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by Starry

Apr 19 2021

Are you looking for grand yet affordable television options? Well, Panasonic has brought you a nice deal with supreme benefits. When it comes to buying a television, Panasonic is the leading choice in the market. Panasonic TVs in Singapore have experienced great support and the reason is the exclusive features and advanced technologies. Whether you talk about the picture quality or the immersive reality-like aspects, this brand has brought something interesting for all its users.

Panasonic has classified its television range in Singapore with OLED and LED televisions. These Ultra HD TVs have a 4-time resolution that makes it worthwhile for detailed and exceptional picture quality. Users looking for Panasonic TVs in Singapore higher than 50 inches can certainly take a look at their stunning 4K options. These models are highly durable and will deliver an exceptional level of quality and distinction. Some of the most attractive benefits include the Video On Demand along with a spectacular Netflix experience. Further in this article, you are going to check out the aspects that will help you make the right decision for an experience that is a lot more than just entertainment.

Panasonic – A Company With Trust

Panasonic isn’t any random brand, it’s legacy began in 1918, when the company took its roots within the electronic business in Japan. Later, in 1989, the company initiated its setup in Australia. The company grew its brand by offering extreme quality and durability electronic solutions that have further enabled it to reach the peak of the world’s best electronic producers.

If you are looking to buy Flat screen Tv’s in Singapore, Panasonic can help you streamline your search. As per the Panasonic Singapore website, Singaporean users can take a look at 33 options. Out of these 33 options, 5 are the exclusive OLED and the rest 28 models are LED options. All the models are great and have premium HD quality display.  You can check out the benefits of Panasonic TVs Singapore and then take a look at the three most incredible options for the Singaporean market.    

Benefits of Choosing Panasonic TVs in Singapore

The growing technology is not the only reason why Panasonic Television, Singapore are the best in the market. Here you have great reasons to choose Panasonic for your next television purchase.

  1. The OLED Technology: This is one of the great things about Panasonic televisions. Its deeper blacks along with distinct colours, exceptional viewing angles, and its contrast deliver an accurate viewing experience.
  • The LED Aids: These perfect televisions have higher performance along with brightness and colours.
  • Higher Pixels: Panasonic brings you the full HD models that have an extensive resolution for 1920×1080 rather than the usual 1080 pixels. Even if you choose the 4K TVs, the pixels enlarge up to 3840×2160. These extensive pixels have enhanced the image quality to an unprecedented level.
  • Dolby Vision IQ & The Filmmaker Mode: The OLED Panasonic televisions in Singapore are equipped with intelligent sensing which makes OLED ideal for brighter rooms. These are the picture modes that adjust the quality as per the environment.  So whether it’s dark or light, you have the best experience at hand.
  • Panasonic TVs Singapore has a high dynamic range that manifests colour and brightness ultimately enhancing the viewing experience.
  • The Sound Quality: Panasonic Television models in Singapore have incredible sound quality, thanks to the in-built firing speaker that delivers Dolby Atmos. Various models implement distinct speakers that foster immersive and spherical sound that equips powerful entertainment with a difference profound in all your senses.   

Panasonic Televisions In Singapore- The Best In The Market

In this section, take a look at the top 3 Panasonic Television models in Singapore.  

  1. Panasonic TH-65HZ1000S: Panasonic brings you the most perfect 4K OLED television with exceptional colour accuracy, precise detailing and deep blacks. Backed with a 65” screen, the model offers effortless motion performance along with an OLED panel that gives the model its classic appeal. The model is also equipped with Dolby Vision IQ along with an HDR10+ guarantee. Some other interesting aspects include HCX Pro Intelligent Processor, Filmmaker Mode and much more. The price in Singapore for this stunning television is SGD 4,299. With such incredible features, the price seems quite perfect.
  • Panasonic OLED TH-65GZ2000S: It’s also a 65” Panasonic television for Singapore with a 4K screen resolution. According to the Panasonic Singapore website, the brand is suited for the Hollywood picture experience. It’s also equipped with HCX Pro Intelligent Processor. The firing in-built speakers are something you want to immerse in reality. Launched in 2019, it’s one of the favourite choices in the market. It has 140W Dolby Atmos speakers and the bottom panels with the best TV stand to support the weight. With a lot more features, the price of this model for Singaporean customers is SGD 5299.   
  • Panasonic LED TV TH-65JX700S: If you are not willing to spend on OLED televisions, then Panasonic Singapore’s televisions options also include an expansive range of LED options. This one is a 4K LED Android with an extreme bright panel that supports perfect colourful pictures. The model is quite easy to use and also includes an HCX processor with a perfect representation of dramas and other styles.

That was all about Panasonic TVs, Singapore. Throughout the article, you must have noticed that Panasonic has been quite the right choice when it comes to great quality and durability. Panasonic’s television models are available both online and offline, hence, you can get them easily.

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