Top 10 Sandals brands in the world- Walk with confidence!

by Starry

Apr 13 2021

Women like to wear sandals due to the comfort level they provide while maintaining posture and fashionable looks. Sandals allow for enclosing your feet completely well inside; therefore, women prefer to use them for comfortable movement. Besides, it helps your feet stay relaxed as they are opened from various sides. Most significantly, sandals play a vital role in your feet’ health by being a part of your outfits. The footwear industry is greatly evolving, and a range of stylish sandals are discovered to suit people’s needs and tastes. Do you want to know who the top 10 sandal brands in the world are?

Let’s invest in a quality pair of comfortable sandals from top-notch brands that are the right fit for you.  

Top 6 sandal brands in Singapore

These top brands are shortlisted after thorough research in the same. Based on Singaporeans’ choices, the comfort they provide, the prices they offer, and various other facts, they have been ranked at the top, and most of them are existing for years and have built their monopoly in these sectors.

Their availability on both online and offline platforms has made it easy to access the same, be it at any time or in many situations. Premium footwear demands have also been raised by these years as people have realized and opted for quality over quantity. That’s why top local brands in Singapore have come up with their collection in different categories, providing their customers with multiple options.


GENA is the top local brand in Singapore and one of the top 10 sandals brands in the world. They have addressed that heels are not feasible for all occasions and cannot be worn every time. They are not ideal for uneven roads, terrains, and long-distance walks. GENA has brought up a solution for the same and has introduced the concept of adjustable height heels, allowing the option wearers to carry them anytime and anywhere. The carriers will only have to press the button available at the outsole side, where it will automatically be adjusted and pushed back when not used. Another critical aspect of the brand is the affordable prices they offer for its products.

You can visit their online shopping platform for more details. The brand can also be checked out on social media platforms for any further information.

Charles and Keith

Not only in Singapore but Charles and Keith are also famous worldwide for their premium quality products. Wong brothers launched and established the brand Charles and Keith in 1996. They have a specialization in providing trendy and up-to-date unique, comfortable designs. Its footwears have multiple categories ranging from Flats to heels and pumps to loafers. Want more information about Charles and Keith brand and its product categories? Read on!


Anothersole is another locally renowned footwear brand in Singapore. They have specialization in travel-friendly and comfortable shoes made up of 100% leather and high-performance footbeds with ergonomic and natural rubber soles. The best and most appreciable part of this brand is that they donate a fixed amount on their purchases to a child in need. Along with its comfort, it is the main reason behind being well-known and appreciated among the masses. You can visit their online shopping store for your desired items.


In terms of designs and options, DMK leads are on top as they have multiple options to be selected in each category. Its products have medium-range prices that anyone can easily afford, as they mainly deal with daily to-wear products that you can wear easily wherever your feet lead. Check out their official website to view the unique collection at its official site.

Heatwave Shoes

The brand was founded back in 2001 by GH Tan. They offer multiple options in the ladies’ footwear range, precisely catered for women with busy schedules to give them foot comfort for easy task completions. The brand ensures that its products are both comfortable and fit, carried for long hours without any discomfort. Their unique range can physically be explored at the store and can also be ordered from its official site.


Pazzion was launched back in 2002 by Tom Ng. it is a homegrown shoe label brand with its first opening in Marina Square. It gradually expanded its stores not even in Singapore but also in other countries, including Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, and South Korea. You can explore its collection on its official online shopping store.

To mainly serve the interest of Singaporeans, these are the top local brands available there. Apart from these brands, you can check the unique and comfortable range of top sandal brands in Singapore, including The World at Your Feet, Gripz, Elisa Litz, PEDRO, and many more.

Top 10 sandal brands in the world

The top 10 sandal brands in the world which can be accessed both online and offline are:

  1. Alexander McQueen
  2. Balenciaga
  3. Bottega Veneta
  4. Dolce & Gabbana
  5. Grenson
  6. Gucci
  7. Off White
  8. Prada 
  9. Saint Laurent
  10. Valentino 

These are all among the premium brands available worldwide, offering high-quality long-time products. They all have their official stores in almost all corners of the world and can also be accessed online from the shopping platforms available and their official online stores. These top 10 sandals brands in the world will surely amaze you when you use them.

Consider a few factors before buying sandals

To make your feet and walk comfortable, sandals play a vital role, in making you feel confident and safe. A Happy Foot Soul leads to a happy and healthy mind. It would help if you checked a few factors while selecting the ideal fit for your feet. Go for the perfect size, try out both couples, always prefer comfort over style for daily wear, and you must take enough time before finalizing the ideal one.

Getting comfortable sandals in Singapore from the best sandal brands with Atome!

Paying upfront for all your purchases can take a huge toll on your pocket; that’s a fact. This is where Atome comes in! Atome is a contemporary BNPL application with the ability to split your purchases from the top sandal brands in three interest-free instalments.

Atome partners with 15,000+ merchants around the world, and these 15,000+ merchants encompass some of the best sandal brands to give you a pair of the most comfortable sandals in Singapore. Atome prides itself in its successful operations in 8 markets around the world that include Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Mainland China, and Hong Kong.

From DMK Sandals and PrettyFIT to shopping from a diverse range of sandal brands from ZALORA, Atome has got you covered!

Here’s how you get the most comfortable sandals in Singapore from top sandal brands using Atome:

  • Download the Atome app and create a free account.
  • If you’re purchasing a pair of sandals from an online store, upon checking out, select Atome as your payment mode. In contrast, if you’re them from a physical store, scan the QR code available at Samsung’s counter.
  • Log into your Atome account by entering your credentials.
  • Pay only a third of the price of the sandals and pay the rest in the other two instalments.

The cherry on top – having the Atome app on your phone means you get notified of all of Atome’s promotions, exclusive deals, vouchers, and other cost-cutting incentives! Get the app now!

Introducing Atome+ – Atome’s reward programme

Want even better prices as you shop from a myriad of sandal brands using Atome? Use Atome+ to set off your Atome+ points against the cost of your sandals.

Here’s how you can earn Atome+ points:

  1. For each dollar you spend, you get 1 Atome+ point. 100 Atome+ points equal a $1 discount.
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  3. Get extra points from upsized campaigns!


Sandals play a vital role, in making you feel confident and safe. It also makes your feel relaxed to help you walk comfortably. A Happy Foot Soul leads to a happy and healthy mind. It would help if you checked a few factors while selecting the ideal fit for your feet. Go for the perfect size, try out both couples, always prefer comfort over style for daily wear, and you must take enough time before finalizing the ideal one.

Choose a few neutral and cool colors from Global Footcare and other partner stores at for sandal brands especially the top 10 sandals brands in the world. Besides, you can choose to pay for your desired items with 3 easy payments. Atome will help you achieve this! Act now to download Atome app by scanning the following QR code or scan Atome QR code at its offline partnered merchants.

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