The Best 6 Powerful Sunscreens to Wear for Skincare

by Starry

Jun 10 2020

Even though most of us are spending more time indoors, or less time under direct sunlight, sunblock is an absolute must-have on your face. Let’s face it, sunscreens are not just to prevent you from getting sunburn, it also helps to prevent skin damage, wrinkles, dark spots, and reducing your risk of skin cancer.

And while that’s great and all, some of us must be wondering why wear we sunblock indoors, I mean, shouldn’t we be only wearing sunblock when we’re actually out in the sun? Fair question, but nope. There are two different types of rays that the sun emits, UVA rays and UVB rays.

UVA rays are able to penetrate through clouds and glass, and are linked to sunspots, fine lines and wrinkles. While UVB rays causes burns and redness. Both rays are dangerous and detrimental to the skin, as exposure can cause a breakdown in collagen (making your skin less youthful looking) and may damage our cells (potentially leading to skin cancer).

So even if you’re staying home, remember that sunlight can come in through the windows and therefore, it’s important to wear sunscreen indoors. I know, I know, sunscreens bring you back to memories of the pool/beach and your parents slathering on extra thick lotion that left you feeling greasy and sticky all over. The good news is that brands have formulated sunscreens that are so lightweight and absorbent that you almost forget that you put it on.

We’ve rounded up the best sunscreens for you, and when you use Atome to check out, you get to pay later and split the bill into three easy interest-free instalments. It’s a seamless process, setting up your account is a breeze and keeping track of your repayments is easy with the Atome app. IOPE Sun Protecter

Yuyu Collection: IOPE Sun Protecter XP SPF 50+ PA+++

IOPE Sun Protecter XP has a lightweight texture that gets absorbed into the skin, without leaving a sticky finish after. In addition, it protects the skin from fine dust and harmful pollutants, keeping the skin healthy and fresh. SigiSkin Morning Glow Physical Sunscreen

Sigi Skin: Morning Glow Physical Sunscreen

If you’re looking for a vegan sunscreen, this one’s for you. It has an ultra hydration formula that protects your skin from UVA and UVB rays, as well as other environmentally aggravations. It blends into the skin seamlessly, and doesn’t leave behind any white residue. It’s made with avocado and acai extracts that are both rich in vitamin E and fatty acids — these help counteract the effects of the sun’s infrared rays while keeping the skin youthful and supple.

Juliette Armand: Sunflim Face Bliss SPF50

Enriched with calming and special antioxidants, this high protection sunscreen not only protects the skin from UVA, UVB, but also infrared (IR) radiation. It’s light, easily absorbable, and water resistant so if you’re planning your next beach holiday (way into the future), pack this with you! Sunprotector

Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals: Sunprotector

Formulated for humid climates (read: Singapore), this broad-spectrum sunscreen also regenerates and soothes sensitive skin. It helps to shield, repair and brighten your skin. It’s a great last-step to your skincare routine. Long Wear Daily Sunscreen

The Skin Firm: Long Wear Daily Sunscreen SPF40 PA+++

This multi-tasking sunscreen not only deflects both UVA and UVB rays, it also fights pigmentation and photo-ageing. It forms a shield against the harmful rays and overtime, it will reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and increase skin cell renewal. SCO Sunlover Facescreen

Beauty Emporium: Sunprotector SPF50 PA+++

Last but not least, this SCO Sunlover Facescreen is an oil-free, non-greasy sunscreen with a SPF50+++. It’s armed with sodium hyaluronate to help skin stay hydrated and is infused with vitamin B3 to give your complexion an antioxidant boost to ease wrinkles and fine lines.

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