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by Starry

Jul 08 2021

Singapore’s climate is tropical because of its location near the equator. This is why it is generally hot and humid around the year, and because it’s an island, there is little variation all the year. In this weather, the use of fans is a compulsion. You cannot use air conditioners at all times because it is not economical to use them. Also, air conditioners often cause health issues like irritable and dry skin and respiratory tract irritations. The portable fans are used, but it is not convenient to carry a fan at all times. This is why ceiling fans are the best option for Singaporean people. 

Why buy fans From décor fans Singapore?

Décor Fans Singapore is dedicated to providing quality fans to its customers. They make simple and efficient designs that can blend into any home décor. They balance practicality and performance to bring the best to their customers. They keep on replenishing their products to provide the best possible designs with efficient working to their customers.

Atome and décor fans Singapore

Are you looking to upgrade the décor of your house, or you simply want to upgrade the fanning system? Whatever the case, Décor Fans Singapore is the best place to replace or buy new fans from. They have a variety that will please you and your décor sensitive buds. If it’s the finance that is bothering you, then let us at ATOME help you out. Your financial stress should not stop you from enjoying the décor that the world has to offer, which is why we offer you the payment mode of ATOME. ATOME is a payment method that breaks your payment into three simple installments to make it easy for you to carry on with style and comfort. At ATOME we believe in freedom to buy, which is why we facilitate you towards “buy now, pay later.” We have liaised up with Décor Fans Singapore for your convenience so that you can buy the fans you need.

Ceiling fans with light

Fans are a compulsion for every home, so they should be of the best quality and yet be beautiful. They should provide elegance to the ambiance. An additional feature is ceiling fans with light. These fans provide not only air but also light at the same rate of power being used. At Décor Fans, the following fans are being provided with light.

WAL3 52” BLACK DÉCOR FAN (L3D)/BLBL: One of the fastest-selling styles, this fan is ideal for your living room. It throws a soft light along with the revolving blades. The sound power is only 40db. Along with being constructive, they are aesthetically pleasing. Also available in black-white contrast and curved wings.

F6FC 42″ BLACK DECOR FAN (S3D)/BLBL: This is one of the ideal ceiling fans with light for your den. It throws a soft glow and creates a pleasant environment. The sleek design makes it look classy and posh for your modern furnishings. Available in black, white, and black & white combination colorings.

AEF1 50″ BLACK DARK OAK DECOR FAN (S4F)/BLDO: This fan is an advanced technology and offers options for lighting. The curved blades offer a natural and energetic breeze. This fan offers three tiers of lighting like an opal stone. This beautiful fan comes in 30” as well as 60”, ideal for your balconies as well as your living rooms.

AG37 52″ BLACK DARK OAK DECOR FAN (S4F)/BLDO: this beautiful piece is pure luxury with bold and edgy glamour. Developed with the concept of Hydro Adverse Wing Kinetics, it comes equipped with a powerful DC motor that allows seven different speed options and three different lighting options. It comes with a remote—ideal for your bedroom, living room, and dining room.

AEF3 52″ WHITE DECOR FAN (S4F)/WHWH: This fan sends a soft breeze down to keep you cool, along with having three tiers of lighting to fulfill your daily needs. This is an ideal ceiling fan with light for your children’s room. Keep the lightest glow on at night so that they cannot just feel cool but can also feel secure.

AG38 52″ BLACK DEEP COCOA DECOR FAN (S4F)/BLDC: This beautiful fan will take the décor of your house to another level. It comes in two different shades of cedar and oak finish. It complements your floor. The lighting option and the size make it the perfect ceiling fan with lights option for your dining room.

ASER 50″ BLACK DARK OAK DECOR FAN (S3D)/BLDO: This fan is ideal for your bedroom. It throws a soft breeze to let you cool down. This size is perfect for your bedrooms, but it comes in a smaller size of 38”, making it perfect for small compact places. The three tiers of lighting options add to the beauty of this fan.

CDVE 52″ WHITE DARK OAK DECOR FAN (NLO)/WHDO: this ceiling fan with light provides a wonderful breeze throughout the room to make your room feel cooler and brighter. The color, design, and size make it ideal for your bedroom. It will bring out the décor of the room strongly.

ELER 52″ WHITE BAMBOO GRAIN DECOR FAN (S4F)/WHBM: One of the better designs of Décor Fans Singapore, this ceiling fan with light is ideal for any room in your house. It complements the color and décor for any room in the house and comes in various sizes to fit any room. It comes with six directional speed flows so that you can enjoy the breeze at whatever speed and direction you need. The lighting system will meet the light requirement throughout the day.

Why buy from décor fans Singapore?

Décor Fans Singapore is a trusted name for its quality and unique designs. All products are made with the customer in mind; hence satisfaction is compulsory. Upgrade your ambiance without looking dowdy and out of style. Do not worry about your finances because ATOME is there for you. Atome is a payment method that uniquely allows financial freedom. You can easily buy now and pay later. You choose what you need and pay just a third of the payment. The rest you can pay in the upcoming months. The app allows shoppers to split their purchases over three interest-free monthly payments by scanning a partner retailer’s in-store QR code or upon website checkout. 

Enjoy the wonderful products offered by Décor Fans and enjoy the cool air in this hot, humid weather. Know more about home essentials which good for your home.

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