Discover Your True Beauty from the Etude House Singapore Outlets

by Starry

Nov 07 2021

A glowing and smooth skin always comes at the forefront of our minds when we start searching for the products that can best fit our skincare requirements. Over time, new and innovative products are continuously being developed with transformative and cutting-edge ingredients, and because of this, it gets possible to attain supple skin at homes much easier than before. If you are looking for some good quality and affordable products, then Etude House is the right place for you to go. Right from its launch as the primary specialized makeup brand, Etude House has made it possible to make dreams come true with its excellent products and packaging. Whether it is the Etude House Nex or the Etude House Orchard, you can discover your beauty by bringing some sweet imaginations of your beautiful transformation into reality at the Etude House Singapore outlets.

How to choose the skin care products that are best suited for the skin?

  • Try to understand your skin type

The type of skin is among the most critical factors that can determine whether the skincare products are good or bad for you. There may not necessarily be a wrong product, but sometimes people with a different type of skin use the wrong products for their skin type, which can be problematic. Therefore, it is crucial to be cautious with different ingredients in your skincare products.

  • Never buy into the hype

There are times when popularity and packaging can be easy traps that shouldn’t hold much value and weight when we are to buy skincare products. If you plan to buy a product based on the recommendation of an influencer or your friend, instead of paying attention to how good their skin looks, you should be paying attention to what kind of skin they are dealing with.

  • Natural isn’t always better

Natural is known to be quite a familiar word in the ingredients list, but it may not be the safest route for you to take. The terms natural and organic on any product label can be a marketing trick because there are no specific industry standards for these words, and therefore, they can be empty promises.

Which ones are the top Etude House Singapore outlets?

You will find many Etude House cosmetic stores in Singapore as this chain of skincare, and makeup products are fun, creative, and unique products that are characterized by up-to-date trends and stunning colors. Its prominent locations in Singapore are Etude House Bugis Junction, Etude House Nex, and Etude House Orchard, where people can discover all the Etude products, makeup tips, and news about the brand. Besides Etude House Singapore outlets, the company has shops in Malaysia, China, Japan, and Taiwan.

What are the best Etude House products?

  • Etude House Double Lasting Foundation

This is one of the most popular products from Etude House and can be found in 12 different shades. Those who are familiar with the Korean foundations must know the limitations of their shade range. Therefore, 12 shades by Etude House double lasting foundation is considered to be a perfect step forward.

You will find the undertone of the sand to be good for your skin, and it offers a flawless full-coverage just like cover twice. It is highly adhesive and can last for 24 hours. As time passes, this double lasting foundation gets mixed with the sebum from the skin in a natural way not to get broken.

  • Etude House Color in Liquid Lips Mousse

This is a gel mousse lip tint that you will find moist and clear, and it resembles jelly. You will be able to get a tremendous moisturizing feeling to keep your lips moist for a much longer time. The silky-smooth tints can be layered to build a full natural lip with a trendy gradient lip. The color in liquid lips mousse is available at all the Etude House Singapore outlets.

  • Etude House Any Cushion All Day Perfect Cushion

This cushion foundation is perfect for any woman who would like to have perfect coverage throughout the day. It is available in six different shades and utilizes the roll spread technology, which means that you will not be required to tap the cushion many times in order to get a thin and even application all the time.

  • Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tints Lip Swatches

These are limited edition water gel tints by Etude House, and you will find these to be excellent. These water gel tints are natural and long-lasting, and therefore, they give an impression as if you have just eaten a popsicle. You will find the water gel tints lip swatches at any of the outlets like the Etude House Bugis Junction.

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