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by Starry

Jun 22 2021

William Wordsworth once said, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” However, to look beautiful, you need to feel beautiful. Furthermore, an important part of self-confidence comes from being comfortable with yourself. Therefore, it’s important to know you look gorgeous if you want to come across as a confident person. And for this reason, there are a lot of aesthetic clinics around. Simply speaking, aesthetics is the science of beauty. Whatever the imperfection, the doctors find a way around it by studying the cause and finding rectifications. The problem is then solved by removing either the excess or adding whatever is deficient.

These days, there are many aesthetic clinics around, but these are very sensitive procedures, and utmost care is compulsory while conducting them. Hence you need to choose the correct one. Bio Aesthetic Laser Clinic Singapore offers the best there is to its clients. They have the latest technologies, and they provide a customized solutions to their clients. Their main focus is their clients’ well-being. The beauty solutions they offer leave their customers happy and satisfied.

 ATOME And Bio Aesthetic Laser Clinic  

At ATOME we recognize your need to look beautiful. And we appreciate the value of beauty. This is why we have liaised up with Bio Aesthetic Laser to give you the best beauty treatments you deserve. Please do not worry about the payment because we have made a special payment plan. According to this plan, you will pay three equal installments in three months so that you don’t let the burden of finances get in the way. This is an interest-free plan with no hidden charges. So, treat yourself to some of the awesome beauty treatments at the clinic while we worry about the payment.

Services Offered at Bio Aesthetic Laser Clinic   

This clinic offers several services to enhance your looks. For your face, there are a lot of treatments, both surgical and non-surgical. From simple facial treatments to all sorts of Botox, Aesthetic Clinic tries its best to enhance your looks as you like. They offer the best services. They are after treatment services are also top of the quality. For your body, there are several treatments. They do not just have liposuction; they even have a new technique called fat to freeze. The ultrasound therapy for the face not only melts fat but also jumpstarts collagen. In addition, they have various treatments to get rid of acne scars.

 However, one procedure that is uniquely offered at Bio Aesthetic Clinic is that of mole removal. This is a service that is very rarely being offered as a beauty treatment. Medically it is offered at a few places, but at the aesthetic clinic, it is offered both surgically and as a beauty solution.

Mole Removal Singapore  

There are few techniques for moles or skin bumps removal in Singapore. It’s a small procedure of 15 minutes duration. At the Aesthetic clinic, this removal is done using a laser; the results are immediate and have minimal downtime.

Understand Your Moles

Scientifically speaking, moles are a cluster of pigmented cells. Sometimes these moles can be cancerous, so you should consult your doctor before removal. For mole removal in Singapore aesthetic clinic offers free assessment/ consultancy by their in-house doctor. The mole removal technique used at the clinic can also be used to remove warts, skin bumps, skin tags, or even milia seeds.

Benefits Of Laser Mole Removal Singapore: 

Laser mole removal is a non-surgical way of getting rid of the unwanted pigmented clusters. Here are a few benefits for it:

  1. Avoid Scarring: 

Since this is a non-surgical process, there is no risk of scarring the skin. When surgical procedures are used, the chances of scarred skin are high, but with laser, the chances become minimal.

  • Avoid Infections: 

With the surgical process, the use of blades increases the chances of infection over the affected area. However, when using a laser, the chances of infection become minimal.

  • Get Rid of The Root:

To cure an issue, it is important to get rid of the root cause. Similarly, to ensure that it doesn’t reoccur, it is necessary to remove the root of the moles. Laser treatment does this more efficiently than a surgical one.


Sometimes, this cluster of pigmented cells can be cancerous. Hence it is imperative to diagnose immediately. With a laser, it can be diagnosed immediately.

HSA Approved Doctors: 

Keeping in mind the importance of these procedures, only the best doctors carry this out. The doctors are HAS approved. Health Sciences Academy is the central authority for health services. We hire only them.


For any procedure, the most important step in the assessment. That is carried out by our doctors and our team of aestheticians. Once they ascertain the type of mole, a customized plan is prepared. There are three ways of removing a mole:

  1. Laser Treatment: 

This is the recommended treatment for mole removal in Singapore at an aesthetic clinic. First topical cream for numbing the affected area is applied to ensure the client experiences minimal pain. After that, our HSA approved doctors carry out a 10 minutes laser. Your procedure is done. The results will start showing after the first session.

  • Electrocautery/ Cauterization Mole Removal: 

It is a simple surgical procedure. In this process, heat is used to burn the surface of the mole. Then, it is allowed to vaporize. Sometimes, depending upon the size of the mole, scrapping of the mole is also required.

  • Surgical Excision:

This solution is required to remove a mole for which is suspected of cancer. After giving a local anesthetic, the area containing the pigmented cells is cut out using a scalpel. The use of stitches is compulsory for this procedure. That leaves a scar. The removed skin is sent for histological examination.

Mole removal in Singapore has never been this simple. A 15 minutes process that can make you spotlessly clear. The best services are provided. You won’t be disappointed.

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