The Best Fat Loss Clinic: Body Perfect

by Starry

Sep 03 2021

With the increase in stress, gaining weight has become a common problem today. Unhealthy diets have led to obesity which is the root cause of half the illnesses around. The nature of our jobs compels us to sit in offices all day around, which takes out all the physical activity. This is why so many health clinics have sprung around that claim success with their weight loss programs. Some induce steroid injections, and others give pills that initially take cuts out all the proteins and muscles, giving an overall slimming effect but with long-term negative health repercussions. Hence it is important that if you choose a fat loss clinic, it should be in line with the health requirements and that they do not induce unnatural ways for weight loss.

About Body Perfect

Singapore’s premiere slimming center, Body Perfect, does not focus upon immediate weight loss. As the name suggests, they aim at giving the body a perfect look. Or, in their words, a sculpted look! The clinic was founded in 2006 and had been functioning effectively because of its refreshing techniques. They keep upgrading themselves to ensure that they stay ahead of the game. Their main target is to ensure that their clients do not lose lean mass, a very common result of crash dieting. They concentrate on losing fat and increasing body hydration.

Lasting Results for The Perfect Silhouette

Body Perfect’s “Weight Loss and Contouring Philosophy” promises effective and longer-lasting results. Their experts in weight management have helped thousands of women and celebrities in regaining their silhouettes. They discourage the use of dieting, pills, and injections. Instead, they combine science, traditions, and technology to get the perfect results.

Why Is Crash Dieting Not a Good Idea?

The idea of dieting extensively is vividly disagreed upon by all nutritionists and health experts. When you start dieting, the body starts utilizing the preserved nutrients as it declares starvation. This results not in reducing fat, but instead, it is the lean fat that the Body starts utilizing. This is not a good idea as though, initially, you might be losing weight at an increasing speed, but you are reducing your energy reserves. This won’t give you a lean body but instead a weak one. As a result, when you start eating again, your body will gain weight at an increasing rate as the fat is still there, and the body will be stocking up its reduced lean mass.

The Results of Unsupervised Exercising

A lot of people do cardio-vascular exercises to reduce weight. Even this is not a good idea. Even exercise has a science to it. It does give results sometimes. However, some exercises might end up bulking your Body. Even just exercising is not going to help you reduce weight. Reducing weight is not just about reducing the mass of your body. This is why if you are seeking a fat loss clinic, you need to choose one that understands what they are doing.

A Promise by Body Perfect

Being perfectionists, they have targeted weight loss programs. They will give you treatments that will help your balanced body composition. This helps them to determine the correct slimming approach according to your Body. It encompasses the Body’s fat percentage, water percentage, and lean mass. This is because their treatment process approaches your health and efficacy. This healthy approach is what makes Body Perfect the best fat loss clinic in Singapore.

Treatment Processes Adopted at Body Perfect

All the treatments at Body Perfect target the fat instead of the lean mass. They break down the fat. The fat breakdown is divided into three categories.

Cool Fat: Cryolipolysis is used for freeze-fracture fat, which clusters for more effective spot treatment.

Blast Fat: 40k cavitation is used to blast fat cells to shrink volume.

Melt Fat: To increase the fat break down, Radio Frequency is used for localized heat.

The fat is broken down because of metabolic and enzymatic activity. Various treatments are offered at the clinic that helps in effectively reducing weight and shaping up the Body. Lipase Stimulation includes a magnetic roller that breaks down lipo formation to fatty acids and glycerol. These include fat-burning properties. Then there is the Circulation Detox which is based around GuaSha. This removes fat molecules with lymphatic cleansing. Size protraction includes a special wrap system that helps burn off active fatty acids with a special blend of spices and caffeine. These are the biological steps. Simulative steps include circulatory treatments like the TCM and Vela Smooth. These improve the Body’s natural drainage system.

Atome Will Help You Lose Weight

Losing those extra pounds is essential for your body health and mental peace. Not just can you get that perfect silhouette, but it also helps in gaining your self-confidence. If you need help in reducing weight and getting that perfect figure, then you need the help of the best fat loss clinic in Singapore, and that is, without a doubt, Body Perfect. Now, you can use ATOME as your payment option at the time of payment. ATOME will break up your payment into three easy installments that you have to pay monthly. The first payment is due at the time of purchase, which means you initially pay just a third of the entire amount.

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