Does B-Cure Laser Work? What Is A B-Cure Laser?

by Starry

Jul 20 2021

Do you have muscle pains and aches? Have you been a victim of painkillers and physiotherapy? Apart from that, do you know that the b cure laser by B-Cure Asia is the best solution for stress, fatigue, and better health? Though it has been designed to alleviate pain and inflammation, it has also been found that this b cure laser by B-Cure Asia is good for overall general health.

The wonder of B-Cure

The b cure laser by B-Cure Asia is equipment that helps you take control of your pain. Surprised? It is because the b cure laser by B-Cure Asia is Low-level laser therapy. It does not damage the skin, which most lasers do. This amazing laser is a blessing in disguise.

The b cure laser by B-Cure Asia is a small handy design that lets you operate it on yourself. This laser is a low-level laser therapy, which means that this is a laser ray that emits in a focused direction that focuses on the area of the pain. The B cure laser by B-Cure Asia has a beam wavelength of 1-1000mW, which is a coherent monochromatic beam but has an amazing feature of a single direction beam length.

The B cure laser by B-Cure Asia is a ray of wonder as this beam enters your skin but does not disrupt the skin or any skin cells. It enters the skin and reaches the muscles that ache or are sore. The muscle spindles absorb these rays and lower the pain in that specific area.

Now with the B cure laser by B-Cure Asia, you can take control of your pain and not let it cripple you. This amazing product has changed the lives of many. You can use it at home or take it to medical personnel because the B cure laser by B-Cure Asia is user-friendly.

Directions to use B-Cure

The B cure laser by B-Cure Asia is a magnificent device specially made for encountering pain and aches. There is a very easy way to use it. When you buy the B cure laser by B-Cure Asia, there is no rocket science behind it.

The idea behind this B-cure laser by B-Cure Asia is that most people suffer from back pain and even sciatica. The B cure laser by B-Cure Asia is a sleek design; it has a round button in the center and has a screen that shows the total time that is set. Mainly in the L4 and L5 regions. The device is wireless and has different modes for specific regions. You can see that the device has an apex and a laser emitting broad surface.

When you power on the B cure laser by B-Cure Asia, it emits yellow-greenish lights that you can target on the area that is aching or is painful to touch. When you are ready to use it, you can press the broad base on the area gently and keep it there for almost 8 minutes. In almost 24hours, you need an eight-minute therapy that will make you feel new and alive.

Working principle of B cure laser

Since B cure is an LLLT device, it works by exerting photochemical effects rather than thermal effects on living tissues. Though B cure is apposed to the skin surface, it penetrates deep through the skin tissue without heating or damaging the skin. When absorbed by the skin tissue, the laser light triggers a series of biochemical reactions in the cells. This leads to the synthesis of multiple anti-inflammatory cytokines and cell signaling molecules, which don’t just produce local pain relief but can be disseminated throughout the body through blood and lymphatics to provide a wide systemic relief

Benefits of B-cure

The B cure laser by B-Cure Asia is a very handy device that is just used to release a specific beam. This beam is set to be unidirectional and highly focused. Thus, the benefits of this ray increased as compared to other laser-operated devices. Most of the benefits of B cure laser by B-Cure Asia provided by the researchers and labs;

1. When you place the name on the painful and tender area, this B cure laser by B-Cure Asia releases monochromatic beams that aids in increased production of ATP. This enhanced release of ATP from cells aids in overall better cellular activity that promotes cellular healing and production of essential proteins.

2. When the beam pierces through the skin and enters each focused cell, it increases cellular metabolism. This helps increase the removal of cellular toxins and the production of radicals that help remove harmful hormones and other toxins.

3. While the B cure laser by B-Cure Asia is on the focused area for removal of pain and tenderness, it also promotes the cells to release collagen, which helps in repairing muscular and cellular integrity and formation of essentials used for different cells and are used in cellular cloning, (mitosis).  

4. This monochromatic laser beam helps inducing enzyme production and release. While the cells increase ATP that aids in increasing metabolism at the cellular level, which helps increase collagen levels. B cure laser by B-Cure Asia helps in the removal of prostaglandins and other pain hormones as these effective enzymes are actively produced.

5. When the B cure laser by B-Cure Asia is helping the cells repair and help in the production of enzymes. This also helps in repairing muscles and other cells, which helps repair the inflamed muscles and their spindles, which helps reduce the pain and inflammation.

6. When the muscle is healed up, the enzymes are thriving, and the pain hormones have been removed. The ATP actively helps regain the muscle its integrity. Which also promotes better blood flow. After the 8 minutes of B cure laser by B-Cure Asia therapy, you can see the area being red and warm because the healed area has increased blood flow.

7. As the muscle has regained its integrity and strength, the blood flow also helps in increasing the removal of incoming toxins and other pain hormones. The B cure laser by B-Cure Asia helps in better lymphatic drainage, which has all-over bodily health.

