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by Starry

Apr 19 2021

Payment Gateways

For two minutes, just imagine the revolution digital payment gateways brought to the buying experience of the consumers. Digitally the buyers are mere a click away from the purchase. Payment gateways like Paynow have given people the freedom to make purchase and to quickly and easily transfer funds in Singapore. There is an increase in Paynow limit for the ease of fund transfer in Singapore. The payment gateways facilitate the digital buying experience of buyers and resolve payment issues. Huawei has recently launched its impressive Huawei pay in Singapore. Huawei pay aims to ease Singaporean’s payment procedures. ICIC pay later facility is also unique but costs interest rate over every purchase.

Consumers always look forward to those gateways that are payment-friendly and incentivize customers.  If they have to worry about how to split payments on PayPal, they will surely prefer not to use that payment gateway or not make any purchase. Online shopping with a monthly payments facility can add freedom to the buyer’s purchasing experience. 

Why Atome is a distinctive Payment Gateway?

Payment gateway like Atome has not only eradicated traditional high-interest fees burden over customer’s shoulders but also has empowered them through this incredible budget-friendly payment avenue. Buyers are now able to pay money for their purchase in installments on the products they buy. It has become the safest and quickest buy now and pay later way.

There is a number option of cashback through credit cards in Singapore. But the cashback package Atome has given was appreciated by everyone. Over purchase of $80+, it gives you a 12% cashback facility. Isn’t this incredible? You can use both credit and debit card to pay installments at Atome. You can pay monthly strollers to compensate for the amount you have borrowed for purchase. There is credit consolidation in Singapore among banks and fintech companies which has paved the avenue of mobile payment. The customers don’t need to worry about autopay policies at all.

Mobile phones purchase

If you are a tech lover and you love to buy innovative gadgets but don’t have enough money this month. Then don’t worry. Atome is all here to help you out.

Buying phone and paying later seems an illusion. But it is not. You can now purchase your favourite mobile phones from Apple or any other place with Atome. Apple manufactures the world’s best, fast and reliable phones named iPhone. It has created its own identity in the technology business. The top eight qualities of the iPhone which will make you buy iPhone are as follows:

  1. Advanced technology like best fingerprint sensor
  2. Fast
  3. User-friendly Interface
  4. Reliable
  5. Great Customer Support
  6. No Bloatware
  7. Incredible Data Security
  8. Best Apps available

You will love to do amazon online mobile shopping. But the problem you may face is how to pay the whole bill when you don’t have enough money in your pocket. This is where you are going to be facilitated by Atome. Atome promises to be a 100% safe and transparent channel for mobile purchase in seconds. You will get a cashback facility, exclusive discounts and buy now and pay later in installments facility at Atome. Flipkart online mobile shopping can also be done through Atome. Singapore telecommunications limited (Singtel) started as a mobile networking company but later on, it expanded its business in different domains. Singtel mobile phones promotions may excite you to buy them instantly. Atome is all there to facilitate you with buy phone and pay later policy.

Ipad’s and Laptops Purchase

You may dream to purchase an iPad air 3 and Refurbished MacBook in Singapore. This is high time to convert your dreams into reality.

Xiaomi is a megacorporation of electronics. In the electronics industry, it takes the fourth position. And it has created a versatile product range like smartphones, laptops, mobile apps and home appliances etc. Xiaomi laptops in Singapore are the prime choice of every customer. Because of its affordable price, elegant display and good battery life. You can easily purchase it easily in Singapore by using accessible payment gateways like Atome.

Singtel iPad mini 3 price plans made it worth able to be purchased. We understand and respect your choices. And we struggle to empower our technology-savvy consumers. Atome is here to back up your payment and to give body to your imagination. Either you dreamt for Walmart laptop monthly payments plan or anything else, it can only be brought into reality by Atome. 

Other electronics

Refrigerators are a basic necessity in everyone’s home. Customers do search for refrigerator promotions in Singapore with good features and affordable prices. Samsung refrigerators in small size have grabbed the attention of many customers in this way. Atome facilitates you in the purchase of these appliances with coupons and installment facility. That will help you to save your more money by spending more.

Before the purchase of any product or service like courts aircon installation, buyers check the review to measure the credibility of the product or service. It helps them in building a sense of trust and connection in their minds for a business. Consumers love promo codes and discount codes. It helps them to make a purchase with the incentive of saving money. In other way, it triggers them to purchase instantly. Dyson vacuum promotion in Singapore has given extraordinary saving facilities to the customers also. You can also pre-order Sony ps5 in Singapore with full ease. Have your friends over and play as much games as you can.


Buy phone and pay later facility has given you a golden chance to save money by buying more. Moreover, Atome has given the facility to make payments in installments. There are a lot of premium plans which are waiting for you. The app allows shoppers to split their purchases over three interest-free monthly payments by scanning a partner retailer’s in-store QR code or upon website checkout. By splitting their payments, Atome users will be able to better manage their budget while making quality products and services more reachable.

So, don’t sit idly by ignoring these saving chances anymore! Just use Atome and buy now pay later.

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