Choosing Electric Wheelchair on Mobility Scooters

by Starry

Jul 07 2021

The inability to move around at your own will can be very painful. Being dependent upon others can turn out to be a curse. It is extremely hard to ask for help every time you need to get around, or worse still, not move at all. It is where Mobility Scooters wants to help you out.

Fear no more. Mobility Scooters have a range of Mobile Scooters and Electric Wheelchairs that will help you move around without relying on others. These mobile units will decrease your dependency to a significant degree. 


They provide mobile scooters for people who can move on their own but to a limited extend. These are generally the senior citizens who find it hard to move around outdoors in crowded areas. Then they have the electric wheelchairs that are for the physically challenged people.


ATOME is a payment method. If you buy through ATOME, your payment shall be divided into three equal monthly installments. At ATOME we recognize your need to be mobile. We do not want you to miss out on your important moments, which is why we have liaised with Mobility Scooters so that you can buy the chair that suits you the best and fulfills your requirements. These scooters and chairs are built using the best technologies, and Singapore Safety Mark approves the chargers. So go ahead and buy the chair that suits you the best without worrying about your payment. 


Electric wheelchairs have a lot of benefits. In the older version of the wheelchair, the user was again dependent on others to move around, but in a motorized version, it has been made possible for the patient to move as much as they can indoors and outdoors.

Adaptable: No matter your weight or height, an electric wheelchair will be able to carry you around. It is suitable for all ages. The easy joystick maneuvering system makes it easier for anyone to operate it.

Increases accessibility: An electric wheelchair increases the accessibility of the user. It is now possible to conquer any terrain. It can reach an incline, a ramp, or a hill. The tight turning radius allows the chair to turn in small and tight places ideal for indoors.

Transportation made easy. An electric wheelchair is easy to fold and can be taken around easily. It can be folded and placed in a car by anyone.

Fewer chances of tipping over. It designed with a lower center of gravity so the chances of it tipping over is decreased. It makes it a safer choice.


A range of these power wheelchairs is being offered at Mobility Scooters. These are all with a little variation to suit individuals.

ULTRA-LITE D ELECTRIC WHEELCHAIR: This is the lightest wheelchair. The frame is made of aluminum, making it rust-proof and easy to handle, especially for ladies. The battery used is powerful enough to break on slopes. This electric wheelchair has been designed for lady caretakers. The lightweight allows it to be handled easily by a lady caretaker. It has a dual control version enabling the caregiver to gain control of the chair as well. It has detachable batteries. The batteries enable the wheelchair to travel at 6km/h for up to 20 km.

ULTRA-LITE 2 ELECTRIC WHEELCHAIR: This is also a light wheelchair with detachable batteries, allowing it to be carried aboard planes and other vehicles. With an upgraded controller and brakes, it is easier to maneuver over slopes. It comes with a free backup battery. The batteries are detachable, which means they can be recharged without the chair. It is very good for houses which have several stairs outside the house.

KD PORTABLE ELECTRIC WHEELCHAIR: This electric wheelchair weighs only 26 kg and carries 150 kg. It is a high-performance wheelchair and especially suitable for heavy persons. It has the additional feature of enabling the user to adjust the joystick on the left or right as per convenience.

JRWD503 ECONOMY DUAL FUNCTION POWER WHEELCHAIR: This is a low-cost dual-function electric wheelchair that can be operated manually and a motorized chair. This chair comes with large rear wheels so that the caretaker or anyone else can switch the functionality as the need be. 

THE REPAIR SHOP AT MOBILITY SCOOTERS:  Acknowledging the sensitivity of the users; mobility scooters claim responsibility for all their wheelchairs which is why they have a repair shop always open. Not just their own, they offer repair for other brands as well because they know how important these electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters are for their users. They have onsite service as well as pickup and delivery services.


Being able to move around at your own sweet will is essential to remain calm and happy. Many physically challenged people cannot experience this independence because of a lack of finances or being unable to carry out the complete payment. ATOME will help you out by helping with the payments. Order the mobile unit you like and pay through ATOME. This way, your initial payment will be just a third of your actual payment. The rest you can pay in the next two months. This way, it will ease your financial burden. Remember, this is an interest-free service. We have no hidden charges!!!

Enjoy the freedom to move around and being able to enjoy your favorite activities once again. We pray for you to enjoy your independence.

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