Best YSL perfumes to choose

by Starry

Oct 15 2021

It is always a fun to search for a new perfume that you love more than your previous one. With hundreds of brands, each having dozens of fragrances, it can be difficult to try all of them to figure out the one you like the most. You can check the available options in the market and can follow celebrities for suggestions. After researching and trying, I figured out some perfume brands that I like the most. Let’s see what these are 

  • YSL perfumes 
  • Kenzo perfumes 
  • Dior perfumes 
  • Givenchy perfumes 
  • Armani perfumes 

Among these five favorite brands, I like YSL perfumes the most. Let’s discover what makes this brand my favorite. 

YSL perfumes 

Yves Saint Laurent is a brand with the most coveted designs of beauty products and boldly composed perfumes on the planet. YSL, born in Algeria, moved to Paris and worked for Christian Dior until, in 1961, he became a label. Fashion was his main focus, but in the 1970s, YSL entered the beauty space. Perfumes and then skincare followed makeup. However, YSL perfumes are the most coveted and the most wanted among his other business products. His fragrances have won several awards over the years. Every scent is laden with patchouli and musk and filled with an amazing taste. YSL perfumes seize the moment for you and let you forget the past; transcending over the present makes you head over heels in love with its scents. Its fragrances are, in short, liquid emotions combined with elegance and sophistication.

My favorite YSL perfumes 

We all are unique humans, and we all have different choices and preferences; it is not certain that everyone likes one perfume and dislikes another. However, listed below are some of the top-rated fragrances of YSL.

Young Sexy Lovely

For a woman with style, elegance, and fashion, a chic and fresh fragrance like Young Sexy Lovely by YSL is an ideal choice. Like the usual YSL fragrance quality, it brings out the most feminine side of any outfit.  This perfume has heightened the stature of the YSL beauty and fashion house. This fragrance comes in a flat crystal bottle where a trademark of Yves Saint Laurent has been written with gold details. This alluring scent comes with the notes of exotic pears and Italian mandarin. This vibrant combination makes YSL an energetic perfume that enhances the self-confidence that everyone in the room notices. The scented mix also contains the cherry blossom and magnolia notes, due to which the fragrances peak with freshness, and its endnote is marked with the whiff of fern and light woods.  The style of YSL perfume is attributed to the geniuses and aesthetics of Saint Laurant, who became the right hand of Christian Dior shortly after joining him at the age of 18 because of his fashion brilliance. So, following his intelligence, his house created a fragrance that provides a sense of grace and glamour through this stunning scent.  Listed are some other best perfumes of this brand. 

Mon Paris Eau de Parfum

The keynotes of this perfume include strawberry, datura, ambrox, cedarwood, bergamot, pear, orange flower, jasmine, sambac, raspberry, patchouli, white musk, white peony, crystal moss, and clone.  YSL has made various copies of this perfume, but none of it is a match to this one. As its name indicates, this bubbly fragrance has well-balanced notes that amaze the senses of every person. 

Black Opium Eau de Parfum

 Keynotes of black opium are black coffee, white flowers, and vanilla. I can say that this is my favorite from the opium collection. A person looking for Cafe au lait should try this because the notes of coffee pump adrenaline through the opium scent. This is a mixture of coffee with a delicate vanilla fragrance woven through it. 

Libre Eau de Parfum

 Keynotes of Libre Eau de Parfum include lavender, musk accord, and orange blossom/ Once in my life; this was the most used fragrance from my collection. Many people who passed behind me were used to asking about it because of it being insanely good smelling. It gives a heartbeat of orange blossoms with an intense version of lavender having a stroke of musk rather than orchid and vanilla.

Opium Eau de Parfum

 Keynotes of Opium Eau de Parfum include tangerine, plum rose, cedarwood, carnation, cloves, coriander, lily of the valley, myrrh, opoponax, castoreum, and sandalwood. It’s been since 1977 and is as splendorous as it was in its beginning years. The opium is inspired by a lush molding of deep wood notes, spices, and flowers. So, it is the perfume that anyone can have. 

Black Opium Eau de Parfum Neon

The Keynotes of Black opium are neon coffee, orange blossom, and dragon fruit.  This next Opium series product is Neon, a slightly fruitier blend than OG, featuring orange blossom and coffee alongside a vibrant dragon fruit scent. 

Libre Eau de Parfum Intense

Keynotes of Libre include lavender, vanilla, orchid, and orange blossom. The house of YSL has just released a heady take on YSL’s brand-favorite bottle of Libre, and we’re obsessed. Although this is a floral perfume, the addition of lavender and vanilla are both unexpected but deliciously complementary with orchid and orange blossom. 

Black Opium Eau de Parfum Intense

The keynotes of Black opium intense are coffee, orange blossom, absinthe. YSL’s iconic fragrance Black Opium comes in several variations. We’re featuring one of them here: the Intense, a bold, dark take on the classic that features orange blossom, coffee, and a rich, spicy note reminiscent of cinnamon and absinthe.

Let’s read this blog to keep your beauty fresh with YSL beauty Singapore.

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