Pain isn’t the only thing that is “killed” by painkillers

Physiotherapy is an amazing treatment for pain management, not just because it’s an external intervention to pain but also because doctors of physiotherapy spend their entire career studying about the mechanisms of pain and their relief. But despite this, physiotherapy does not fix the root cause of chronic and unrelenting pain, such as in osteoarthritis, for example. This means that those who aren’t privileged enough to be privy to free healthcare facilities would require a lifelong physiotherapy, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that each session of physiotherapy costs an arm and a leg.

Painkillers, on the contrary, are cheap, and most of them are available over-the-counter. But this doesn’t spare the fact that despite being freely available, chronic use of painkillers doesn’t come with repercussions. Excessive use of any medicine leads to side effects and consequences, some more debilitating than the others (which is why you should cherish your health if you’re not on any prescription meds), but painkillers share the special spotlight for their notorious side effects.

Most pain killers comprise the Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (or NSAIDs for short). NSAIDs are famous for the plethora of problems they bring along with them. Excessive use of NSAIDs leads to gastritis. If this problem isn’t addressed, this exacerbates and develops into peptic ulcers which are dangerous because these ulcers could rupture, leading to perforations, peritonitis, and in the worst-case scenarios, hemorrhages and pancreatitis (which are acute life-threatening conditions). Even if these peptic ulcers don’t rupture, they could develop into stomach cancer over time!

Apart from this, NSAIDs are the leading cause of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). Aspirin, in particular, can cause acute kidney injury, resulting in renal failure. CKD, over time, results in renal failure necessitating the need for dialysis and then renal transplant(s).

Aspirin should also be prescribed with caution to children. This is because if Aspirin is given to children with fever, it develops into a rapidly fatal condition called the Reye’s Syndrome, characterized by fulminant hepatitis and encephalitis. This warning is also often seen on the bottle of Aspirin.

Chronic pain sufferers are often elderly individuals. The elderly population also has concomitantly chronic high blood pressure. NSAIDs are strictly contraindicated in individuals with a history of hypertension or renal disease since the NSAIDs worsen these conditions and might even lead to acute exacerbations.

Moreover, Aspirin can not be freely prescribed to anyone with pain. This is because Aspirin is an anti-platelet drug. This prevents blood clot formation. This is particularly important in individuals with coagulopathies and bleeding disorders such as Hemophilia and Von Willebrand Syndrome. If people with bleeding disorders accidentally took Aspirin, they could die from fatal exsanguination.

Aspirin can also not be freely used by individuals with Samter’s Triad disease or Aspirin-intolerant-asthma. These are atopic individuals who develop Asthma, Rhinosinusitis, bronchospasms, and NSAID intolerance, if they consume Aspirin. Aspirin, being a potent allergen, can lead to anaphylaxis and anaphylactoid reactions in such individuals.

Another pain killer that is often considered separate from the conventional NSAIDs, is the Paracetamol/ Acetaminophen. Paracetamol is also an over-the-counter-drug that comes with minimal warning about abuse. Paracetamol is the leading cause of acute fulminant hepatitis around the world, and is rapidly fatal condition unless immediately brought to medical attention.

Pain modulation is a step-ladder phenomenon. NSAIDs are the first line of drugs, but the most potent pain killers are the Opioids such as morphine. Opioids are so dangerous that they’re reserved as the last line of drugs in pain modulation and can not even be purchased over-the-counter. This is because individuals using opioids rapidly develop tolerance to these drugs and are highly predisposed to get addicted to these drugs. Then abrupt discontinuance leads to withdrawal symptoms which further adds to the patient’s agony.

These problems just make the tip of the iceberg about why painkillers and physiotherapists aren’t suitable long-term alternatives for chronic pain management. This is how B cure laser is the hero of the story. B cure lasers are not a medical intervention, so it spares the talk about side effects altogether. Moreover, if you search for “B cure laser price” online, you will be flabbergasted to find out how cheap it is! The B cure laser provides immediate gout pain relief, don’t believe us? Try searching for “instant pain relief Singapore,” and you will definitely be displayed with B-cure laser Singapore as one of the top results.

B cure laser doesn’t just aid with gout pain, back pain relief, gastric pain relief (stomach pain relief), shoulder pain relief, etc. B cure has such amazing results that most pain relief clinics are revising their pain relief practices, and instead of the pain relief patches, the low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is replacing as the first line of pain management. If you’re still not convinced enough to ditch your dangerous painkillers for this innovative solution to pain, check out the B cure laser reviews online and decide for yourself!

Atome helps in healing

The B cure laser by B-Cure Asia has been becoming very popular. For your benefit, Atome has joined hands with B-cure Asia to provide every person the opportunity to relieve pain. Atome being a Singaporean app that has an amazing motto “buy now and pay later.Atome has been getting very much popularity and attention in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore because of its amazing payment policy, which allows the customers to buy anything instantaneously but the payback in three easy installments. Now that Atome has collaborated with B cure laser by B-Cure Asia, availing this amazing pain-alleviating beam is super easy and light on the pocket.

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First Order Up To $10 Off! Download Atome!


Pain is very controversial, and people have different coping mechanisms for it to overcome their pain and not let it cripple them. The authentic and unique technology of B cure laser by B-Cure Asia aids in the same. It helps in living your life better and without pain.

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