Cold Pressed Juice Singapore – What Is it and What Are Its Benefits?

by Starry

Sep 07 2021

The juices that you find at stores are usually processed. That is exactly where the question arises; are these juices healthy? For sure, they are. These juices are still healthy, but they contain artificial ingredients because they are processed.

Fresh juices are where you need not worry about artificial flavorings. They are directly extracted from fruits and poured out without adding any artificial ingredients. Talking about handmade juices, have you heard of the term ‘cold pressed juice Singapore? Let’s say; you what it is exactly.

What is cold pressed juice Singapore?

Cold pressed juice Singapore, like Cold pressed juice Delhi is produced by utilizing a hydraulic press that exerts thousands of pounds of pressure on fruit and vegetables to collect the optimum volume of liquid. Since no extra heat or oxygen is essential to the process, zero nutrients are compromised throughout the heating of typical pasteurization.

This juicing craze has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. For a legitimate reason: cold pressed juice Singapore provides various advantages that other juicing approaches could only fantasize about. One of the most beneficial cold pressed juices is the tart cherry juice Singapore.

What is the Difference between Cold pressed juice Singapore and Normal Juice?

The major difference between cold-pressed juice Singapore and normal juice lies in their manufacturing procedure. Centrifugal juicing, which incorporates different blades grinding up and cutting down vegetables and fruit, is often used to make numerous normal juices available in stores.

Although this is a reliable and effective process of juicing, the heat generated by the blades may lead the plants to decompose, culminating in nutritional depletion. On the opposite hand, slow juicing techniques, including cold pressing, can aid in attenuating the heat effect. Cold pressed juice Singapore is made in cold pressed juicers, which collect juice using a hydraulic press.

To collect the juice and produce an even more nutritionally rich beverage, the fruit is squeezed and mashed with moderate heat. A very healthy example of a cold-pressed juice Singapore is tart cherry juice Singapore.

On the other hand, there’s a difference in cold pressed vs blended juice cleanse. Say, for example you have a cold pressed orange juice, you will have greater degree of freedom to choose how much pulp you want to add in your juice compared to that obtained through blending.

Benefits of cold-pressed juices

Ever wondered why there is so much emphasis on “farm-fresh,” “organic,” and “straight from the fields” items? It’s because of the ton of benefits that fresh items have over the shelved items that we’re going to elaborate:

Much more nutritious than boxed juices

While there’s no shadow of a doubt that the boxed juices on the shelves extract the juices from actual fruit pulp, over the period from extraction to making their way to the shelf, these juices lose their nutritional value substantially. The prototypical method of pasteurizing fruit juices includes heating to 77 degrees Celsius for a minute, followed by rapid cooling to 7 degrees Celsius. As important as it is for the sterilization procedure to maximize shelf life, this obliterates the heat-labile nutrients such as Vitamin C, Retinol (a form of Vitamin A), Thiamine (Vitamin B1), and Folic acid (Vitamin B9).

And even though these juices may be fortified with these vitamins, later on, the supplemented vitamins are synthetic and are no replacement for the natural vitamins. Owing to the cold pressed juice nutrition facts, you must know why cold-pressed juices are so healthy, you obtain the juices right out of the fruit and then drink them right away, sparring the concerns of the juice spoiling, so you neither have to heat them nor have to add preservatives.

Canned Juices are turning out to be health hazards.

How paradoxical would it be that we replace our fluid intakes from sodas and beers with juices, only to discover that they’re even more hazardous than the former? That’s exactly the case with canned juices. Food preservatives are added to the canned and packaged juices to maximize their shelf life. Studies indicate that several food preservatives are linked to increased cancer risks. And it is feared that as more and more cohort studies would complete, a greater number of preservatives will add to this growing list of hazardous chemicals.

Moreover, it is found that the citric acid present in the juice boxes causes the leaching of antimony into the juices, greater than the upper limit of allowed concentration. Antimony is a carcinogenic molecule, which means that it is associated with the development of cancers.

Fresh juices mean a healthier environment.

