Customized Bracelet Singapore- A Symbol Of Feminity!

by Starry

Mar 29 2021

Bracelets, a jewelry piece, are worn around the wrist as an ornament. When you wear it as an ornament, it will have supportive functions to hold other decorative, such as charms, pearls, gems, etc. Customized bracelets have many advantages, making you wear the jewelry style you adore. It is a delightful way of getting decked uniquely. Let us see a few ways to please you with a customized bracelet Singapore.

Customized Bracelets At Shopping Stores

Whether you want something to buy for yourself or the one you hold dear, you will never go wrong when you give something customized. Many physical and online shopping stores provide customized bracelets in Singapore, including the following:

Shopee Singapore

Website URL:

Shoppe Singapore offers a wide range of customized bracelets; wearing or gifting them will make you feel love and compassion. A few customized bracelet Singapore from Shopee online shopping center are mentioned below:

Beryl Morganite Customized Bracelet

Price: S$37.69

This beautiful bracelet from KristaLove Singapore is 18k rose gold plated and consists of hematite, moonstone, rhodochrosite, and beryl morganite. It comes with a wrist reference of 16 centimeters. Besides, you can try its fluorite candy customize bracelet, personalized engrave customized names and many more.

Handmade Customized Bracelet

Price: S$9.15 – S$11.04

Buy your customized handmade customized bracelets from Wwwins Singapore. Whether you want a personalized bracelet for a birthday, Christmas, valentine’s day, or any other occasion, Wwwins offers you its wide range of customized bracelets at Shopee’s online platform. You can also get your name or words, like love, on these bracelets within eight letters. The approximate length of these bracelets is 17cm and comes in light gold color.

Titanium Steel Couple Bracelet

Price: S$7.08 – S$7.95  

Buy this customized bracelet from, the Shopee’s partner store, and get the letters engraved on it. This adjustable bracelet is the perfect lover gift with high-quality titanium steel. These pieces are not prone to discoloration and are hypoallergenic.

Soami Studio

Sixteen- Shaw Road

#Five to Nine

Singapore 367954

Website URL:

The timeless pieces from Saomi are classy, dipped in 18K gold, and crafted with steel. It inspires grace and kindness with its jewelry pieces, empowering people to gift their dear ones with joy. A few beautiful collections of customized bracelets are mentioned below:

Tiffany Chain Bracelet

Price: S$63.00

This classy bracelet comes with a beautiful slinky chain, crafted with smooth, shiny finishing made with solid stainless steel. You can get any name on it within 15 characters from any number, alphabet, or available symbols.

Alexis Chain Bracelet

Price: S$63.00

You can get an Alexis bracelet from Saomi in gold, rose gold, or silver color. Besides, you can engrave heart charm with initials or a maximum of 15 characters from any alphabets, numbers, or available symbols.

Etsy Singapore

Etsy, an online shopping store, deals with many products, including customized bracelet Singapore. It has a massive range of more than 34230 engraved bracelets for sale over its online shopping platform. The cost for the personalized bracelets on sale is S$37.83. The color used mainly on its bracelets is silver and are mostly made of metal. Some of the unique bracelets from Etsy are the following:

Custom Birthstone Bracelet

Price: S$36.89

The birthstone bracelets are the perfect gift for women. These 7.5 inches bracelets can be customized and are made with gold, rose gold, and silver-plated materials.

Personalized Bracelet



You can get this bracelet personalized as it is made to order in 7.5 inches. The materials used for these bracelets are plated with gold, rose gold, and silver.

Studio Emoi

At Bukit Timah Road and Orchard Road


Website URL:

You can discover the meaningful universe of customized bracelets at Studio Emoi. It believes in empowering women, making their style statement unique with handpieces, reflecting each woman’s personality. A few unique customized bracelet Singapore pieces are the following:

Shine Permanent Bangle Bracelet

Price: S$135 onwards

The handmade Argentium or rose-gold filled and 14-carat yellow bangle bracelet is made from a single and fine jewelry wire. It does not alter and is tarnish-resistant, and is resistant to water whether you are in the swimming pool or shower. The sizes available for this bracelet are from 14 to 18 cm.   

Rose Gold Custom Bangle Bracelet

Price: S$239

It is also another handmade piece from Studio Emoi. It is available in Argentium silver 935 or rose-gold filled and 14-carat yellow materials.

Leading Customized Bracelet Stores In Singapore

Here are a few leading jewelry stores that offer customized bracelets, including the following:


Website URL:

Lazada, the popular online store in Singapore, offers a unique collection of customized bracelets through its partner stores. Whether you adore the initials or names engraved bracelets, it has it all for what you want to gift to your dear ones. Online Store

Website URL:

Get your customized bracelets from Arva by carving your names on them. You can order through its online shopping platform to get your personalized products.

Citystate Beads

Website URL:

You can buy customized beaded bracelets from Citystate Beads. The bracelet’s prices are available from S$39.03. Get your desired bracelets customized with any bead combination and up to 5 spacers or charms. Its bracelets are alo available at Zalora, Lazada, and other online shopping platforms.

Curious Creatures

Website URL:

Do you want bespoke jewelery pieces for your occasions? You are at the right destination. Visit the online shopping store of Curious Creatures or its physical store at Kreta Ayer Road, and explore the stunning customized bracelets that perfectly fit all occasions.

Gen K. Jewelry

Website URL:

Check out Gen K. Jewelry for customized bracelet Singapore and walkthrough the complete personalization process with its experienced designers. It provides a beautiful collection of personalized bracelets, combining the alluring gemstones with artisanal creativity and traditional craftsmanship. Besides, it has a must-have range of bracelets with an elegant twist on gems with sophisticated designs.


Bracelets have always been endearing to women. Wearing customized bracelets makes you feel special, and giving them as a gift will would your dear ones adore it always. Why shouldn’t you provide a customized bracelet Singapore a try? Make them your unique jewelry piece collection today. 

Bracelets and jewelry pieces say a lot about a woman’s style and personality. Pick the beautiful bracelets and jewelry from to jazz up your outfits.

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