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by Starry

Jan 19 2022

Makeup is undoubtedly a vast field, and you have to be careful when searching for the right product; although there are certain makeup items that you don’t need to mull over a lot, eyeliner isn’t one of them. The chances are that you may not get a bad eyeliner, but it surely can be too faint, dry, transfer quickly or be imprecise. It is never easy to fulfill your eyeliner requirement, but the Estee Lauder eyeliner is the one that you will undoubtedly find unique. Estee Lauder is an American manufacturer that markets makeup, skincare, and hair care products and has a diverse portfolio of different brands. The Estee Lauder eyeliner is available in different shades, from natural to the more vibrant ones. With Estee Lauder, you can be sure of precision application and a natural look. It is water-resistant and can stay in your eyes for many hours, and is made without fragrance, which makes it favorite among the majority of customers.

Different eyeliner styles that can be experimented with by Estee Lauder

These days, the eyeliner application doesn’t need to be dull and boring at all, which means that you don’t need to go only for the black color, but you have the option of experimenting in multiple ways to elevate your makeup look with the Estee Lauder eyeliner. As a beginner, you can go for a different style of wings, from the thick, soft, and edgy to the sharp, extended, and graphic ones. With the eyeliner styles, you always have multiple options that can be worked with. In order to go a step further, you can even add a few colors to the mix. These include the reds, greens, pinks, and even the dramatic metallic shades that are becoming very popular among makeup enthusiasts.

How to apply Estee Lauder eyeliner for hooded eyes

  • Cat-eye look

A cat-eye look is something that can be used for every eye shape with a perfect technique. If you have hooded eyes, you can go for the gel-based Estee Lauder eyeliner and slowly line the upper lash line to find the right angle while using small dots in order to create a flick.

  • Winged eyeliner

This is known to be the most stylish eyeliner for hooded eyes. It can be started from the inner corner of the eyes, and you can stop where the crease folds. Here you have the option of creating the flick by pulling the brush upwards and outwards.

  • Tightlining

If your eyes are hooded, then the best technique for applying the eyeliner for hooded eyes is tightlining. You only have to use it to the roots of the upper lash line. It is worth noting that tightlining will surely make the upper lash line a lot more defined.

  • Retro eyeliner look

This look of eyeliner has always been a charm, and the best words that can be used to define this look are bold and beautiful. You can begin by applying the simple line of Estee Lauder along the lid and then point up to the upper lash. In the next step, you need to draw a curved line in a careful manner from the tip to the bottom.

How does eyeliner embroidery help you achieve perfect eyeliners?

There is no doubt that the beauty community very much loves the perfect eyeliners, but it is not possible for everybody to draw the ideal eyeliners like professionals. For those who give up on drawing eyeliners by themselves and would like to save time in their makeup routine, eyeliner embroidery is another great option. This kind of semi-permanent makeup treatment happens to put the pigment along the upper lash line of the eyes and some of it on the lower lash line. Therefore, you can have thick, dark, and naturally defined eyes. It is possible to have this through the manual or the machine eyeliner embroidery, but usually, machine embroidery is used because it is fast, accurate, and doesn’t cause much pain. When we talk about the eyeliner color through this process, you need to have a visually enhancing effect, which means that black color can be ideal for you. Want the best cleanser for face? Click here!

Buy your most beloved Estee Lauder eyeliner with Atome

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