5 Tasteful Ways To Decorate Your Home This Chinese New Year

by jiatongma

Feb 14 2023

Chinese New Year is a festive event celebrated with full energy and warmth. It is the time of the year when families reunite and spend a delightful time together. Decorating homes before the New Year is a longstanding tradition still followed by people. This decorating tradition symbolizes good luck, prosperity, and happiness coming for the New Year.

The decorations are done to make the home look more welcoming and warm for the visitors. If you have visited China during this time of the year, you must know how refreshing and splendid the environment looks. Everything about Chinese New Year is so mesmerizing, ranging from beautiful red lanterns to delicious traditional sweets. 

The most common thing you will observe during this event is vibrant red and golden hues. As these colors are believed to attract good spirits and prosperity to the home, Chinese people love to decorate their homes with them. For this reason, traditional festive home décor is an excellent idea when planning to host a lovely New Year dinner at your home.

Stylish and Festive Home Decor Ideas For Chinese New Year

The guide below will inspire you to transform your space into a lively home this New Year. 

  1. Red Lanterns

A red lantern in Chinese culture represents perseverance, courage, and hope. It is a tradition to hang these red lanterns in the windows and doors. Moreover, small miniature red lanterns are used to decorate the inside of the home. The lantern is believed to be a sign of resilience in a community against any calamity. 

It is common to see pretty lanterns everywhere in homes, offices, and buildings during the festival. Therefore, it will be incomplete without these beautiful red lanterns if you want to decorate your home for the Chinese New Year. 

Bring some beautiful red lanterns and hang them on your front doors, lawns, and windows. You can also make these beautiful lanterns home using simple materials like red paper and scissors.

To make these lanterns, fold the red paper half lengthways and cut one-inch strips from the folded ends. Then, open the paper and circle it into cylindrical shapes, and you will see both ends joining. Use glue and attach the ends. At last, make a handle on the top of the lantern, and voila, the lanterns are ready to hang.  

  1. DIY Flowers and Decorative Plants

Another best way to decorate your home during the “Spring Festival” is to make beautiful flower arrangements. There is a huge significance of Chinese new year flower arrangements in the culture because the flowers also represent good fortune and prosperity and are believed to remove evil spirits. 

Some famous plants are used to decorate the homes, such as Kumquats plants, vases of peach blossoms, orchids, oranges, and Mei Hwa flowers. Along with the table flower arrangements, there is a tradition of using gold ingots in the house to welcome wealth and longevity for the next twelve months and creative welcome cards for the guests.

Bring some fresh flowers and golden plant pots from your nearby florists and place them on tables and room corners. It is always better to use flowers in shades of red and pink and hang small decorative items on them during the New Year. 

  1. Door Couplets

Door couplets add a beautiful poetic touch to your home and look extremely beautiful. The couplets are pairs of poetic lines written on red paper and hung on either side of a door. The writing is done in traditional Chinese characters and delivers an auspicious and encouraging message to everyone reading. It is a sweet gesture by the family and a way to convey blessings to the guests. 

It is not compulsory to hang only one couplet on the door, but you can also attach strings in the dining room and attach a few couplets along with the tiny red lanterns and gold tassels. You can also use red and gold Chinese knots that are made of silk and symbolize prosperity. Remember, everything you hang and decorate your home with must represent good fortune and have a positive meaning in the culture. 

  1. Paper Cuttings and New Year Paintings

Artistic red paper cuttings on doors and stunning new year paintings on the wall are great ideas to decorate your home for a formal event. These paper cuttings have lucky animals or plants on them, such as pomegranate, mandarin duck, or trees, etc. the pomegranate symbolizes fertility, and the duck signifies love. 

You can create beautifully intricate paper cuttings yourself if you have good artistic skills. To create it, you will need red paper, a sharp craft knife, a pencil, and a cutting board. Trace the design you want to make on the paper and use the knife to cut the pattern carefully. Hang the paper cuttings on your doors and walls. However, remember to be careful with the knife and keep it out of the reach of your kids.

Several Chinese New Year paintings are available in the market, and you can always buy one to enhance the beauty of your home. 

  1. Red and Gold Candles

Lastly, red and golden candles decorated with flower arrangements will look breathtaking. You can use scented candles on the table and side tables to make the environment more pleasant. 

It is always an excellent idea to use red candles with golden candle stands for a festive look. A variety of decorated candles are also often gifted by the hosts to the guests as a gesture to wish them good luck and prosperity.

Besides these items, you can also use goldfish bowls, fortune cookies, fairy lights, and red and gold festive pillows and cushions to make the home look more welcoming and decorated. Remember that these colors and items mentioned above are associated with good luck and prosperity. If you are going to celebrate the Chinese New Year soon, you must know about the decorative items and the meanings attached to them.  

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