What I Learned from Studying The Habits of Successful People

by jiatongma

Sep 29 2022

The importance of setting good daily routines and habits

If you want to reach a certain goal in your life, you can’t be at the mercy of the flow of life; you need to steer your life the way you want to. You need to prioritize and wisely distribute your time so that you don’t fall prey to corporate slavery.

Here are a number of reasons on why you need to inculcate daily success habits in your life.

It makes you more efficient

A healthy set of habits and a wisely planned routine helps you to stay on top of your game. You live a disciplined life. You’re not challenged with the daily task of choosing between one thing and the other while struggling with deadlines. You can organize your daily tasks and goals according to their respective priorities and imminent deadlines.

Creates a structure in our lives

A properly structured life is imperative to a stress-free, non-chaotic life. This is observed as one of the most important daily success habits of the most successful people that they are never living a haphazard life; they’re not at the mercy of the circumstances, rather they turn the tide their way.

It saves the most valuable asset of your life: time

When you incorporate daily success habits in your life, ultimately, one way or another, you save up the most valuable resource of your life; time. You can get back your lost health, wealth and perpetually anything in your life except time. When you save time, you’re ultimately making time for the things that matter in your life and also enjoying the fortune you’ve spent your blood and sweat building.

It helps you break free from your bad habits

When you make a routine and strictly adhere to daily success habits, you’re more likely to feel more guilty about your bad habits. And when these bad habits stand in the way of achieving your daily goals, the pleasure-reward system of your brain will compel you to relinquish your bad habits. It helps build a momentum, abates procrastination and keeps you treading on a steadfast pathway.

Successful habits to incorporate into your daily life

What are the habits of successful people, and what are the habits that make you successful? Here’s all that you can learn about daily success habits.


Organization or prioritization is quintessential on the ladder to success. Failure to plan is planning to fail. Adulthood is all about organizing; whether doing assignments, scheduling or attending meetings or just tending to your relationships, you always need to plan and sort out things. Because if you don’t plan, the sheer wave of events and the pace at which they happen will have you stuck in an endless loop of running between one tribulation to another, losing friends, and jeopardizing your career.

Rest and recreation

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Most people make a grave mistake that they get overambitious with their work, taking up night duties, compromising their sleep, doing overtime, etc. What they don’t realize is the fact that our performance peaks and then plateaus; it can’t stay consistent. Contrary to what we may think, rest and recreation are imperative for culminating our performance. Without rest, you will progressively get more and more burnt out, and ultimately, you would reach a point where the most mundane of tasks would seem so taxing that your performance would plummet, and your mental health would take a tremendous toll.

Taking action

You can plot, plan, and organize all you want, but if you fail to execute, all your effort will be in vain and completely futile. Indecisiveness is the killer of productivity. One of the most important daily success habits includes being bold, taking charge of your life and taking the command into your hands. This means that you must stand guard and defend your stance, even if that means contradicting orders.

Adopting a positive attitude

Nihilism and pessimism will have you stranded and alone in your life. One of the most important daily success habits includes keeping yourself surrounded by positivity and positive people and incessantly keep reminding yourself of all the positives in your life. Your mood and your performance are greatly determined by how you perceive the world around you, and in order to make the most out of what life hurls at you, you need to focus on the good things in life for a net positive influence on your life.

Be frugal in your expenses

Adapt the 50-30-20 rule to your expenses after taxes; 50% on your necessities, 30% on your wants, and 20% for savings or paying off debt. Money saved today means money invested tomorrow for it to multiply and come in handy on the rainy days or after your retirement. Don’t be penny-wise, pound-foolish in your expenditures. Plan your expenses wisely, and don’t be spent thrift. Most importantly, keep your earnings a top secret from your friends and family. While we don’t encourage selfishness, promulgating about your wealth and bank balance would land you into hot waters with everyone asking for favors, leaving you bankrupt.

Be an early bird

The saying doesn’t get as true as this; early to bed, early to rise makes the person healthy, wealthy and wise. Being a night owl is the biggest disadvantage to your growth and development. This is one of the easiest daily success habits that you can inculcate into your life. Your cortisol levels are the highest during the morning time when you rise early in the morning, you have plenty of time to manage your work, and you can visibly appreciate how productive your day goes by.


This article tries to cram up as many daily success habits as possible, but if you really want to be successful in your life, you must adopt the habit of reading. You should read articles, novels and biographies of successful people, especially those who went from rags to riches. In no time, you will see an exponential growth in your personality and adapt a plethora of daily success habits that will eventually help you get to the top of your game.

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