You may not even realize this, but you might be indirectly contributing to land and water pollution. The landfills don’t just magically appear out of nowhere; they’re filled with the waste of our consumption. The juice boxes, cartons, and cans are made up of non-biodegradable substances which would take decades, if not centuries, to disintegrate. And in the process, keep piling up in our lands and oceans, leading to deleterious effects on our ecosystems.

Using fresh juices doesn’t just reduce your carbon footprint on the environment, the fruit peels and fiber that come out of the cold-pressed juices as a byproduct can be used as excellent natural manure for your gardens and plants, cutting down the need for synthetically produced fertilizers which also harm the environment. There are a ton of other skincare uses of these fruit peels that you could make use of.

Miscellaneous health benefits of cold-pressed juices

Since the integrity of the nutrients is unscathed, drinking fresh, cold-pressed juices is extremely healthy for you; they are rich in natural antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and other micronutrients which may not be coming from your normal diet. These nutrients are beneficial for losing weight, preventing cancers, slowing the process of aging, maintaining pristine gut health, and showing excellent benefits for the skin.

Easily Digestible

Cold-pressed juice Singapore is not only highly nutritious, but they’re uncomplicated to digest as well, tart cherry juice Singapore being one of the finest examples. Cold-pressed juice Singapore is simple and easy to digest because it eliminates insoluble fiber, permitting our body to absorb nutrients effectively.

This would be attributed to the reason that juices often may not include pulp, which is significant in insoluble fibers. Nevertheless, soluble fiber could still be contained in several cold-pressed juices and those manufactured by the Juice Institute. This indicates that the fiber may continue to progress its vital functions, including reduced fat absorption, managing sugar levels, and healthy gut flora.

Very Fresh Taste

Cold-pressed juice Singapore is known to have a shorter shelf-life. This may sound like a downside, but it is not. A shorter shelf-life means that you can enjoy a cold-pressed juice Singapore while it is all fresh, just squeezed out of the fresh fruit.

Most store juices have quite a prolonged shelf-life; therefore, they potentially remain on supermarket shelves over months before they are finally purchased and consumed. Cold-pressed juice Singapore, on the other hand, has just four days long shelf life. After that, it just does not taste fresh at all.

This indicates you can ease because you’re consuming juice that has been freshly made for you instead of the one that has been resting on a store shelf for such a long period.

Very Energizing For your Body

Cold-pressed juice Singapore is easily absorbed by your body since it excludes the pulp found in raw fruit and veggies. It delivers a rapid kick in as quick as 20 minutes for all those who drink it.

You can’t help but feel energetic when your body seems to have an excess of the nutrients it demands, and your pH is strictly managed. Cold-pressed juice Singapore alkalizes your body, suppressing the acidity produced by artificial foodstuff. This could also assist your natural response to illnesses while also maintaining your bones strong and healthy.

Hurom’s best sellers

You will be baffled which cold-pressed juicer should you choose from since all of them are just so great and also eye-candy kitchenware owing to their picturesque appearance. However, here are some of the hot cakes of Hurom that have been the company’s best sellers.

H-AA slow juicer

H-AA is the flagship model of Hurom. It has a beautiful sleek design; it gives you the freedom to choose the amount of pulp you want to add to your juices as it has a control lever and two strainers. It has a slow squeeze technology that mimics the hand squeezing motion to yield every single drop of juice from the fruit. It has an impact-resistant ABS plastic body, works quite silently compared to the other juicers, and is quite easy to clean.

HZ slow juicer:

Renowned for its antibacterial properties, the HZ slow juicer has stainless steel interior and a BPA-free, impact-resistant ABS plastic body. It gives the users the freedom to control the amount of pulp to add to the juice. Working at just 43 revolutions per minute, it also has a slow squeeze technology and works quietly like the H-AA slow juicer.

Get Some Fresh Cold pressed juice Singapore for Yourself

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Juice consumption is very healthy and energizing, but why consume the artificially processed ones when you can have a fresh cold pressed juice Singapore. All you will need is a Hurom cold pressed juicer, and you are good to go.

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