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by Starry

Jun 23 2021

Fashion is a statement of your character so you must wear the right kind of clothes. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to wear clothes that make you uncomfortable. The clothes you wear represent you, so make sure that there is comfort in the style you follow. DNIER works towards this very goal. They aim to provide style and comfort together. Their designs are simple yet have characteristics that will set you apart from the rest of the world. It is a relatively new brand, but it works hard towards providing quality products to its customers, and towards that end, ATOME helps them.


Since DNIER strives towards excellence, its products might come a bit expensive. It is where ATOME helps you out. You buy what you desire and let ATOME assist you in making these payments easy for you. We break this payment into three easy installments, which are interest-free and have no hidden fees. Therefore, buy your fashion statement clothing and pay only a third of the amount. There. You are now ready to enjoy your purchases. Flaunt your style in a comfortable and affordable way. It is because we care for you.


DNIER believes in simple and elegant clothing; their cut and style speak for themselves. They incorporate simple yet elegant stuff to accessorize their clothes. Their co denim dresses are suitable for any occasion. They can be worn for simple workdays or can be accessorized for formal parties. The DNIER tops can be paired with any styled bottoms to provide ease and comfort.


Denim is one material that looks good if worn simply on its own or even when it comes to any other fabric. Denim can be carried for all occasions if worn rightly. DNIER has designed a line of co denim dresses in which denim has been used to accessorize them.

  • V-NECK BELTED DENIM DRESS: This is a beautiful dress made of thick stretchable fabric, with the flare at the hem. It has been given a classy look when combined with a denim belt.
  • DENIM TOP-STITCH SHIRT: Accessorized with top-stitch, this a casual outfit shaped in a top design. It has a curved hemline with discreet side pockets. It has been designed to give you a relaxed, loose fit. 
  • ASYMMETRICAL DENIM SHIRT: This is another casual outfit that has been designed to give a feminine cut. Its asymmetrical hem gives it to class while it has been styled with top-stitch.


A beautiful top long enough to be used as a dress and paired with any bottom. Beautifully detailed. It has been composed of 100% cotton with no stretch. These are a few of the co denim dresses that DNIER has designed. Let us go through a few other dresses.


DNIER has some beautiful tops that can be paired with any type of bottoms to give either a classy look or a relaxed one, as per your preference. The shop does provide different bottoms to go along these tops; however, you can use what is suitable for you.

There are a variety of different tops. A striped top would go perfectly with any type of trousers. It is a versatile item that can be used casually or paired with a jacket. A textured contrast top with a high backline can be used for a relaxed meet-up with friends. A gathered collar top is perfect for a feminine touch. Its fit will give you a cool look while being relaxed. Available in midnight blue and yellow, it is a must-have for any wardrobe.

Apart from the casual tops, they also have formal tops in asymmetrical lines, slits in the back, and many more classy designs.


Every top can be given a stylish look if worn with the right type of bottoms. Here are a few suggestions from Diner. A wide-legged striped trouser gives the perfect classic look with a plain fitted shirt. Or a wide-legged plain trouser gives a relaxed look when worn with a printed top. Or you can wear a textured trouser with a textured shirt. Its classy fold 0ver wrap in the front gives a relaxed look. Patch pocket trousers are perfect for a holiday mode. Enjoy your holidays with comfort and style all in one.


Every girl loves dresses. They give the perfect classy look that makes any girl happy in her feminism. DNIER has added various new styles to the term dresses to give you maximum comfort with style. Keeping the term comfortable as their keyword, they fashion their dresses with style and class.

Their line of shirt-style dresses gives you a classy look. It is available in different styles. They have folded collar dress and ones with a square neckline. They have the same style in a round neckline and three-quarter sleeves. A simple button-on Tencel dress is a must-have for all types of wardrobes. A very simple pleated orange dress is perfect for evenings out. A plain red dress with a slit in the front would make any girl look gorgeous.


DNIER has designed a classic one-piece dress that is perfect for an informal meeting. It is made of textured fabric and has an attached waistband. Its cropped length gives it a very classy look.

No matter what style you choose from DNIER, you won’t be disappointed. Their co denim clothes are an experience in itself. Their dresses support maximum comfort, accompanied by style. They have a functional and modern approach towards clothing, so DNIER dresses are a must-have for any wardrobe.

Your clothing is a statement of your style; hence you should pay close attention to what you buy. We at ATOME understand your need for the perfect style for the perfect you, which is why we have promised to assist you in your payments. Go ahead and buy, and pay just a third of your payment. The rest can be paid later in two more installments. And enjoy your clothes.

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