Buying Guide for a Chanel Vanity Case

by Starry

Oct 15 2021

Are you a fan of Chanel products and have been interested in buying a Chanel vanity box for a long time but are unable to decide whether it would be a good purchase? This article aims to let you understand the features of Chanel vanity bags and to help you in making a sound judgement. Let’s dive into details about the bag to understand it better. 

Chanel Vanity bag  

  • The good thing about the Chanel vanity bag is its style. Many people love the Chanel mini rectangular shape, which comes with an interlocked CC that constitutes the lock and a unique key. It is very easy to lock off the bag.  
  • You can easily carry the bag on your shoulder; you can wear it crossing the shoulder of one side and on hand through its top Chanel coco handle, which is extremely comfortable.  
  • Its strap is not too long, so you don’t need to worry that it will drag on the ground. The caviar leather of Chanel vanity bags is sturdy and firm, and hence it does not require special care the way you need to be gentle with the products made up of lambskin leather.  
  • It contains two compartments inside the bag, which are separated by a zipped section in the middle. You can place your highly secured things like currency and credit cards in the zipped compartment, etc.  
  • For common use, to be out shopping or for a job, a medium-sized Chanel vanity bag is a good option to choose. The look of the Chanel mini rectangular bag is amazing, but you may have a lot of stuff that won’t fit inside the mini bag.  


Many people love this bag because of its gorgeous appearance, adaptability in any situation and ease of usage. If you’re looking for a truly special and unique bag, this bag is a good choice for you.  


If you are interested in knowing about the sizes and colors of Chanel vanity bags, then continue reading.  

This bag comes in 3 different sizes. 

  • Small: It is a mini-sized bag that is 5.1′ x 6.7′ x 2.8′ inches in dimensions.  
  • Medium: The dimensions of a medium-sized bag are 6.3 x 8.3 x 3.1 inches  
  • Large: The large-sized bag is 6.7 x 9.4 x 3.9 inches. The advantage of having a large-sized bag is that you can fully unzip it, and you can easily take the stuff in and out of it.  

The different color variations for this bag are white, green, black, pink, silver, nude, navy, and nude/black combinations. 

A plus point of having a Chanel vanity bag is that it goes with casual outfits and even looks great when dressed up. A dark-colored vanity bag looks great with jeans and a white top in the summers and spring and is also a great bag for winters.  

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