors are no different. Laminate offers one of the most elegant and exquisite bedroom door designs in Singapore.

The plastic lamination of these doors endows them with immense durability since it shields the door from the corrosive environment and prevents the decay of paint. These doors are virtually invincible to water and scratches, so you can rest easy with your kids playing in your room.

Sliding bedroom doors:

You can install Slide and Swing doors for your bathrooms within your bedrooms. Not only do they give a modern appearance to your bathrooms, they are very compact and occupy minimal space.

These doors deploy a magnetic lock-unlock system, and they are engineered to be easily cleaned and maintained while also being water resistant. It means that you can say goodbye to your concerns of rust and gunk eating away your bathroom doors.

Moreover, there is a very versatile range offered of Slide and Swing doors by the Door Lab. Based on the interior of your bathroom, you can choose from a range of colors that goes best with your washroom.

HDB main doors:

HDB main doors have the tremendous task of being the representative of the house in terms of beauty and attractiveness while simultaneously maintaining a rock-hard defense from break-ins and burglary.

Door Lab’s HDB main doors are specially designed to be scratch-proof and water-resistant, making them very durable and reliable. They’re available in many various colors and designs to go with the design of your house. Door Lab’s bond goes a long way from selling doors; Not only will the team will assist you in choosing the right HBD laminated main door for your house but will be with you all the way till installation. The HBD bedroom door prices in Singapore vary according to the size of the door you need.

There’s also a line of HBD fire-rated doors that help prevent fires from spreading from one room to the other, helping to douse the flames easily in case of a fire, minimizing loss to your property. Your safety is our priority; it should be your priority too. If you don’t have a fire-rated HBD door, it’s never too late to get one today.

Mild Steel gates:

There are days when you’d wish you could keep all your doors open because it’s simply too hot and humid, and you want your house to be as airy and well ventilated as possible, but the security concerns of leaving the door open refrain you from doing so. But guess what, it’s possible to have all your windows and doors open without the slightest bit of worry about your security with Door Lab’s Mild Steel gate.

If you have pets or very young children, having mild steel gates is imperative for all the reasons in the world. Not only do these gates deter your children and pets from potential danger, you may now do your chores worry-free.

With Door Lab, you have a sea of options; you can choose along the lines of curves and waves or even lines for the pattern of your mild steel gates.

Other products at the Door Lab:

The Door Lab is a complete specialist for doors and their related accessories. Along with doors, you get other accessories as well;

Digital Door Lock

The Yale Digital Door Lock makes your life easy and hassle-free. You don’t need to carry your keys everywhere and then rummage through the entire plethora of them while holding your heavy groceries. You can unlock it by using a passcode on the lock or by using the Nest app. Every person given access to your entire premises is given a special passcode so that you get to keep a record of everyone entering and leaving your house. You can also create a fake pin to safeguard the actual pin. The Yale Door Lock automatically gets locked when the doors are closed.

The only flipside of using digital locks is that they are hackable. But then again, even the conventional locks can be unlocked by expert locksmiths and burglars; at least the digital ones can help trace the time of the break-in and help find culprits easily.

Digital Door viewer

If you’re wary of your safety and are wise enough, you’d have realized that peepholes are completely futile and defy the whole purpose of vigilance in checking who’s at the door. In a hypothetical scenario where your life is at risk, and you want to make sure that you don’t open the door for a criminal, especially at suspicious hours, peepholes are the perfect place to get shot through. This is why it is recommended that you should have a digital door viewer that can help you check who is at the door and how safe it is to open the door for them.

The Digital Door viewer has an HD lens, covering wide angles and giving you a crisp viewing experience. The Door viewer itself is virtually indestructible, so rest easy that no one can damage or vandalize it.

Services provided by the Door Lab:

The Door Lab offers you free delivery and free service for dismantling and disposing of the previous door; you get free installation service, grip handle press lock, stainless steel hinges, and door closers for fire-rated doors.

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