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by jiatongma

Oct 19 2022

If you’ve always had your walls painted, you’d know how boring and bland it feels to have monotones of color. Why not spice up your life with a few aesthetic wallpapers? And if we think of aesthetic wallpapers, it’s impossible not to mention the best company for wallpapers in Singapore – Craft Axis. Do you want cute wallpapers? Black wallpapers? White wallpapers? Pink wallpapers? Dark wallpapers? Nature wallpapers? Nice wallpapers? Cool wallpapers? Beautiful wallpapers? You’ll get all the best and the most versatile wallpapers in Singapore from Craft Axis.

The difference between wallpaper and wall painting

Wallpaper is a special paper that is pasted in the form of sheets and strips on the walls of the house, office, or any other property. In comparison, wall paint is the coloring that is directly applied to the concrete walls. But the difference doesn’t just lie in their definitions; certain other factors also equate to this.

Variety and diversity

The principal difference between wallpapers and wall paints is that you’re limited to very few options with wall paints. You should try wallpapers in Singapore because they don’t curtail your imagination and creativity; most of the time, they handle the creative part themselves. You might get a beautiful wall paint, but having a mix of many paints would cost you a lot, and then having something creative out of with those paints is another cumbersome task. You won’t face these issues with aesthetic wallpapers; you just go and grab one that seems like a nice wallpaper. You can have a flamboyant mixture of the most picturesque and opulent styles that make your house look a class apart.


Even though wallpapers in Singapore are costlier than wall paints, there isn’t always a black-and-white distinction between the two. This is because the factors deciding the cost include the brand of the wall paint/wallpaper, the quality of the two, and one important factor – i.e., whether you’re sticking to a monochrome for the wall or you want to have a multicolored painting on the wall. Because, in certain cases, you will find wallpapers in Singapore to be cheaper than the wall paints.

Preparation time

The wall paints take the cake again in this comparison. It takes lesser time and effort to apply wall paints; on the contrary, it is quite the effort to cover and fix the imperfect spots, holes, and re-plastering wallpapers. But let’s be honest here, if you have an aesthetic wallpaper, the finished look is worth the hassle.


The homeowner can easily apply wall paint; in the worst-case scenario, an unskilled labor is required to apply paints. But for applying wallpapers in Singapore, you would need skilled labor. Since applying wallpapers is a long-term investment, it’s penny wise pound foolish to have an inexperienced person apply the wallpapers. This is because if the wallpaper doesn’t stick well or tear, it will burn a hole in your pocket to have the same process done all over again.

Time taken

Installations and maintenance work is a pain in the neck. This is why if you’re using wallpapers in Singapore, you’d be pleased to know that wallpaper is a single-time application, and a decent-sized home can be easily covered in a single day. On the contrary, wall paints are quite the inconvenience; with every single wall requiring multitudes of coats, it will have your work and your house upset and incapacitated for quite a long while.

Maintenance and durability

If your house is filled with young children, then you’re bound to have chalked and scribbled walls. Never discourage your children from doing their graffiti because it impedes an important learning and creativity process. But the problem prevails; what to do with the dirty walls? Well, if you have an aesthetic wallpaper, it can be very easy to get virtually every stain out of it through cleaners and, better yet, specialized products to clean wallpapers. However, if you’re aiming to get your walls painted, make sure to get washable paints.

And in terms of durability, you would also be pleased to know that your aesthetic wallpapers have extreme longevity compared to wall paints. A wallpaper in Singapore can last anywhere between 10-15 years if well maintained. On the contrary, the wall paints are vulnerable and at the mercy of the weather and certain other factors, even if the walls are taken impeccable care, and need to be recoated every 2-5 years. So, to circle back to the costs of wallpapers vs. wall paints, if you’re thinking long-term, wallpapers will be a wise investment.

Safety and health concerns

Wallpapers in Singapore, at least, are a safer option compared to wall paints. Wall paints have caustic and vitriolic chemicals that shouldn’t be inhaled. The kerosene within paints is an established toxin that, if inhaled in considerable amounts, can cause a range of CNS symptoms such as drowsiness, convulsions, ataxia, vomiting, coma, and even death in extreme cases.

Not to forget, most chemicals in paints are extremely flammable and always run a fire hazard for the duration of painting time. Another environmental hazard of paints is the presence of resins and pigments in certain paints. Certain heavy metals that are toxic to the environment, such as lead, are casually added to paints, which pollutes drains and streams when acidic rains cause the usual meltdown of the paints.

What is Craft Axis? What kinds of Wallpaper does it have?

Craft Axis is a premium interior designing boutique with furnishing specialists dedicated to transforming your home décor with breathtakingly alluring premier wallpapers, housing a myriad of aesthetic wallpapers in Singapore and window coverings. Craft Axis prides itself on its range of aesthetic wallpapers, window shades, and floorings.

Craft Axis has a vast experience (of 10 years) with wallpapers in Singapore and has been meticulously sourcing wallpapers from the USA, European countries, Japan, and Korea to encompass a diverse range of aesthetic wallpapers for you to choose while maintaining the epitome of quality, standard, and reliability.

When you click on the wall coverings section, you’ll be displayed with two further options; wallpapers and Tecnografica. Tecnografica is the worlds leading ceramic industry producing unparalleled and undisputedly the best aesthetic wallpapers and decorative panels.

Then within the wallpapers, you’ll have the following categories: Residential, Commercial, Craft Murals, and Tecnografica. The website also has a section for the featured and the trending wallpapers to make it easier for you to choose the most aesthetic wallpaper in Singapore. Both the residential and commercial categories give you the free liberty to choose according to the filters of style (abstract, contemporary, geometric, industrial, linen-look, minimalist, Scandinavian, stones, stripes, textured, Victorian, wood), Color (Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Cool Grey, Gold, Green, Green-Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Taupe, White), and Country of origin (Europe, Japan, Korea, Turkey, US).

Use Atome to pay for the most aesthetic wallpapers in Singapore

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How to pay for your aesthetic wallpapers using Atome?

It’s super easy, really.

1. First, make sure that you have an account on Atome. If you don’t, fret not; you can make one today completely free.

2. Select all the items you wish to shop for, proceed to the checkout, and from all the given options, choose Atome.

3. Lastly, you must log into your Atome account and complete the transaction.

You’d pay 1/3rd of the total amount; the rest of the amount will be paid in two consecutive months.

Craft Axis is the premier interior decoration boutique specializing in aesthetic wallpapers in Singapore. You can head out today and choose the best there is, with their professional staff always available to help you style your house, making it stand out from all the rest.

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