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by Starry

Nov 26 2021

The Batang fish, also called Spanish Mackerel in English, is caught from the ocean of Indonesia is one of the most sold wet foods in the market of Singapore. The Batang fish is otherwise called Ma Jiao Yu (in Mandarin) or Ikan Tenggiri (in Malay). It is considered one of the four kingfish in Singapore. The other most loved fishes are the Saba fish, toman fish, and milkfish. 

In Singapore and Japan, the Batang fish is loved by people of almost all age groups. The fish is commonly used by 90% of the roadside small food stalls in Singapore in multiple seafood recipes, especially the cook fish porridge. Batang fish is prepared with Assam curry, and it is one of the common foods during festivals.

 A Batang fish have a long, striped body but with no scales. It saves your time for descaling a fish. It also has thick silver rubbery skin. 

The fish is a good swimmer, and it swims at high speed across the oceans and seas open waters. 

What makes a Batang fish unique from other seafood?

The Batang fish is sleek but meaty. The meat of the fish tastes like fried chicken breast. It is juicy to eat with multiple health benefits.

 The Batang fish comes with multiple nutritional benefits, and it overall impacts our health. A Batang fish is high in proteins and converted Omega-3 fatty acids. These qualities make it a perfect choice for a healthy soup, especially for the winters. 

What is it used in?

The Batang fish is mostly used in hot and sour fish soups and fish porridge. The recipes of the Batang fish have thick and sizeable slices of the fish that your taste buds would cherish. If you are a soup lover, you should give it a try.

One of the most common recipes of the Batang fish in the market of Singapore is the otak. It is a recipe consisting of the pounded Batang fish with sambal and wrapped in a big banana leaf grilled over charcoal. You can imagine the taste. This recipe is one of the most sold recipes of the Batang fish in Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan. 

The Batang fish is naturally rich in proteins, which is a must nutrient for those who want to stay healthy and grow taller. 

People in Singapore consider seafood as an important part of their daily diet. They believe that seafood comes with all the nutrients that keep them stay healthy and fit. With multiple nutritional facts, Batang fish is loved across the country. 

Variant recipes of Batang fish are available in the Singaporean restaurant. The Batang fish can be bought from the grocery store or wet markets if you want to try your recipes. Considering the boom of e-commerce, the online wet markets also have Batang fish for sale. If you are a savvy customer, this is good news for you. There is a plethora of online wet stores. Reach the most authentic online wet store that has fresh wet food with the facility of doorstep delivery. Market Fresh SG is a digital platform in Singapore that delivers fresh wet food. 

In today’s current pandemic situation, where people are limited to their homes to stop the spread of the virus, Singapore is not an exception. The trend of e-commerce in Singapore is at a boom, just like the other countries. Most of the businesses, irrespective of their size and kind, have become digital to cater to the needs of their customers and earn profits. 

Try Market Fresh SG for ordering any kind of wet food or seafood, including the Batang fish. 

About the Market Fresh SG:

The Market Fresh SG commits to delivering the fresh wet food to your mentioned address. The wet food at the Market Fresh SG includes seafood, mutton beef, and chicken. The prices are competitive, and the meat is fresh as promised. 

The Market Fresh SG is the new generation wet market in Singapore that provides a digital platform to all the wet market stall owners to showcase their food and reach their clients. This makes shopping your favorite seafood- the Batang fish has become easier from the comfort of your dwelling.  

What is so good about the Market Fresh SG?

The Market Fresh SG has become a renowned digital business in very less time because of the following features: 

  • It delivers fresh wet food. 
  • Its prices are competitive. 

How to place an order at the Market Fresh SG?

Just follow these three steps to receive your order. Remember you have to place your order before 14 days of the date of delivery. 

 Step 1:

Select the category of the wet food you want to buy and then select the item. To order something special, mention it on the product and add further instructions on the checkout page. In case of any confusion, the business will reach you via SMS or a phone call. 

Step 2:

Choose the delivery date up to 14 days before the day of delivery. 

Step 3:

The Market Fresh SG picks the order from the wet shop owners and delivers the order to your doorstep. 

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