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by Starry

Jul 15 2021

Crafting things from leather is as precise an art as making pottery from clay. It requires precision and commitment. Each item is made with love. It requires patience and an understanding of the material being used. You need to master certain skills for creating leather items like cutting, saddle stitching, and edge finishing. As is the case with every other skill, this one also has its associated tools. You need to understand them before you start working with them. And imagine the joy of presenting a leather-made item as a gift. It will have your stamp of appreciation if you make it yourself. This is why Hides and Thread have launched a CRAFT Workshop Singapore especially for you.


This is a Singapore-based atelier that is committed to providing quality leather goods. What started as a hobby is now an overwhelming passion and a practicable business. They are dedicated to producing quality products and extending the art onto the younger generation through their Craft Workshop Singapore. The enthusiasm towards quality leather products has enabled a small home-based workstation to grow into a small-scale workshop where not just orders are taken, but the art is carried on.

Hides and Threads is a small-scale shop as well where orders are taken. A product is envisioned, developed, and created. Fine leather goods that are crafted with pride. They take pleasure in delivering products made with pure leather that will last you for years to come. They use high-quality leather tanned to perfection. A mastermind of two men sharing a common passion, this shop is nothing but love for leather and its products. They give a personalized touch to every leather item they make. They have corporate deals to provide ideal gift solutions.


You will find nothing but perfection at this customized outlet. You can even learn the art of creating leather products. If it’s the finance that is bothering you, then let us at ATOME help you out. Your financial stress should not stop you from enjoying your passion which is why we offer you the payment mode of ATOME. ATOME is a payment method that breaks your payment into three simple installments to make it easy for you to carry on with style and comfort. At ATOME, we believe in freedom to buy, which is why we facilitate you towards “buy now, pay later.” We have liaised up with Hides and Threads Singapore for your convenience to buy your customized leather products.

Crafts workshop SINGAPORE  

The experience of creating something new is intoxicating. It gives you pleasure and satisfaction that is unfathomable. If you want to gift something, then there is nothing more special than something you make yourself. That adds a personal touch like nothing else. If you love leather, you should try taking these classes that Hides and Threads offer. It will be a unique experience of fingering the thing you love and creating something out of it. These are memories you will cherish all your life.

Life sometimes can serve you the most unexpectedly. If you are going through a rough patch in life, then you should try taking these Crafts Workshop Singapore classes. These serve as a therapeutic activity, connecting you with nature and producing creativity. Do not worry about your finances because ATOME will help you out. A payment method that is simple and interest-free. You can buy yourself or one of your closed ones these classes now and pay later.

Hides and Threads offer two different courses. One is for beginners, and the other is an advanced-level course.

Beginners course

This course is structured to teach the fundamentals of leather crafting. Suitable for children above ten years, this course has no prerequisites. The studio provides all materials and tools. This course is all about familiarizing yourself with the art of leather crafting. The studio aims at promoting the art of leather crafting rather than turning it into a business. This is why they equip you completely with learning the basics. They teach you how to make small basic items like a cardholder or pouches.

Advance Leather Crafting:

This course is for focused learners who want to acquire the skills as a professional. In this course, under the supervision of experienced artisans, they teach you how to create elaborate leather projects.

In this course, they teach you how to recognize leather and how to differentiate between different leathers. They teach you the use of different professional tools and machines. They introduce you to different concepts like design thinking and construction and techniques like leather skiving, edge painting, or sewing. 

Leather crafting is an art that gives you infinite pleasure when you see the completed product, which is why it can even be used as a therapeutic activity. If you want to get away from the rush of life, enter this leather Crafts Workshop Singapore to put your worries behind you and get creative. The tools are available for you to use for a little rent. They even sell leather at discounted prices so that you don’t have to bother about the smaller things.

This is an ideal way to build team spirit. You can hire this workshop for your corporate events, and our artisans will help you create memories.

Why buy from Atome?

Hides and threads is a trusted name for its quality and unique designs. All products are made with the customer in mind; hence satisfaction is compulsory. Do not worry about your finances because ATOME is there for you. ATOME is a payment method that uniquely allows financial freedom. You can easily buy now and pay later. You choose what you need and pay just a third of the payment. The rest you can pay in the upcoming months. The app allows shoppers to split their purchases over three interest-free monthly payments by scanning a partner retailer’s in-store QR code or upon website checkout. 

Enjoy the leather products and the awesome studio facilities offered by them.

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