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by Starry

May 11 2021

Looking for summer-style durable shoes? Well, doc martin shoes have managed to come up with some pretty amazing styles for the summer. The shoes are described as lightweight and more of a lighter version of “extra” shoes.

There are some amazing sandals by doc martin shoes in stock recently, and it is safe to say that they aren’t just comfy to wear but also stylish enough to match with any outfit. You can style with some summer dresses, and underneath, you can work with your stylish martin sandals. They tend to give a casual vibe, but it doesn’t leave out the aesthetic. You can also style them with jeans and a top to make them look chic and casual.

The new sandal trend by Dr. Martins

The internet might’ve already noticed how many influencers have started to go along with the sandal trend since last summer. However, this year, it is expected to make a bigger comeback due to the trendy styles and comfy wear. It is no surprise that doc martin’s shoes had gotten back on track for a good summer release. The major buzz of the chunky sole sandals was liked and adored by many of the influencers, especially those who don’t prefer heels all time of the day.

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The new sandal collection by doc martin shoes had a great buzz. Here are a few of the best-reviewed sandals:

Women’s Dr. Martins Blaire Sandal (White)

This sandal is one of the doc martin shoes which can work for all-weather, not particularly the summers. It has a perfect finish for the outdoor vibe and can work perfectly with any outfit that you plan on wearing. Due to its versatile style, it would look great with winter outfits as well as for the summer vibes.

The doc martin shoe style has an amazing finish and design. This sandal has upper straps made of hydro leather, and they are adjustable as well.

The durability of these sandals is somewhat guaranteed, and they are also abrasion-resistant. They also have a cushioned footbed which provides good and lasting comfort. The flexibility is excellent, and there is an air-cushioned slip along with oil-resistant as well.

Women’s Dr. Martins Voss Platform Sandal (White)

Through these amazing and feel-good sandals, it isn’t surprising to say that these can lift your whole look and your spirits as well. This new and upgraded sandal is a part of the other doc martin shoes in the form of a platform, which has made it easier for women to avoid heels once in a while.

This upgraded version of a sandal has amazingly smooth leather uppers, which are made with Hydro. They have a matte finish, and the leather is PU –coated. These doc martin shoes have a great feel to them, and any outfit is uplifted through its look.

Women’s Dr. Martins Nartilla Sandal (Black)

Here we are, with the seasons most subtle but the popular design due to its subtle and aesthetic look. People nowadays are already a fan of black, and black sandals surely do wonders, as it goes with anything at all. These chic style sandals have paved the way to casual looks with casual sandals and making it a trend.

These sandals have smooth leather uppers with a matte finish as well, along with the unique gladiator-style ankle laces. This makes it look fashionable and subtle at the same time. They are highly durable and have great flexibility due to the welt heat seals. The doc martin shoes have been trending due to sandals and shoes like these getting more popular in the fashion world.

Conclusively, these summer sandals are one of the best Dr. Martin style sandals. They can easily be used to give off a casual look as well as a cheeky chic look, an aesthetic look, and also gives off a beachy vibe. Read more about styling your Dr. Martens the right way!

Women’s Vans Cayucas Mega Platform Slide Sandal (Black and leopard)

This is the most innovative and newly designed sandal to attract those vans fans. This has an edgy cut to it, which makes it look aesthetic, and the whole look comes out to be effortless but flawless at the same time. The doc martin shoes styles have changed a lot over time, but this is one of the coolest sandal styles for the summers. They are super comfortable and have soft suede straps, which make them easier to wear.

This sandal style consists of synthetic materials as well, along with a soft rubber-backed stretch lining. There are dual hook and loop closures which also help them maintain a secure fit. It has a durable rubber platform sole which makes it long-lasting, just like most of the doc martin shoes.

Women’s Birkenstock Arizona EVA Sandal (Blush)

This summer season, this shade of sandals can help create a comfortable and cute vibe. Due to its color, it is perfect for summers, and pairing it with white or pink-colored summer outfits would look amazing. This is a signature comfort-designed sandal, but it’s a great hit due to its vibrant vibe. One of these doc martin shoes, I.e., the Blush Arizona EVA sandal, has a durable rubber upper along with adjustable straps. These straps are designed for custom fits. They are super comfortable and flexible due to the rubber outsole.

Women’s Birkenstock Arizona Sandal (Sand)

This classic collection of doc martin shoes and summer-y sandals has produced a huge buzz around the fashion market. The previous sandal was similar to this one, but that was blush-colored. This one is ‘sand’ colored. It gives a beachy and classic vibe, which is also a much-craved fashion trend. It has a synthetic leather slide and adjustable buckle straps as well. They are durable and pretty comfortable on the feet.

Women’s Vans Cayucas Checkerboard Slide Sandal

This is another one of the vans fans’ collections of doc martin shoes. It is a signature skate look that gives off an aesthetic skater vibe. They are super comfortable, and the black/marshmallow white variations are popular. It gives a subtle vibe, but they’re extremely cool to pair with plain oversized shirts and baggy jeans. These sandals have a durable nature due to the rubber outsole.

Hence, these sandals aren’t only for the summers, as they can easily be used during any weather and while wearing an outfit. This was you can remain comfortable and feel stylish.

Do you want to look for other sandal brands? Please read more for the best options!

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