Redesign your house with Craft Axis Wallpapers

by Starry

Dec 02 2021

Have you heard about Craft Axis Wallpaper Singapore? If you want to redesign your house without going over the top and spending thousands out of your pocket, there are a few things you can do. Among them, the one that will surely create the most impact is changing your walls. Now, we do not mean to literally remove the wall and build new ones. Instead, you can produce the same effect with the help of wallpapers.

Wall coverings will change the entire aesthetic of your house. You can even use them to make a room look bigger than it actually is. But the question arises, where can one find the best wallpapers in Singapore? The simple answer is from the Craft Axis Store.

Shop From Craft Axis

Whenever you are dealing with home décor or furniture, going for the cheap and poor-quality material will create the results quite opposite than you originally wished for. Craft Axis Singapore will help you resolve this dilemma. It is one of the most popular interior décor brands in the city.

Crafts Axis never compromises on the standard of its products. It imports many of its designs from Korea, Japan, as well as from Europe and the United States.

Printed Wallpaper Singapore

One of the most loved wall coverings is the printed wallpaper. These are so common that you must have seen them in at least one apartment. These usually come with flowers or colorful patterns drawn on them. These will play their part in giving your living space a warm and cozy vibe. Such printed wall coverings will also make your guests feel at home.

Lining Wallpaper

Have you started noticing some cracks and flaws in your walls? Is fixing them all is not an option right now? Then let us introduce you to the lining wallpapers. These are there for the exact purpose of making your house look newly built and flawless. These lining wall coverings typically comprise sturdy paper.

The installation process is also relatively easy. Even a single person can install these. In addition, you can choose to paint over them. You can also use lining wallpapers as a base for other wall coverings.

Foil Wallpaper

Many individuals prefer to have a shiny and metallic look for their rooms. To produce such a metallic luster with the help of paint is almost an impossible task. That is why interior designers utilize wall coverings to achieve this. One of the best options for this purpose is foil wallpaper.

Plain Foil Wallpaper

These wallcoverings are basically plain sheets of foils. These are most common in studios and offices. Such wallpapers provide the room with a luxurious and elegant look. The best part about these wall hangings is that they provide a type of insulation effect to the room. Thus, it keeps the temperature balanced no matter how hot or cold it actually is.

Patterned Foil Wallpaper

Similar to other types of wallpapers, you can also find foil hangings with repeated patterns on them. You can find such types of foil wallpapers in big castle-like houses. When coupled with antique furniture, it will give a royal and magnificent aesthetic.

Wood Wallpaper

Now, let us discuss wallpapers we all love and adore. Yes, we are talking about wooden wallpapers. These wall hangings can be used for any kind of space. This is because wood fits in with every kind of interior design. If you have a contemporary design or modern furnished home, a lively cottage, or even a busy office, wood-paneled wall coverings will suit them all.

In addition, the characteristic that makes these wall coverings the ideal choice is durability. Unlike paper wall hangings, the wood ones will last a relatively long time.

Grasscloth Wallpaper

One of the unique types of wall coverings is the grasscloth wallpaper. These are not very common. That is why it is likely that you haven’t heard the term before. So, let us brief you about them.

Grasscloth wall hangings use strands of natural material such as hemp and bamboo. Furthermore, these are available in textured designs. These were very popular a few decades ago. And recently, they have come back in trend.

Vinyl Wallpaper

If you want to go for the ones made from synthetic material, then vinyl wallpapers are the ideal option for you. So, what does vinyl wall hangings mean? You may be asking yourself. These are your typical wallpapers that craftsmen coat with acrylic. Normal paper or fabric wall hangings are porous and cannot be used in bathrooms or kitchens.

On the other hand, acrylic acts as a barrier and protects the wallpaper from any damage caused by humidity. Furthermore, the maintenance of such wall coverings is also far easier.

Non-woven Wallpaper

If you wish to get the benefits of both natural and synthetic wallcoverings, then non-woven wall coverings are the right option for you. It makes these wallpapers easy to clean as well as environmentally friendly. For Craft Axis, customer satisfaction is the primary concern.

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